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NetGear D6300 AC1600 Dual Band Modem Router $69 @ Dick Smith (Limited Stock)



I recently bought online for $195 but yesterday I saw in store 1 on the shelf for $69. It's gone after that.
It's great deal ever just in case some of you into it. I hope there should be more somewhere or other store. Hope it helps

Btw, another great deal is Netgear dual band wifi range extender (wall plug edition) for only $29

Mod: Approx 105 in stock Aus wide as of last week (check with your local store).

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  • Nice price but no stock anyway but the 1 you saw..

    • Plenty of new and used ones on gumtree, as I beleive it is this model that Telstra were giving customers. Goes by the name Gateway Max (or extreme?) I think. Sub $50 is usual, and entirely negotiable in most cases too.

      • Telstra gateway max router? its not the same as this netgear AC1600 thing- its night and day.

        the telstra one is only 600mbs

        this one is 1600

        • Telstra Gateway Max Netgear C6300 AC1750. Maybe for cable, but also can be used as router.

        • @chyawala:

          can you point me to a link where it says you can use the c6300 as a router only?
          All the links i find say you can use it to bridge the c6300 as a modem only and use your own router but not the other way around.

          Plus the c6300 is not "sub $50" as you say on gumtree - they are $150+

        • You Don't have an internet speed of 600 mbps so it doesn't matter unless you are using the switch for file transfer between computers.

          In which case there is obviously a difference :D

          Great Price for this Modem Router, but damn is it ever ugly (imo)

        • @Tehcookiemonsta:
          I dont know about you but i noticed a significant difference upgrading from a 300mbs router to a 1200mbs one.
          these days a household can have 10 devices easy (each person has 1 phone 1 tablet 1pc.
          So your 300mbs is shared between 10 devices and not so great routers get bogged down EASY.

          Also there is the matter of distance - the newer/better routers have given the wifi range a good boost.

          I wouldnt mind upgrading now to even a 1750mbs router if what chyawala says about the netgear is possible but I dont think it is.

        • @voter1: I saw a bunch on there that could be had for $50, ie $70 negotiable, and even one for $30. Be sure to search for the Telstra modem name, not the Netgear model. Theres two versions, the Netgear and the Technicolor. Anyway just putting out there that its a cheap way to grab an AC router/modem.

        • @voter1:

          That's just wrong advice my friend. Each device connects at up to the max wireless speed. Otherwise the original 150Ns would have each of your clients being assigned 15mbps…

          Also, 300 would imply N and 1200 implies AC (likely 900ac + 300n). The differences you're noticing is likely to be because your device could handle AC and because of newer standards which benefits range and throughput such as 5ghz and beam forming. Finally, it's also about the hardware. There are rubbish N routers and very good ones, I had a rubbish tplink and an awesome Asus one… They were night and day.

        • Your confusion is because Telstra called a couple of very different routers "Gateway Max" and slapped their own firmware on each.

        • @voter1: I've got two CG6300 AC1900 cable routers, Telstra sent me two by mistake. But I'm using one as a wifi router only. The other as the cable gateway serving DHCP. Works ok. If that helps you..

        • @D3m3ntia:
          sorry i think its you that has the bandwith sharing wrong - yes if you have a 300mbs router and 10 devices - then they are all sharing the 300mbs "pool" - you dont have 300mbs x 10 even though each device may say its connected at the 300mbs speed (because the device doesnt know how many connections there are in the pool)

          Yes obviously if im connecting on the AC router with 900AC it cant be compared to a 300mbs simple router -but that is my point - if you have a larger pool to play with then there is more room for devices to work. Its also not just bandwith that is the issue - older routers had limited ram/nat tables which is what lead them to crashing after a while.

          I dont deny that there are good routers and bad ones - but you are making it sound like a good 300mbs router can beat a "bad" AC1200 one - that is what is impossible.

        • @jbray:

          ok thx jbray - so there is an option to select one of the lan ports as WAN instead of the cable? its just the devices doesnt have one of them labelled as such so it was hard to find an answer.

          and if i may ask - how has this router been for you? after looking for info i did find a lot of people complaining that its not great - hence they actually want to disable this router and use their own (while on telstra cable) which is not what i want here -
          I wouldnt mind trying this if it was good and I could actually find one for $100 or less.

          edit: also one more thing - do you know anything about firmware updates - i looked up that firmware updates are applied automatically if you have an active telstra cable account - which I wont have - so i assume any firmware fixes I wont be able to get if im using this strictly as a router only?

