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Samsung Series 6 55" JU6400 UHD LED TV - $1359.20 In-Store Pickup Only @ Bing Lee eBay Store


Seems like a pretty good price for a 55" UHD LED TV. Most other deals have seen this TV closer to $1500 of late.

Original eBay 20% off CXMASTECH deal

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  • Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Picked up the 40" for $1239 at DSE, and it was a display around 4-5 months ago I reckon, pre price hikes… that's a great price.

  • if only I was in Sydney

    • You wont be having the money to even think of spending it on entertainment, after paying rent or mortgage :)

  • Is this a good deal or better xmas sales yet to come? Not in any urgent need. Will be for the 2nd livingroom.

  • I bought one of these from a previous deal a couple of months ago. The picture over all is ok, but the black colour is terrible…


      You must have a dud, my blacks are great on mine, first thing i noticed.

      • Oh really? I'm not normally fussed by the colour - To be honest I have never really taken any notice in the past - however the crappy black colour stood out from the moment I turned it on. I'll give Samsung a call later today.

  • I own the ju7500 and couldn't be happier. But this is a great price for a 55" UHD even if it the panel is not the best.

  • Similar model on eBay Group deals from Good Guys for $1064 using the code: http://groupbuy.ebay.com.au/deal?itemId=111833613799&_trksid...

  • Agreed it doesnt compare.
    Even though the UHD is an entry level it should be much better PQ.


    Great TV, i got it for $1280 DS 30% off eBay sale grand final weekend, this is best price i have seen since.

  • Got it for the same price about a month and a half ago, it's okay but doesn't recognise our old Pioneer 5.1 system and picture quality presets seem to be awful.
    So for now we are using the built in sound from the TV using the movie preset, which is good when the sound is loud (sounds so damn realistic) but when you want to keep the volume down to reduce noise, you can't hear the dialog.
    I've tried messing around with the picture quality settings but dynamic doesn't adjust the back-light when lights go on or off. Other presets don't seem to help either. When the lights are on, you see the back-lights which are extremely noticeable (even after turning down by 4). When the lights are off, if the back-light is too low blacks look awful.
    Well another small issue is it's a pain to use external hard-drives with.

    Other than that it's really good for the price.

  • Out of stock!