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Canon EOS 70D + 18-55 Mm - $389 (after $150 Cashback & 10% Discount from Mates Rates) @ Dick Smith (Limited Stock)


Went into my local dicksmith today at lake haven to see if I could find any more deals and it turns out they have dropped the price of the canon EOS 70D to $599.

They also had an extra 10% off for mates rates, so it came down to $539. Plus canon is currently running a $150 cash back on this camera.

Not sure whether any other stores have stock, but I thought it would be worth a try for anyone else looking.

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    My heart skipped a beat when I read the original title. :(

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    So 7D or 70D?

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      More likely 700D

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        All the 700d's got sold last week for $250.

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    Sorry guys I realised the mistake I made and tried to change it straight away, definitely 70D. Still an amazing price for an awesome midrange dslr.

  • No stock at Northland Vic

  • Mates rates? In the classic sense, or some promo? This may affect the bargain quite substantially…

  • Any proof???Any Pics you took in store?? Its hard to believe the 70D for $389 after cashback. It may have been 700D.

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    Wow, I bought mine for around $1300 a year or so ago… very good price. It is a very good DSLR, esp with a good len.

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      Yeh i bought mine for around $1280 few months ago. The Price mentioned by OP cant be trusted (without any proof).

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    sorry to ask what it mates 10% off thanks

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    He's referring to this for the mates rates: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/224724

    • I'd love to know if this is legitimate price though, will call up tomorrow. Claim seems to be that it's available for $582 before discounts.

    • thanks mate really appreciated

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    I wonder what part of the country does OP live so i can relocate to. Almost impossible to find any camera stock in DSE now.

    • Profile shows Sydney.
      Bought at Lake Haven store, Central Coast NSW 2263.

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        oh well, the central coast, he's lucky because broden doesn't live very far.

    • I wonder what part of the country does OP live

      Dickland, probably.

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    Here is a link to the receipt, for all the doubters

    Im not sure if mates rates will be on tomorrow, but even at $599 and the $150 cashback it is still a really good deal.

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      your receipt says body only. The title says includes lens?

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        Receipt shows "bonus offer"

        • But doesnt say what the "Bonus Offer" is?

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          Im assuming the bonus offer was the mates rates discount, i didn't realise the receipt said body only. But I can tell you right now regardless of the receipt it came with the 18-55 it is sitting right next to me on my desk

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          @Pulse123: Probably the worker got the wrong box or something weird going on at DSE. Nice find

    • Were there any others at the Lake Haven store when you got yours?
      I'm a Coastie too.

  • Hey guys if anyone can provide invoice for this product thanks :)

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    good score, go back and spend an extra $200 on canon products and get $300 cash back

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    Good on OP for uploading the receipt. But it seems stock is very limited and the post should be moved to the following forum:

  • is this better than the Nikon D3300?

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      the 70D is pretty much canons version of the nikon D7200. So in answer to your question yes it is better than the D3300.


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        actually Nikon D7200 is more like Canon 7D camera. 70D is more like D5500 I would say. the price OP got is an excellent price for the camera.

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        No its not image quality wise. Canon 7D is the answer to Nikon 7xxx series. Bottom line is, Nikon entry level is better than Canon mid-level, but only for still image.

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          Somehow it's weird that brought a DSLR camera for purely video purpose, it's more like buying a super sport car for pizza delivery.

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          People who are negging the above comment, please compare Canon 7D, Canon 70D and Nikon D3300 side by side on DxoMark. It never hurts to get educated, fanboy-ism will not take you anywhere. Thank you.

          Here is a link for the curious - http://www.dxomark.com/Cameras/Compare/Side-by-side/Canon-EO...

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          but you suppose to compare Canon 7D vs 70D vs D7200, did not you said 70D is like nikon D7200.

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          @imranauz: Read again (this might be the reason why there are so many neg happy people here). I said, Canon 7D is the answer to Nikon 7xxx series. But that does not guaranty that 7D would outperform D7xxx, does it?

          DxoMark allows Max 3 camera side-by-side, remove one and insert another of your choice. Nikon D3xxx, D5xxx and D7xxx series all have nearly same sensor (for same release period). If one shots RAW in manual mode, the output difference between those Nikon cameras will be virtually zero. This is why I included the most entry level D3300 in that link. Heck, even D3200 is enough for this comparison.

