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Nintendo 3DS $158, 30% off Selected Toy Brands + Extra 20% off + More @ Target eBay

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  • Thanks OP, Christmas present for the kids sorted now.

    Love the layout of the post

  • Thanks Mate,

    Wife was chasing some fisher price gear for xmas gifts, got it cheap through your link for the toys.


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    I'm sad I didn't buy one of the great new-3DS-XL Animal Crossing edition deals that Target had last 25% off sale This one was about $200. Has anyone seen any good deals for it recently?

    • +2

      I'm hoping for some good deals on the 3D-XL this Christmas or the boxing day sales.

      • +1

        I hope I don't have to wait till boxing day :S

        Hopefully we'll get a New 3DS XL below $180 :D

        • yeah, that would be great!

  • Seems none of the Barbie items are eligible for the 20% CXMASTECH code.

  • How are people enjoying Triforce Heroes? How is it if you go solo?

    • +1

      I am enjoying it online with randoms. That's the only way I am playing it. You get the occasional dud group but when it works, it works well.

      Keep in mind you'll sometimes be playing through levels that you've done before trying to wordlessly communicate the solutions to puzzles with icons and gestures.

      • That's ok, I've played Destiny

  • really need to know the firmware of these 3ds……

    • I bought one last week at the full price. It has version 9.0

      • which version is hackable?

        is there any flashcart yet?

        • =< 9.2 is hackable.
          Comes down to luck of the draw whether you get new or old stock.
          Check this list before opening your console. And return it if you get >9.2


          Usually you will be able to swap it with ols stock in store.

        • yes and yes

        • @lakers1222:

          How do I hack my 3ds, can you point me in the direction of where to start looking?

        • @lakers1222:

          How can u return or swap?

          won't they find it weird that I want to swap?
          What reason should I give?

      • which ds model did u buy?

        what was the serial?

    • +1

      N3DS Black @Target, fw 9.9 serial number YAM1001
      N3DS White AC LE @Target, fw 9.8 serial number YAF1009
      N3DS White @Target, fw 9.0 serial number YAF1000-1003
      N3DS XL black/blue @Target. fw 9.0-9.4 serial number QAH1006-1008 (9.0) QAH1009 (9.4)
      N3DS XL AC LE @Target. fw 9.4 serial number QAH1009

      • thanks

        so the white one
        and N3DS XL black has 9.0?

        • N3DS White @Target, fw 9.0 serial number YAF1000-1003
          N3DS XL black/blue @Target. fw 9.0-9.4 serial number QAH1006-1008 (9.0) QAH1009 (9.4)

          Check the serial number on the back of the console. N3DS White > 1009 will be 9.8, N3DS XL > 1008 will be 9.4.
          Don't buy any limited edition or black N3DS if you'd like to get lower fw (9.0).

        • @thaikhoa:

          So this one should be avoided?

          Do u think which is better to get ?

          XL or normal version?

          which one is better?

          they both have new buttons and extra joystick?

        • @tyler.durden:

          Yes, it is. Black N3DS will definitely come with 9.9.

          They're the same spec but the size.

        • @thaikhoa:

          which would you get? XL or normal?

        • @tyler.durden: I have all kinds of 3DS. So don't let me choose :D

        • @thaikhoa:

          please decide for me

          I can't choose which one

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    Got Shovel Knight for $36.80.. very happy with that C&C right near work, woohoo

    • From where? I bought a 3DS from target but they don't seem to sell the adapter or many games (they sell like 4 from what I can tell).

      Are there any bargains on games and an adapter?

      • On the adapter yes, but I think they charge postage too

  • Oops, I thought I was on a Big W deal, I got it from Big W eBay dude

  • Which XBOX package is better?

    Tomb Raider one or the Gears of war one?

    • +1

      Tomb Raider should be the preferred one, as it is a newly released game.
      A good one that is.

      But u can't go wrong with rare replay & ori that's included in gears bundle.

  • Fallout 3 & 4 bundle is also on for 391.20


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