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LG 2015 Model 65" 4K Smart TV 200hz 65UF850T $2428 @ The Good Guys eBay


I bought this TV Friday afternoon and it was delivered early Saturday.

200hz refresh rate. 2015 model. Magic remote. 2 pairs of 3D glasses.

Hasn't been cheaper.

Enjoy! :)

Original eBay 20% off CXMASTECH deal

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  • I have the non 3d model and have been very impressed so far! This seems like a Great price! OP, this is the 4K model so maybe add that to the title for those unfamiliar with the models.. WebOS is also pretty good on these TV's too.

  • Bought this one on Friday, couldn't be happier. I wanted a curved TV, this one is not, but it is good and cheap. It almost have all the functions I need. 3D and sound performance are incredible. magic remote is very easy to use.

    • I own a curved TV and IMHO it is just a novelty. It makes Zero difference when watching it… it does looks cool though but I only bought it cause it was a EOFY special + ebay coupon and the store didn't have any decent flat ones for the price.

  • I ordered on Friday picked it up on Sat for $2396 after 20% off plus 3% cash back from cash reward. The sale price is $2995 couldn't be happier

  • This is a great price, wanted to get this one but will wait for the Sony to come down

  • Out of stock :( Missed out by a few minutes!

  • Missed it too.
    Any suggestions for a well priced (On sale) 65" 4k with good 3d?

  • We really really need 4K blurays. Biggest fail :-(

    • I've got the 60" version (bought the 65" for sister), i love it. Sure, blacks aren't the best, but viewing angle is great, and it's fine for the PS4

      • Also comes with LG IPS panels which provide great viewing angles but things like contrast suffer. more comments here

    • Personally, I have no issues with blacks. They look as black as can be, in my opinion.

      As for the input lag, I've had no issues playing Fallout 4 for the past 8 hours! 0 lag whatsoever.

  • Don't forget it spies on you when you watch stuff.

    • Anbody able to tell us how to turn that special "feature" off?

      • Suggestion is to just disable the smart tv features


        • drunifex, Sincere thanks, interesting story in your link. I recall reading about this problem a while ago. I also recall reading about Samsung tv's listening to and reporting their owners conversations. Very scary stuff!!! At that time, I think/hope I went into our LG's settings to make necessary changes. I'll re-visit the settings in my LG "smart" tv to check. (Incidentally, the LG tv user manual is hopeless - built into tv) Disconnecting the tv from the Network defeats the purpose - I bought the "smart" tv so we can watch ABC iView etc . Reconnecting every time we wanted iView etc, would be extremely frustrating. Cheers…

  • Very tempting but after reading reviews on Amazon for the US version of the tv and given I'm a pixel peeper, the back-light issues will drive me bonkers … not to mention the 1 yr warranty?!? what's up with that?

    • Agree- a 1 year warranty on a $2.5k TV is rubbish and just signals to the consumer that the manufacturer has no long term faith in their product.

      Given that the statutory warranty on such a purchase under Australian Consumer Laws would extend to 3-5 years - forcing the retailer (not the manufacturer) to replace, repair or refund the cost of the purchase if anything went wrong within that period - it is just dumb marketing from LG in the Australian market.

      • True that, though I always pay the little bit extra for extended warranty on expensive items such as this

        • Why? Extended warranties on such a purchase is a waste of money. And retailers who sell a $2.5K TV and then try to sell you an 'extended warranty' are simply making you pay for something that you already have under law. And an extended warranty on a $2.5 k TV will be well over $100 - not just a 'little extra' in my view.

          See the recent Choice article on this very issue (and the fines dished out to retailers who have tried to dupe customers on their refund/repair rights while getting them to buy an 'extended warranty') here:


        • @irate: Thanks for the link - interesting read. Seems that "reasonable" is down to a subjective opinion, which could be a source of argument, but it's an eye opener for me… will do some more investigation

      • Nothing matched the 5 year warranties on the old Pioneer plasma tv's. Back then though, the margins on tv's were a lot greater than it is now and the warranty could be absorbed into the price.

  • http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/uf8500 concerns me.
    Wonder what the boxing day sales will be like.
    Fingers crossed…

  • I'm curious those that ordered and received their sets, if its as bad or as good as they had hoped? and any issues.

    I'm keeping my eyes out for 65UF950T price drops…

    • Paypal reversed my payment thinking the large amount was suspicious activity…sucks to be me. Perhaps it wasn't meant to be - waiting for the boxing day and post xmas sales =D

      • Ouch that does suck indeed… I spoke to a friend who used to work at JB and he told me to wait for boxing day sales and go to a store early morning to get a good price…

        Gives me time to research different sets and then know exactly what I'm after on the day and how much I'm willing to spend.

        Perhaps in 4 years time 4K 65" OLEDs will be $2500?

        Thank you for feedback re your experience.

  • .. Meanwhile in todays news


    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has instituted proceedings in the Federal Court against the manufacturer, alleging LG misrepresented to consumers with defective televisions that any remedies available were only limited to the LG manufacturer’s warranty.