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Black Friday 3 Day Sale: N54L Microserver $199, Laptop From $199, 240GB SSD $89 @ Shopping Express


LATEST UPDATES: Something unexpected happen this afternoon causing connection problem to our website. We are investigating and fixing the issue. We will extend the deal to midnight 29-11-15 and allocate more stock on some items. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Time to get your adrenaline pumped up guys - our Black Friday "3 Day" Sale starts tomorrow 25-11-15. Expect crazy deals across our range of products so get yourself ready if u don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

Information you should be aware of:

  1. Deal starts 25-11-15 9am AEST/AEDT. For 3 Days - there will be 2 deals appearing every hour with each deal ending midnight. Full fixture will be updated before deal starts.

  2. Included Categories: Flash Memory, Internal Hard Drives, Keyboards & Mice, Laptops & Ultrabooks, Desktop & Mini PCs, Graphics Cards, LED Display, NAS, PC/Console Gaming Accessories, PC Components, Portable Hard Drives, Printers, , RAM, SSDs, Wireless Routers.

  3. Included Brands: Asus, Corsair, Crucial, Gigabyte, HP, Intel, Kingston, Lenovo, Logitech, Microsoft, Netgear, OCZ, Qnap, Samsung, Seagate, Sony, Toshiba, TP-link, WD.

  4. In stock & Ready to dispatch - Orders from this sale are guaranteed to reach you before Christmas. Buy early to avoid any unexpected delay from courier during the christmas season.

  5. Get in early for deals, practice the quickest way to checkout to make sure you score all the best deals before anyone else.

While the whole list is not out yet, the deals below are guaranteed to be featured in one of the 3 Days Sale:

  1. HP N54L Microserver $199

  2. Notebook $199

  3. Intel Core i7 Laptop $599

  4. Asus Zenbook Ultrabook $699

  5. 240GB SSD $89

  6. 480GB SSD $189

  7. WD 3TB Portable $179

  8. Seagate 8TB $299

  9. Samsung 24" Display $149

  10. 27" Display $219

  11. Netgear R7000 NightHawk AC WiFi Router $169

  12. HP G8 Microserver $269

Wednesday 25/11 Schedule:

9AM - Midnight: Samsung 850EVO 250GB SSD $129 Free Shipping
10AM - Midnight: WD 1TB Portable Drive $75 Free Shipping
11AM - Midnight: Samsung Portable SSD Sale & 5th Gen Intel Nuc PC Ram $29.95 Only
12PM - Midnight: 480GB SSD $189 Here! Asus ZenBook 13.3" FHD $699
1PM - Midnight: Save $900 on Asus ROG Gaming Laptop
2PM - Midnight: Windows 10 PC Only $169, 64GB MicroSD $24 -> Free Shipping
3PM - Midnight: 28" 4K FreeSync Monitor $579, GTX980 G1 Gaming 4GB $659
4PM - Midnight: Intel Skylake i7 CPU Lowest Price, 8GB DDR4 Ram Free Shipping
5PM - Midnight: Popular NETGEAR D7000 Modem Big Sale, Corsair K65 RGB Keyboard $149
6PM - Midnight: Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 Kit $129, Gigabyte H170 Mainboard Best Deal
7PM - Midnight: 15.6" i7 Laptop $599 Here! WD 2TB Portable Drive $119 Delivered
8PM - Midnight: 15.6" i5 Laptop $479, Samsung 128GB MicroSD $75 Free Shipping
9PM - Midnigth: Get Now Intel i7-6700K CPU $507 Delivered, GA-Z170X Gaming 3 Mobo $249

Thursday 26/11 Schedule:

9AM - Midnight: Netgear R7000 AC1900 Router $169, HP Pro X2 2 in 1 Laptop/Tablet $699
10AM - Midnight: HP ProBook 450 i7 15.6" laptop $945, MS Office Home & Business 2013 $199
11AM - Midnight: WD 3TB Portable USB Drive $179 + Shipping, Intel Skylake Core i5-6600k $342
12PM - Midnight: HP Gen8 Microserver $269, Seagate 8TB Hard Drive $299
1PM - Midnight: Gigabyte GTX 980 ti 6GB Graphics card $979, Samsung 950 Pro 256GB PCIE M.2 SSD $259
2PM - Midnight: Samsung 850 EVO 1TB $429 Free shipping, Intel 4th Gen NUC i3 $289, 4GB DDR3 Low Voltage RAM for NUC/Laptop $29.95.
3PM - Midnight: Intel 5th Gen NUC i5 $469, Kingsotn 8GB Low Voltage RAM for NUC/Laptop $54
4PM - Midnight: AOC 27" LED Monitor Display $219, Lenovo S500 SFF Core i5 1TB 8GB Desktop PC $719
5PM - Midnight: Netgear EX7000 Nighthawk AC1900 Range Extender $159, Gigabyte GTX 960 2GB Graphics card $259
6PM - Midnight: Sandisk Connect 32GB Wireless USD Drive for MAC/PC $32.95, Netgear EX6200 AC1200 WiFi Range Extender $99
7PM - Midnight: Samsung CL-1860FW Colour Laser Multifunction $179, Intel NUC Core i5 $389
8PM - Midnight: WD 4TB External USB Drive $159 Free Shipping, Toshiba R50 i7 15.6" laptop $699
9PM - Midnigth: Samsung EVO+ 32GB 80mb/s MicroSD $17 Free Shipping, HP Envy Full HD Core i7 15.6" laptop with 256GB SSD & 2GB Graphics $1299