        • @voter1: In terms of accessing the internet its not going to matter if your 10 devices are going to be connected, i myself alone have 5 devices connected 2 laptops a pc and two phones.

          the 1200 mbps doesn't mean a thing if your not receiving 1 gbps in download speed :D

          However as i mentioned before it is obviously good if your file sharing within the LAN…

          The reason why you may of seen a difference is because of new technology incorporated , this may be increasing your signal and providing a stable internet connection, otherwise the myth of buying a higher end router for its speed does not apply to us , Australians :(

        • @Tehcookiemonsta:
          yes i understand that its not literal in terms of speed difference - eg. 1200mbs router is not 4x better than a 300mbs one - but d3m was making it sound like a 300mbs high end router could beat a 1200mbs crap one (which it cannot.)

          yes I mention in my post that its not only the speed thats important - upgraded ram and ability to handle high NAT tables and clear backlogs is important.

          And i can only speak from experience that my 300mbs router was not handling 10+ devices well. It was only when i got above 10 that it started having problems. and if you say 10+ devices is crazy - I dont really think it is - these days there are smart tv and wireless IP camera and many other items are are not personal devices - 5 family members with 3 device each and 1 house could easily have 15+ devices.
          Im not saying all 300mbs router would be like that. But the main point is that there is no need to "find" the best or most reliable 300mbs router when a newer 1200mbs router is guaranteed to be better no matter the brand. and if the cost is $50 then why not?

        • @voter1: I Don't Understand what the speed has to do with 10 devices?

        • @voter1: You can use the C6300 as a wireless access point, simply set the LAN IP to be on your normal subnet and then disable the DHCP on it. Anything that connects to the wifi on it will be given an IP from your normal internet gateway and traffic will go via the normal route.

        • @voter1: As Agret mentions, any Wifi router can be used as an an access point as long as it isn't the device serving DHCP. No WAN port required. So you get layer 2 connectivity to the router on wifi, and then once that's established an authenticated, your IP info comes from the other device serving DHCP, which tells the client where the gateway is etc. so it is acting like a layer 2 switch only.
          Both CG6300 routers have been great for me, had them for a few months. I get full 113Mbps over cable and does N or AC wifi at good speeds, and the other one that is doing wifi only as an extender works great too. I've noticed I've lost my wifi printer keep alive now since changing to these routers, but that may be my printer, it's quite old. Had to put the printer on a EoP AV500 device. Not sure about firmware, the one connected to cable got an update automatically to the new Telstra firmware with Air and Fon networks, the other has not, but still fine. They are very stable it seems, don't think I've ever power cycled or needed to do anything. Pretty good range also. But I'm only using in my house at each end. Got them both on 50% transmit power so I get devices switching points themselves.

  • Was going to try my luck at our local DS store, but some reviews aren't that encouraging..


  • Hows there wifi range extender ??

  • Unfortunately Netgear consumer products, particularly their routers/switches have a bad reputation for dying after a couple of years. I have had two items go this way. It is likely they only use cheap capacitors.

    I assume this is why the ASUS modem/routers are more expensive. Better firmware and just seem to keep going.

    • Same goes with Belkin, their stuff never lasts.

      • Nah Belkin is different. Most of the time it doesn't work properly to start with.

        Belkin routers seem to have flaky flash in them.

        Having said that I am still using the Belkin WeMo switch. At the time there was nothing else remotely close in price. It still has its bad days.

        • Sounds like my tp link I can not connect to the 5ghz network when its locked with a password!

        • Well i have a netgear R700 , Got extra warranty with dick smith as when it does get into extended warranty time (if it makes it) i will be calling them and letting them know that my product is not working.

          Person on the phone will say no problem here is your giftcard, me = Keep router & get a store credit refund = Priceless. , Well actually i had to pay for the extended warranty but meh…

      • My Belkin 900db works very well, and 802.11N range is superb, but the AC range is very bad.

      • Yes I had a Belkin just die last week, worked for 3 years then just died one day. Was not that good either.

        Luckily it was a $25 delivered OzBargain special.

    • I've used a wide range of brands, I never get 2 years out of them.

      • yes I think all routers die after a while because for some reason they dont engineer them for 24/7 use which is what everybody does these days?

        hopefully the new/next generation of routers are better thought out this way.

        • I'm still using a Netcomm router I got included in my plan when I first signed up for broadband internet eight years ago! But I only ever have it on when I need the internet (ie. between 7pm-12pm weekdays and 8am-12am weekends)

        • @S7iCkSt3R:

          yep kinda proves my point - almost everybody i know who has router on 24/7 especially with constant heavy traffic - basically all routers die after 2 years or so with this kind of use.

        • +2 votes

          My Billion still works, but I dont leave it on 24/7.
          I am an ozbargainer and dont leave it on 24/7 to conserve electricity :).

