This was posted 7 years 11 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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7.5% off Masters Home Improvement eGift Cards ($100 for $92.50, $200 for $185 or $500 for $462.50) from Groupon


Similar to the deal for BIG W, these gift cards can be redeemed both online and instore.

Note this point from the fine print:

The Masters Store eGift Card is redeemable at Masters Stores and Masters online only.

Reports from the BIG W eGift Card deal post indicate that BIG W eGift Cards can only be redeemed at BIG W stores, so it should be the same case that Masters eGift Cards can only be redeemed at Masters stores.

Related offer:
10% off Masters Store/Site Wide

Edit: 17/12/15

Now available via Cashrewards. As you're ordering directly from Everyday Gift Cards, you will receive the eGift cards sooner as opposed to ordering through Groupon.

Edit: 04/01/16

No longer available via Cashrewards.

Edit: 12/01/16

Available via Cashrewards again.

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  • +2

    So I can use the 10% off then use this egift card? That is quite a discount.

    • Correct

    • That is quite a discount markup.


      • It's only a mark up if they profit from thier sales. It's a discount if they are bleeding money for your bargain.

        • None of the 10% codes are working for me on the groupon site (FRESH10, DIYDAYS) anyone else finding this?

        • +1

          @Fare Evader: those codes are for the Masters site

  • +3

    Discounted Masters Gift cards…. is this the end?

    Who's up for some risk taking!

    • That's what I was thinking. Masters isn't doing very well ATM. Me thinking they will sell it like they did to DSE

      • +3

        If u need something right now then it's all good. But would not recommend keeping them for the long term

        • Even then - you remove your (Oz)bargaining power because you are locked in.

        • -6

          I agree, only buy if you are using them soon, gift card holders often get shafted as an unsecured creditor. Neg as not worth the long term risk.

      • +4

        I don't know about negging the deal. pure speculation at this point and it's only 7.5% off.

        If it was 70% off gift cards I'd give them a few hours to live :)

  • +2

    I'm still waiting for grouipon to send me my big w cards, it's been almost two weeks!

    • +8

      Me too. They took my money but won't provide the BigW vouchers as it could be a fraudulent purchase apparently. All iI have to do is contact them and they will issue. Have been doing that for two weeks and they keep saying they are delayed for "fraud" reasons and will be received in 24-48 hours. I keep contacting them by phone and email and they keep saying they will issue them but haven't. Needed the vouchers for yesterday's Christmas shopping and didn't have them despite them having my money for 2 weeks. Not worth the stress of dealing with Groupon.

      • +1

        Thanks for letting us know. I will not buy from Groupon. Two weeks and still waiting when they just email the gift card is not a good sign. Either Woolies is doing a similar strategy such as "Mind the gap"… or Groupon is to be blamed.

        • +1

          Got my BIGW card within 2 days

        • +1


          Got my wish cards within 24 hrs here

        • Got my email from Groupon about 2 days after and the proper Big W one about 6 days after that.

          I then proceeded to buy physical Wish gift cards with my $2.500 worth of Big W eGiftCards.

      • Thanks, was going to buy to combine with their 10% off, but sounds like I may not receive it in time.

      • I just purchased this and the giftcard (barcode etc) showed up under my groupon instantly.

        • +1

          That barcode is not a gift card. You will receive an email from [email protected] with the gift card PDF file attached.

      • what exactly are they alleging during these phone calls and in emails, ie. what are they saying has made them think "it could be a fraudulent purchase apparently"?

  • -3

    9.00% cashback from PricePal for Groupon as well :D

    • +1

      It won't apply to gift cards.

    • +2

      Please note that cashback will not be honoured on Groupon gift cards, including any Woolworths Group Gift Cards.

      • +1

        same is with Cashrewards… Damn.. I was counting on that cashback.. Still a good deal combined with the 10% discount going on at masters.

        • where did you read that? I opened the cashrewards and I saw 5% cashback on groupon Masters egift cards

        • @meanozbgnr:

          Bonus 5.00% Cashback
          Cashback is currently not payable on Any Woolworths Group Gift Cards purchased through Groupon

        • @meanozbgnr:

          What you saw is 5% off on woolies gift card.. What we are mulling over is the cashback on groupon for masters gift card!!..

          not your fault, this is pretty complicated. These retailers have done their thing to online shopping as well.. made it complex..