Friday 27/11 Schedule:

9AM - Midnight: HP 15.6" Dual Core Laptop $269 Free Shipping, 4TB Drive for NAS $215

10AM - Midnight: $200 less Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, Logitech Gaming Wheel for PS4 / xBox / PC

11AM - Midnight: Quad Core Laptop $399 & Samsung 950Pro 512GB PCIe Free Shipping

12PM - Midnight: WD 3TB Red $159, Best Selling TP-Link Archer D7 Modem Router $128

1PM - Midnight: Samsung 24" Display $149, HP ProDesk 600 i7 PC $899

2PM - Midnight: Skylake i7 Gaming Laptop $1599, HP Envy Phoenix i7 PC +3TB $1499

3PM - Midnight: Samsung EVO 500GB SSD $229 Delivered, Core i7 23" Touch AIO PC $1499

4PM - Midnight: Free Shipping -> Intel i5-6600 $315, Kingston Fury 8GB DDR4 Ram Kit $69

5PM - Midnight: Seagate Thin Laptop 1TB 2.5" SSHD $99, Core i3 Commercial PC $439

6PM - Midnight: 2TB for NAS $119, Corsair CX600 80+ Bronze Power Supply $89

7PM - Midnight: 240GB SSD for $89 is Here! Top Asus Zenbook 13.3" 3200x1800 $1299

8PM - Midnight: Microserver $199, Laptop $199 & More Popular Deals Returning Tonight (Some items missed out have chance to come back)

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  • No arse code required?

    • Wednesday-
      9AM - Midnight: Samsung 850EVO 250GB SSD $129 Free Shipping
      10AM - Midnight: WD 1TB Portable Drive $75 Free Shipping
      11AM - Midnight: Samsung Portable SSD Sale & 5th Gen Intel Nuc PC Ram $29.95 Only
      12PM - Midnight: 480GB SSD $189 Here! Asus ZenBook 13.3" FHD $6??
      1PM - Midnight: Save $900 on Asus ROG Gaming Laptop
      2PM - Midnight: Windows 10 PC Only $169, 64GB MicroSD $24 -> Free Shipping
      3PM - Midnight: 28" 4K FreeSync Monitor $579, GTX980 G1 Gaming 4GB $659
      4PM - Midnight: Intel Skylake i7 CPU Lowest Price, 8GB DDR4 Ram Free Shipping
      5PM - Midnight: Popular NETGEAR D7000 Modem Big Sale, Corsair K65 RGB Keyboard $149
      6PM - Midnight: Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 Kit $129, Gigabyte H170 Mainboard Best Deal
      7PM - Midnight: 15.6" i7 Laptop $599 Here! WD 2TB Portable Drive $119 Delivered
      8PM - Midnight: 15.6" i5 Laptop $479, Samsung 128GB MicroSD $75 Free Shipping
      9PM - Midnigth: Get Now Intel i7-6700K CPU $507 Delivered, GA-Z170X Gaming 3 Mobo $249

