This was posted 5 years 11 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Karcher K3 Home Kit $120 (Normally $299) Promo at Bunnings until 22nd Nov 2015


Thanks to AOatee's post on 15/11/2015 (since taken down), this deal appears to be valid in VIC (possibly Aust wide). Picked up a unit at Collingwood store and they had a couple left. Rang around and asked for a price match and staff member at Box Hill indicated it was a promo deal until 22/11/15. Product priced at $299 but scans at $120. Been looking for a while and even though reviews are not the best, at this price, I pulled the trigger. The Bunnings website only shows the K3 Premium model, hence link to Karcher Aust website:

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    Wonder if this deal will be valid in qld.

    • Yes, picked one up after reading the original deal (since taken down) at Brisbane road, Labrador. They had 23 available. A few at Arundel and none at Burleigh nor Tweed. In the shop it still showed at $279 but scans at $120. This is the K3 Home version NOT the K3 Home and Car which is $399

    • Just purchased this at the Springfield lakes store QLD (last one) for $120. Woo hoo!. None available at Oxley or Rocklea store. Make sure u purchase the k3 Home kit. Not premium or K3.190. Hope that helps

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    Just in-case anyone reads this and still doesn't understand what the product is……its a pressure washer.

  • Would you mind posting a receipt? That time I went to Bunnings, no one knew what I was on about.

  • What was the reason for the bad reviews?

    • Just general reviews, not specific to this model, that they are not as reliable as Gerni - associated with pump issues.

    • Pump impeller (and possibly housing) is made of plastic, so wears out and breaks easier than the all metal construction of Gerni/Bosch/Hitachi cleaners. Also they need mains pressure to run, the other brands mentioned can just have a hose sitting in a bucket.

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        doesnt the karcher site claim the pumps are more durable and dont rust? apparently made from glass and plastic? anyway for $120, i wouldnt be too fussy

  • does this include the pressure cleaner itself, or is it just the kit/accessories? thanks

  • 3713, can you please advise the bunnings fine line number to make it easier to have the staff identify and locate the karcher.

  • Yes, pressure cleaner plus accessories as per the link to the Karcher website

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    This is a very good price for a unit a step above the base model…..

  • They also have them in the Hoppers Crossing store. It's showing as full price but when you take it to the checkout it's $120.

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      Confirmed. I just bought it @ Hoppers Crossing 3029 @$120.00 but there was no price tickets or shelf labels. (The barcode didn't match any tickets that I could see anyway) the extremely rude lady at the counter who is also quite pretty said it's an everyday price. ?????? I can upload receipt if anyone wants it

      • Hi @limucat
        yes please can you upload the receipt,

        • Ugh sorry but how do I upload it? I am at work atm so no scanner too.

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        Accidently downvoted you, bigups for the rude but pretty lady story haha

      • can you upload pics of the rude but pretty lady too?

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    New to pressure washers. I purchased a Gerni 115.3 1670 PSI last week for $150 with 20% off: Maybe I should have waited…

    Would this Karcher be considerably better for brick garage and balcony washing? Or is the Gerni fine for these jobs too.

    • I think Karcher's are pretty powerful.

      Used one over the weekend to clean an old bin after washing the car and made the mistake of spraying lightly on the back of my hand.

      OUCH recovering from Two reasonably deep Cuts…

  • had this on my trolley but I didn't end up buying it
    plastic pump, not reliable is what I heard for Karcher

    should I wait and get Gerni instead?

  • Anyone have success with this in QLD stores?

    • no
      Carseldine didnt have it at the sale price. Albian n Staffard had non

  • Scanning at $279 in Mile End SA

  • Also confirmed. Bought one for $120 at Shellharbour, NSW

  • Bought one at lithgow 2790.1 left

  • $120 at springvale. picked up the last one on shelf

  • got the last one on sunday in gordon for 120…

  • Fyshwick, in Canberra had a couple left at 5pm today. I've got a K2.180 and it had been great for over 5 years. At this price the K3 is good insurance and an improvement.

  • Called three stores on the Gold Coast. Only Harbour Town store has stock. Picked one up last night for $120.

    • Hey Ben, any idea if they have any more in stock ?

  • Picked one up yesterday at Mascot Bunnings (NSW). They had a good 10+ stock left!

    • do you have the receipt from mascot mate

  • Picked up the last one at Castle Hill

  • I went to 3 Bunnings today in Epping, Craigieburn & Broadmeadows but none of them have one.

    • I went to Epping this morning they have one on display

  • Confirmed and bought in Toowoomba, QLD. There was one box left on the shelf.

    As mentioned before, it is the K3 Home not the K3 Home & Car.

    Thanks OP and others who posted!

  • I know this is not the home&car kit. But I want a bargain for car wash. Can I use this kit and buy some other accessories to do the car wash?

  • I went to 3 bunnings (mascot, crossroads and bankstown) all gave me 299 price.

    Does anybody actually get this price

    They won't budge even with the receipt

    • interesting, cos someone above said they got it at mascot.

      • yeah. no luck there mate

  • There are still 4 in Bethania QLD store. I went there today with a copy of receipt from here. It scanned to be $279 but it has restricted in the computer. Therefore they know its a discontinue line. Now its really up to the manager's call. The guy in Bethania store honored it. So I got one for $120. Thanks OP!!!

  • any luck buying one of these in nsw?

  • No price reduction at the 3550 store

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    Yeah bansktown guy even told me, people post fake stuff in ozb. Crazy bunnings staff

  • Thanks for scanning the receipt !!
    I printed the receipt and took it in to the Whitfords (W.A.) store where they price matched it down to $120.00 (scans at $279.00).
    They still had a few left, mixed in with the K3 Premiums.

  • Bunnings Whitfords (WA) wont match it even though mikeywa reckons he got one yesterday. @mikeywa who did you speak to?

    • Picked it up today at 11:00am. I went to the returns/help desk with the box and the printed receipt from above. They then contacted the store manager for approval. Did you go in to the store or call ?

  • Not a deal as such but Bunnings have a bunch of K3 basic's (Morely had about 10 left but no prices on the shelves and the guy said they were a 'promo' item they don't normally stock. They were going for $98. I believe they are also up on the bunnings Website. Just in case anyone's looking for a basic alternative, albeit, nowhere near as sweet as the original deal.