          Now the question will be then why the price difference between Nikon D3xxx, D5xxx and D7xxx series cameras? Its because Nikon does a ridiculous feature and software restriction assholery on the lower end models, D3xxx being the most suffered.

        • @dlovep: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4, most people buy it for video only, although its well capable in photo.

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          "If one shots RAW in manual mode, the output difference between those Nikon cameras will be virtually zero."

          Yes Nikon do cripple certain features on their lower end models more than Canon do but the output difference between DSLRs is only virtually zero if you shoot in unchallenging situations. Shoot when autofocus matters (action/sports) or when lighting is critical and you will see a difference even between higher and lower end cameras. Shooting RAW lets you get the maximum dynamic range and gives you more freedom in post but some cameras capture more in the RAW image than others.

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          I think there is much more to a camera than just the quality of the images that it produces, I have a nikon D7200 and it has a better image quality than the 70D, but there is definitely things that I like more about the canon. For instance the autofocus in live view on the canon trounces the nikon, not to mention you can actually change the aperture in live view.

        • @Pulse123:

          Yep which is why the Canon's are undisputed at being better at video. What's really annoying is that the D7200 has lower FPS. I would jump at one for $400ish…but at $950+ the unreliable AF issue noted here is just too much of a gamble.


        • -1

          @syousef: lol, what's your point? Nikon's entry level cameras low light performance is supreme over 70D. This discussion is regarding Nkon's entry level vs Canon's midlevel. And DxoMark compares RAW output, not jpeg. So what are you trying to prove buddy by saying some cameras capture more in RAW than others when its clear from DxoMark benchmark how close Nikon's D3xxx, D5xxx and D7xxx series are?

        • @syousef:

          Seriously. Negging a video that actually gives an in depth 30 minute analysis of the differences between D7100 and 70D? It even concludes the 70D is the better buy which I don't agree with. People here just like negging everything without bothering to think or even click on a link.

  • Other people look like they picked up the same camera today too. This person has 3 listed and the listing started just 2 hours ago http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Canon-EOS-70D-20-2-MP-Digital-SLR...

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      He's probably a DSE employee

      • Time for DSEE X'mas sales

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      Damn Broden

  • Can confirm as I picked one up a couple of days ago.


    Didn't think to create a post about due to insufficient stock. Seemed like OP got a better deal with extra 10% off well done.

    Can also confirm that both body only and body plus lens is $599.

    Also to update I went back to check Wetherill Park and someone actually bought the display model!

    • +1

      Yeah I wasn't sure how much stock would be left anywhere else, but I thought it wouldn't make a bad first post. I was surprised about the 10% off, I was all ready to pay the $599 then he told me it was an extra 10% off and that made my day.

      • Awesome score :) I was stoked when I managed to pick one up. Even asked to check for other stock but I'm sure it's cleared out now. Hi 5 for good score

    • What's the store code for your SLK? Just wondering if it's the same as the OP's store code cos his one is for the body only according to the receipt.

      • +1

        My receipt also said XG3089 and body only too. On the box the code was also written on it. Difference was I didn't have the bonus offer as I assume that's the mates rates offer. Staff were selling body and body plus lens for same price. Always ask about the one with lens

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    Looks like my Sunday morning will be spent searching WA. I failed with the 700D hopefully its a sign I NEED the better camera.

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      Can you win over dick staffs? "Can you please ch…?" NO. " is there any le…" NO "please go inside and check please" went inside, found something, hide it….and NO

    • Make sure to ask staff to search their system for any stores with stock available. E.g. In Sydney they told me that store had 3 in stock. Reality was only 1 available.

      Also call up the store that has stock to confirm stock level as reported by other stores. A lot of mucking around but will hopefully help you in your search.

      If you're keen about display models also ask them about that because they don't report display models as part of in stock

      • This ^

        Don't bother going to stores before you ring. Staff put away anything of value for themselves and stock showing on the store computer means nothing.

      • +8

        Don't just talk to any dick.
        The manager will be in the know.
        So ask for the dick head.

        • LMFAO!

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    Has anyone ever bought a display model, found something wrong with it and got it replaced by the retailer or manufacturer for a brand new in box version?