      • Hopefully Friday deals are better

      • Thursday -
        9AM - Midnight: NETGEAR R7000 AC1900 Router $169, 12.5" i5 Ultrabook/Tablet $699
        10AM - Midnight: HP 15.6" i7 Pro Laptop $945, Office Home Business 2013 Just $199
        11AM - Midnight: WD 3TB Portable Drive $179 here! i5-6600k Skylake CPU Lowest Offer
        12PM - Midnight: HP Microserver Gen8 $269, 8TB Hard Drive $299
        1PM - Midnight: GTX980 TI 6GB $979, Samsung 950 Pro 256GB M.2 PCIe SSD $259
        2PM - Midnight: Samsung 850EVO 1TB $429, Nuc PC Kit i3 $289, 4GB Ram only $29.95
        3PM - Midnight: 8GB DDR3 SoDimm Ram $54, 5th Gen Nuc PC Kit 4K Support $469
        4PM - Midnight: 27" Display Only $219, Core i5 PC w/ 8GB Ram 1TB Drive $719
        5PM - Midnight: No Dead Spot AC1900 Range Extender $159, Gigabyte GTX960 $259 Only
        6PM - Midnight: Super Coverage AC1200 Range Extender $99, Wireless 32GB Drive $32.95
        7PM - Midnight: Wireless Color Laser Multifunction Printer Only $179, Nuc PC Core i5 $389
        8PM - Midnight: WD 4TB USB Drive $159 Delivered, Premium Toshiba 15.6" i7 Laptop $699
        9PM - Midnigth: Samsung EVO+ 32GB MicroSD $17 Delivered, HP Envy 15.6" FHD i7 $1299

  • black friday sale starting on a wednesday?
    doesnt that defeat the purpose of a "FRIDAY" sale?

  • N54L oh yeeeeah baby!

  • Wasn't "black Friday" over a week ago?

    • It's the last Friday of the month. It falls on the Friday following Thanksgiving. Because it's an American thing and we are in Australia, they can pretty much hijack any Friday and call it that. Similar I had email from Winemarket yesterday marked as a Cyber Monday sale, this is the Monday after Black Friday, so they were about as close.

    • That was Friday the 13th Black Friday…this is refering to the USA post Thanksgivings shopping Friday - think it is always the last Friday of November.

    • You've been on OzBargain for 2 years and don't know what black Friday is? Thought it was general knowledge, especially amongst bargain hunters.

  • +12 votes

    N45L + XPenology + some NAS drives = best home media server you can get for the money.

    • hey XPenology looks awesome - hadn't ever heard of it until i did a quick google. where would you suggest is the best place to get started?

      • XPenology

        Something about this name screams "porn streaming website"…

      • Look here http://xpenology.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=2

        I have been using XPEnology when I bought my Microserver G8. It's simple and does most things you want.
        I started off with FreeNAS but found it too complicated to get working properly.
        I created a virtual machine with ESXi 6 then installed XPEnology.

        • Does this support Plex and torrent cleints? If not, I don't see how it can be a good media solution if there isn't a way to get the media or serve it out nicely.



          Yes, my XPenlogy box runs Plex very well. I run DS Download - Synology's own torrent client. You can also get RuTorrent if you prefer. I have SickRage set to automatically send my favourite TV shows to Download Station as soon as they go to air, so they're waiting for me when I get home.

          And, mobile device support is great too.

        • is there much difference between XPenlogy and official DSM from Synology? which path is better for newbies?


          @vash12: XPenology is a bootloader that lets you run the official DSM from Synology on non-Synology hardware. You get to run ALL of the same packages as Synology, including the mobile apps, and you get Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) support too.

          Here's the official Synology packages you can run: https://www.synology.com/en-uk/dsm/app_packages/all_app

          Here's a really good repository of "community" packages: https://synocommunity.com/packages

    • Wow I've never heard of this - looks good but may take a bit of tech and time.

    • +2 votes

      just install windows 7 or Linux and have it boot straight into XBMC, better than anything else

      • You're getting downvoted but it's very hard to see any reason why Ubuntu + UMS + Kodi isn't a better solution.

      • lol "better than anything else"

        you go girl


        If you're determined to go that route, then you might really like OpenElec. It is an OS built to boot straight into Kodi/XBMC.

        If you're running it as a home SERVER rather than a HTPC, then I'd go with Xpenology.


          even if you use it to serve files you can use windows or linux anyway

          set the drives to be shared across the network, exact same as a NAS

          I can use mine to watch tv/movies on the big screen and also share files across any pc in the house or tv in the house…. and use it with a PS3 tv tuner to stream tv across anything in the house too (phone, tablet, pcs, tvs, whatever)

        • i am so confused now

          dont know who to believe anymore

        • +1 vote

          Consider them "suggestions". It really depends what you want to do with it but they're all good options.

    • Yep, it makes a great media player. You'll probably want to throw in a silent cheap graphics card like a $40 ATI 5450 for HD movies and HDMI sound.

  • how many 3.5" drives can go into the microserver? edit - looks like 4.

    my HTPC currently has 2 x 3TB and 2 x 4TB but was hoping to migrate to one of these. what OS do people recommend for running as a NAS with plex server?

    • Ubuntu is my Linux flavour of choice. The N54L also has an internal USB 3 port, get a USB and run your OS off that so you're not wasting precious storage space.