        • @FindMeADeal: Bast.rds on a picture it looks misleading as the offer is 7.5% off PLUS 5% cashback, just opened terms and read. So misleading. And I bought through them.

        • @meanozbgnr: if you bought the 7.5% for masters through groupon, I guess its still a good deal. You can combine it with the 10% off going on at Masters. Cheers!

  • Also found the FRESH10 code (valid 20/12) on the bottom of the current Woollies receipts for 10% off Masters. Already linked above ;)

  • 1 - Buy Masters eGift card
    2 - Buy something you need at Masters
    3 - Use this on the end of pretty much every WOW receipt at the moment terms
    4 - Save 7.5%, then further 10%?

    • +1

      you should modify 1 - Buy Groupon Masters eGift card via cashrewards for 5% cashback ;)

      • Thought no cashback for gift card purchase…. Please confirm

        • I beleived the picture where it says 7.5% off PLUS 5% cashback, just opened terms and read. Looks like no cash back unfortunately.

    • plus 2% back from cashrewards if you buy from masters online.

  • 5% cashback with CashRewards for Groupon (masters gift cards in the offer)

    edit: look like there is no cashback for the cards

  • for those who are worried. You can buy using ecard then return the item for a refund card which can actually be used at woolies bigw and caltex petrol.

    • huh ?

      • Everyone's worried this card can only be used at Masters and masters will close down in a week's time so you can't use it anymore right?

        You can buy something big at masters say $500. and then return it. They will then issue you a "Refund card", since you paid with a gift card, which is a card that be used at woolies, bigw and caltex. Then you are not locked in with just masters.

        Of course that's if you can be bothered to do all this just for 2.5% extra saving over a 5% woolies giftcard you can via cashrewards. But then again this is ozbargain so of course u all can be bothered.

        • Of course that's if you can be bothered to do all this just for 2.5% extra saving

          Lol not really worth the hassle for 2.5% IMHO

  • +1

    UPDATE: There is cashback through CashRewards, just got confirmation " This is a tracking receipt for your recent purchase through Cashrewards.

    Retailer: Groupon
    Date of Sale: 14/12/2015
    Sale Value: AUD 92.50
    Expected Cashback: AUD 4.62

    • +1

      They may decline it afterwards.

      • +1

        Yep, tracking is just that, tracking. I've had mine reversed on Hotel bookings where I've cancelled the reservation.

        Hate to say it, but posting has probably made them more inclined to check, if they haven't already :)

        • I have had mine declined on hotel reservations which I DIDN'T decline, but which I booked using a discount code (hotelclub). Not impressed by that. It was a $63 cashback some more. Kathmandu has also declined cashback on an item I purchased with a discount code.

  • I can't recall but does Masrers sell Wish physical gift cards? If so, I assume you can just convert your Masters eGiftcard to the physical Wish ones. That is what I did with the Groupon Big W ones last week.

    • Did u convert it at self check out or at a manned one, if u self check out, good luck. Probably not activated.

      • Did it at live person. All good from my end.

        • Heh - I think it even says on the card itself "giftcards excluded" but it's possible and in some situations the system allows payment like that - did you make a partial purchase using the card or something (ie. pay rest with cash/debit whatever)?

        • @Diji1: I don't believe my eGiftcard had a giftcard excluded statement on it.

  • Purchase this gift card 7.5% off
    Then purchase Click and Collect via Masters ebay store 15% off

    = win

    EDIT: how long does it take for the gift card to arrive?

    • eBay redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect.

    • Can you pay on ebay using a Masters egift card??

  • +1

    3 days and still waiting for egift card arrival :((

    • +2

      same story here, waiting waiting endless waiting

  • can we use 2 gifts cards at once?

    • I expect so. They are normal gift cards.

  • How long has everyone been waiting for the email? I'm up to 3 days now. I'll be pissed if the clearance is finished before they arrive.

    Are people expecting great boxing day sales at Masters?

    • Yup, time to file a paypal claim. They've had their 4 days (email said 2-4) and their call centre isn't open today. Last one of these headache 'bargains' I do.