  • Sup guys. What do u think are the chances of getting it price matched with OP's receipt?

    • +2

      Same chances as finding one in stock :)

    • I would say very slim, I tried yesterday to price match Canon EOS-M3 in melbourne and all camera shops were like are you insane, this price is crazy, at HN employee tried to explain me that DS is going down so you will face problems with warranty.

      By the way I bought EOS-M3 for 350 after cash back from DS in Melbourne

      • Which store, out of curiosity..?

        • Midtown Plaza, Bourke St, Melbourne.

      • tried to explain me that DS is going down so you will face problems with warranty

        I really hate those kind of saleperson, tried to explain stupid things and treat you like a crap.

  • +2

    (does anyone else think someone at DSE is gonna be in shite after they discounted the 70D instead of the 700D?)

  • yikes I bought this 3 days ago from DSE for $999. Has anyone had experience doing a 'return the difference' transaction? I didn't use the 28 degrees card. :(

    • +1

      i saw one guy try and return his laptop because he wasnt happy with it….lets just say it didnt go well for him

      if its new in box you may have a chance though

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    I know I can't get it from DSE tomorrow morning. I'm gonna save my 4 hours life in Sunday morning and enjoy a coffee rather than check 3-4 DSE stores and get disappointed & pissed off.

    • +1

      That sounds very unOzbarginer-like behaviour, but then in this case it is also probably a smarter way.

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    Holy Crap this is an INSANE price for the 70D

  • any left in SA?

    • mind if we check together tomorrow so we save time each other?

  • Ta

  • This price is too real banana peel. DSE advertise $549 for the 1200D which is an entry level DSLR.I just bought my 70D kit about 2 months ago and paid $960 and I thought that was a good deal.


  • No stock Bondi

  • +3

    No stock left in SA.

    Got them to do a stock check and they said they possibly had one body only in Marion, called but no luck. WA and NT are the lucky states to have some left. Happy Hunger Games.

    • +1

      which stores in WA

      • i saw one in osborne park

        • I checked the Osborne Park store at about 12 - apparently there where 3 70D's available - 4 guys were waiting when the store opened at 11. First in best dressed!

    • I checked one store saturday, nothing in the display and the other store in darwin obly had 1200s last week.
      Maybe out back or well hidden. Is there a store in alice springs?

  • And also, the guy over the counter said it was showing up as "end of life" on the system. So it's possibility that its about to has/or about to become a discontinued model? Maybe with luck, other retailers might start to lower their prices.

  • So did anyone try their luck and win this morning?

  • Looks like Brisbane is all out from what a store staff just told me.

    • Yep confirmed. Nil in Brisbane

    • How do you check the stock for all stores in brisbane?

      • +2

        Their computer system can check all stores in Brisbane. Confirmed nil, all cleared out during initial sale.

    • The Wynnum store doesn't have any cameras whatsoever in stock. Looks to be on the fringe of existence.

  • I called one of local DS stores in Bayside Melbourne and they didn't have any. He checked their system and said it says there are no stores in Melbourne with stock. Take that for what it's worth, but that's the info I got.

  • George street one display left, last one was bought by someone else, I missed out

    • Actually staff member said the other staff member wants it so we cannot sell it!!!

      • Have you tried to talk to the dick head?

        • No I didn't, I should have, they may have lied about being a display as they kept changing their word. I think they were trying to ditch me
          Btw they said Parramatta still have stock if anyone around there, good luck

    • They weren't picking up their phones ALL day. Same with Eastgardens who apparently had one. But nope went there and they don't.

      Good luck with the other hunters in NSW.

  • No Canon SLRs at Waurn Ponds Vic. They also said none in Geelong or Vic at all (they didn't check the computer though, I guess someone might get lucky still).

    • That's because they probably checked their computers at 10am when they opened. If there was no stock then there wont be stock now.

  • +2

    Thanks for the heads up. I went out to local store (Erina), a guy was at the counter asking and they said no stock.. I asked another shop assistant and they dug around and found only the body, no box. So I asked for a deal, $499 then just as I was paying they found the box with all the goodies for same price. Awesome!

    The computer was listing one other 70D in stock, but they couldnt find it so dont bother with erina store!

    Looks like my 450d accessories and batteries wont match tho which is a bummer :(