    • +12 votes

      I have the N36L, which is the same with a crappier CPU

      I have 6 Drives in it

      4 in the standard bay, and two up top

      I run a modded BIOS that affords me AHCI and full speed from the internal SATA connector that would normally attach to the DVD drive. And for the 6th device (SSD) i simply run the e-SATA cable from the back of the box, back through the box and feed it to the top

      A bit of screwing around, but hey, 2 more drives, and now i can store even more Linux ISO's :)

      And by that i mean porn.

      • good info - what OS you running on it?

        • I actually run a full version of Windows 7. As this box is in the bedroom so it can play media to the attached TV as well as serve it around the LAN.

          And the wife loves watching Linux with me ;)

        • @Oxxy:
          I have the same N36L running unRAID. been a great little server sitting in the corner.6 drives, one being a SSD for the "cache" drive which speed up transferring files a lot. Mac and windows connect to it also my WDTV to watch movies.

        • @Glo8al:

          In my case I run the OS off the SSD

          Once you go get one system running the SSD on an OS, you can't go back.

          Only complaint is the N36L could do with some more horsepower. I'm sure the N54L is better

          Anyone who wants a media centre PC, i highly encourage you to get one of these folks. They are terrific value for this price.

          The more people that get into Linux the better.

        • @Oxxy: unRaid boots off a USB key using the internal USB spot. Boots up, runs off a ram disk.
          mmmm can't remember now if I have the N36L or N40, either way these are a great unit, easy to work on.

        • @Glo8al:

          I'll give that a shot. I have seen that port sitting there, inviting me to plug something into it.


      you can fit 6 sata drives in the microserver

      4 in the bays, two the optical drive bay (use an eSata to sata cable on the back of the box and poke it inside the box for the extra sata connection)

      get a Nexus Vibration kit bracket to fit two sata drives in optical bay upside down on each other fits perfect

    • I had an N54L running six HDDs without a problem. As per Oxxy & Mokato above you throw four in where they should normally go then put two up top in the optical bay. The 'nice' way to do it is with fancy Nexus brackets etc. however I had no problems cutting a small section of the chassis away and dropping the two drives sideways in the existing 5.25" cradle. No overheating and they actually push-fit in so didn't even need securing with screws however I did add a bit of industrial strength double-sided tape just in case of an Earthquake :) I recently sold that N54L on eBay as I've downsized and simplified my IT setup but it was running 24-7 for well over 18 months and I never had a problem. Such great little machines but be careful as they can struggle at hi-res when using Plex.

      • What are you using now?

        • I've reduced the 6 x 4TB HDDs to 4 x 4TB HDDs (didn't end up needing all that space anyway) and managed to cram them into a 2nd-hand HP Z210 Desktop PC. It has an i5 CPU and 16Gb RAM so it chews up high-res media files and spits them out via Plex no problems at all. HDD temps were a bit touch & go at first as the HDDs only had a mm between them but I just increased the system fan speed in the BIOS by a notch and they're now running low to mid 40s on a super hot day. Seems to be working OK so far and cost close to nothing.


      It can take 4 drives. With a third-party BIOS update you can also use the optical bay up top to put in one more, making it a 5-bay. Note that by default the drives are NOT hot-swap capable, but the same BIOS update activates that feature.


  • Seagate 8TB $299

    With Seagates higher failure rate, I wouldn't bother


    • I've got 2 x 2TB internal Seagate drives that are 3.5 years old and still going fine.
      I've got 2 x 2TB external Seagate drives that are around 2 years old and still going fine.
      I've got 2 x 5TB Backup Plus Seagate drives that are around a year old and still going fine.

      Guess I'm just lucky.

      • I have about 15 + drives, mostly WD, Samsung, HGST, Toshiba. No Seagate any more. I had a Seagate fail years ago, and avoided. Two years ago I bought another. It screeched from day 1, but google said that was common. It threw no windows alerts, and using seatools did not diagnose any issues. Then it failed catastrophically shortly after, with total loss of data (all backed up). It was less than 3 months old. I binned it, and won't go back.

        I had a several year old hgst drive throw windows errors, before it failed, so I did a test, and sure enough, failing. Backed it up (low value data), took it offline and sent it in for rma with printout of errors. Got a new disc almost immediately and it is still going several years later.

        It is not just about the fail, that happens to them all, it is about reliability and trust. I don't trust Seagate.

        • I've been in IT for too long to mention. All manufacturers have their moments.
          Maxtor were 2nd rate until they were bought out, Toshiba Turo drives notorious for issues and performance etc. etc.
          Most brands are now just sub-brands of the 2 main players - Seagate & WD.
          IBM sold their hard drive business to Hitachi, who sold it to (Toshiba? can't recall).
          Samsung storage now part of Seagate…..