      • +2

        Yeah, still haven't got it. So it looks like we will miss out on the fresh10 discount. Not cool Groupon! Not cool.

  • +1

    Dispute opened up on Paypal.

    On the voucher it states " 3) Masters Home Improvement Store eGift Card will be emailed to you in approx. 2-4 business days from the
    domain "

    It has been over 4 business days - still no voucher.

  • Got mine this morning. Going to pursue the paypal refund. I had to make my masters purchase in the weekend, they missed their own 2-4 business day window by 2 business days so it's on them, can't wait forever for them to decide on a whim when they'll "deliver (an email)".

  • nothing to do with this deal, but what are people doing these days about getting a discount at Bunnings?

  • I bought 1x $200 and 1x $100 masters gift card on 13th December - and still have not received it!!!

    What is going on?

    • I am waiting to lodge a credit card reversal

      • How long has it been for you?

        • Purchase transaction on 14 December

    • same here, no cards yet. contacted groupon, they replied with standard terms: 2-4 business days, check you spam folder, give us another email address and no answer why the cards not here and when I'll get my money back

      • Are you going to do a chargeback?

        I wonder what the problem is … I mean I've purchased wish gift cards and Big W cards from them with no hassle

        • I think the problem is on everydaygiftcards side, groupon just forwards the order and have no control of what happens next. According to their system the card is despatched, but still no card on my side. I'll contact the bank on monday about that problem

        • @meanozbgnr: In my opinion, it should be groupon's responsibility to chase up everydaygiftcards if the problem is on their side since groupon are the ones who have charged us.

          How can groupon just say "the system shows the card is dispatched" and then wash their hands clean and say it's no longer their problem any more?

          And then it is up to us to contact our banks about doing chargebacks. How can this be good for groupon's business?

  • Haven't got mine yet. Awkward.

    • so weird
      mine was instant (not the email havent got that)

      Just looked under previous purchases in the website / didnt wait for email

      Purchased 4 Jan 2016
      $500 Masters Home Improvement e-Gift Card
      Link to View Voucher

  • Is there anything we can do besides chargeback via our credit cards?

    Can we chase it up with everydaygiftcards?

    Is Groupon doing anything about this?

    I sent them an email over a week ago and they have not replied!

  • +1

    I have just emailed every day gift cards. Response from web form is 24-48 hours. Post back when I have a response.

    Might be worth a few people contacting them so they see its not just one person.

  • I purchased from groupon voucher on Dec 14. I've emailed them twice, and received a generic email saying they are looking into the issue. A week later still no response.

    I emailed everydaygiftcards 5 days ago. Got a response in a couple of days ago apologising for the delay in issuing gift cards and how they normally issue in 2-5 business days. Nothing about how much longer and reason for delay. I emailed again yesterday and received a response quickly asking for all the details again despite it all being there in the email.

    Just received the $500 gift card an hour ago..

    The std price of the mower I was buying at masters just went up $70 today. So with the 10% off next week and the Groupon voucher the whole process has been a total waste of time.

    • At least you can stack the voucher and 10% off at the store for 17.5% of your mower price on the day. You could also look to get a price match with them if someone else stocks it.

      • unless your mower happens to be $550 exactly the discount will be effected by any left over dollars or extra spent :P

  • Today I sent them an email reply to their 10 day old email of "Record of my Chat" (When I complained of non-receipt of voucher). 8 hours later I received the voucher. It looks like a Woolworths voucher, so I might just try it at Woolworths now that I have already bought what I originally wanted from Masters.

  • Can someone please explain how these vouchers work? I received a PDF from Groupon today but the voucher numbers don't seem to be redeemable online. Any ideas?

    • Once you download the PDF from groupon it will be redeemed from groupon.

      Then groupon will activate a real masters voucher. I received another email 24 hours later from actual Woolworths egift cards
      With a real masters voucher code PDF

      • Can you use the original Groupon voucher to make a purchase? The item I want has a special that expires today so I'm stressing a bit.

        • nope, thats a voucher to claim a gift card from groupon
          theres a 10% at masters on monday if that helps

  • I contacted groupon 2 times, and on monday 4th got the voucher from everydaygiftcards. It took only 3 calendar weeks. From now on I'll neg every groupon deal. Also their support is hopeless, the do not answer the questions directly.

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