          I have had (speaking on my and my clients behalf) failures of every brand ever deployed, some with limited or no prior warning, others taking ages before finally dying. This being in desktops, notebooks, servers and specialised enterprise multi-controller RAID boxes valued at around $500k a pop.

          In my personal experience WD non-enterprise storage has always been sub-Seagate standard.
          I've had several WD consumer grade devices fail over the past 5 years and replaced many for others.
          We only use Seagate and (until recently) IBM/Hitachi bare drives. Our failure rate with these has been 0%.
          WD external drives use a proprietary internal connector on the bare drive inside, so if the USB case fails you are out in the cold unless you have another case to swap the drive into to retrieve data - not a good look when your clients CEO backs up their personal notebook and can't retrieve files from a past backup even though the drive itself is OK.

          Maybe the tide is turning again, but we've just bought some more Seagate drives on the strength of past experience. I hope our history repeats for us with these drives

    • Linking to a Click bate article from a unreliable source from
      A Host running almost entirely Seagate drives.

      Work in a data center and you will soon learn the joys of Drive Failure rates.

      • Could of linked to any article. Was the first one I found with the chart comparing the brands that I remember reading several months ago. May have been on a different site but whatever, couldn't care less. The data comparison was the same and showed the same outcome with Seagate being higher failure rate.

    • I've had equal % failures by all manufacturers (seagate, WD, hitachi) but I've avoided known "dud" models like seagate 3tb; 8tb. All manufacturers have duds, you just gotta be careful not to buy them.

      Looks like the seagate 8tb's are duds going by amazon.

    • Seconded. How about testing 49000 hard drive in data centre running continuously for the last couple years?

      • Interesting. I find it astounding that they have a data centre that runs mostly (if not exclusively) non-enterprise drives.
        Also, due to the wide range of models (& quality tiers), it's difficult to distill this down to brand A is more reliable than brand B.
        That being said, if looking at a sub-set of this data and it relates to comparable models of similar vintage, they have current firmware and are being used for the same type of application, then useful conclusions could be drawn (about those specific models for that specific use and usage pattern).

        Like much 'reporting' IT or otherwise and surveys etc., you can make it show anything you want if you have an idea or theory you want to promote.

        I'm not saying that it's not of some value, but I find it difficult to see parallels with most OZB's usage patterns and value propositions.
        That's my 20c worth, others will see it differently and are welcome to their opinion (voiced or otherwise).

  • OP can you link to the products? I don't know how "Notebook" is a good description.

    • If you had followed the deal link, you would know that's the only information that is available at this point as the sale hasn't started yet and they're trying to gain interest.

    • clickbait

    • the only product with the Notebook title seem to be this one !!
      Asus F453MA Bing 14.1" Notebook :-)

  • Just wondering which brand is going to offer the Intel Core i7 Laptop for $599..

  • Need new keyboard any chance you can tell me when it goes on sale, rep?

  • So what time does it start, 9am or 8am?

  • So which 27" monitor are we talking about?

    • A crap one if the brand isn't mentioned is my guess.

      • I have two 'crap' 27" monitors either side of my main monitor. For viewing webpages, working etc, and not as a 'main' or gaming monitor, they are great for that purpose.

        I am curious as to which this one is, as its well below the entry level prices I generally see.

  • Any chance you could add the Intel NUC N2820 to the sale? :)

  • I'm guessing the 240gb SSD is Sandisk?

  • +2 votes

    no GPUs on sale =/

  • Any sexy Monitor deals, like 1440p, g-sycn kind of thing??

    • Any sexy Monitor deals, like 1440p, g-sycn

      You had me until then. G-Sync is crap.

      • Well i'm confused with all the new monitor tech, when I was a boy it was simple. These days far too many option. From what I've read i should be looking at either 1440p or 144mhz

  • Hi rep, any deals on UPS? Hopefully either APC Power-Saving Back-UPS Pro 1200 230V or Pro 900.

  • Any chance OP that you will have the MSI GeForce GTX 960 Gaming 2G OC 2GB graphics card on sale? MSI is not an included brand in sale. It seems to be the one and only GTX 960 of any brand you stock? Of course if you have a GTX 970 for a similar price of the 960 during sale I will not complain ;-)


  • How much of each product are in stock for the sale?
    Are you limiting it? e.g. max 2 per customer

  • +2 votes

    Been looking for a new gpu. I have my eyes on that GTX 970.


      I would also like to know when specific products go on sale so i can go on my "toilet break" at work and buy some sweet deals. Please rep.. :D