        • @mmd: My billion is the same. The 6404VGP has been going strong for the last few years and hasn't skipped a beat. I have had it on 24/7 but it hasn't seen a crazy amount of high-bandwidth throughput.

      • I can vote for my ASUS ac56u - https://www.asus.com/au/Networking/RTAC56U/

        It's been running for about a year now, and I've restarted it twice, both times I'm not convinced it wasn't TPG's fault or the tp-link adsl2 modem it's getting internet from.

        I get 9MB/sec (bytes, not bits) over 2.4ghz 11n and good speeds over ac wifi too. A bit more up front, but well worth it for the extra reliability. It gets a lotta traffic too with online gaming, and serving content from my 4TB Synology NAS.

      • I have been using my Fritzbox 7390 for almost 3 years, still going strong. It's always on 24x7.

    • I bought the R6300 router (without a built-in modem) when it first came out (in late 2012 I think) and have used it ever since. Not sure if this D6300 is the same build quality.

      That said, I have had a Netgear switch fail not long after purchase (though it was an Ozbargain special for $15).

  • My last expensive netgear does not works well, freeze everyday.

  • model number of the wifi extender?

  • Should be moved to this forum due to insufficient quantity:

  • where was this advertised?

  • Started using TP-Link and never looked back.

    The Archer D7 is pretty solid for what I've paid. Not the best range compared against some top end models, but very stable performance.

    • +1 with TP-Link

      Very solid

      • +2 with TP-Link
        Hopefully will last long

        • +3 and on my 2nd TP-link

        • After 5 years my NetComm router died. During the following period I went through 2 Netgears, 1 D-link.

          While I was waiting for the Netgear router to be fixed (horrible process by the way), I bought a temporary TP-Link router. It's still rocking 3 years later.

          When the Netgear router finally came back, I set it up for my girlfriend. It died the next day.

          Netgear and D-link? Never again.

    • Good Archer D7 is working well for you. I am a TP-Link user from 5 years, last December I changed to Archer D7, it just drops out for no reason. Been on the phone to TP-Link few times, but they couldn't resolve it. They said its ISP problem, though I mentioned I have been using TP-Link modem router older version. I stopped using it and gave it to a friend who had no problems using it from past 10 months.

      Last week he gave it back to me since he moved house to a different area and started having same issues as me. Since then I upgraded the firmware and disabled the 5Ghz band now its stable. So I paid 160+ for a dual band modem router and is using it as a single band modem router :-)

  • Like most other comments, these routers only last a couple of years. I have a D6300 Netgear..only 2yr old and the 5Ghz band stopped working…plus it freezes up quite often and i am sure i am not getting Gigabit speeds from it. Pretty crapola really so don't wast your money ..!!!!

  • Netgear routers seem to be using outdated or poor internals in spite of its nice specs.

  • I have one, currently hidden inside a computer desk drawer collecting dust. Shoddy stability. My current modem TP Link D7 is so much better despite no Wifi AC.

  • The gateway max is the same in sheeps clothing. I got one last week and it went back in the box an hour later as it won't connect my devices with media servers. (Serviio) (PS3 media server).

  • Have not used Netgear products for years. Used to have very bad impression with their products from ADSL router to wifi adapters. Unstable signals and buggy software.

  • I see what's going on here about the performance. And thanks all for your feedback. It helps others to decide whether buy it or not.

    However for additional information, my brother bought one yesterday at David Jones Southland) after i mentioned to him. He wasn't sure if it was the last one. So ring up to check for stock if you intend to get 1. Cheers.

  • (No OpenWRT support)

  • Saw the Belkin N600 DB Wireless Dual-Band N+ Modem Router for $39 or $49. Specs can be found here http://www.belkin.com/au/F9J1102/p/P-F9J1102/

  • 'NBN ready'….I should be so damn lucky!

  • I have the Telstra Gateway Max C6300BD. What ruins it is the firmware. All sorts of issues disappeared on a complete reset. It seems it didn't like the old config and new firmware. (Telstra auto-updates their firmware and you can't turn it off). The one thing not working is DHCP reservations. I have an old Linksys WRT54GL acting as my DHCP server for that reason. Others have decided to turn off NAT and use it in bridge mode. There are whole threads no the Telstra Crowdsupport forum. It's a real pity. Now that I gave up on DHCP it's actually quite nice. Good speeds and stable.

  • I got a R6300 for $49 on the dse sales

  • Just picked up one myself from David Jones. Dick smith was out of stock in most SEQ.
    Netgear don't always make the greatest modem/router software (I should know, I had to sign an NDA to get firmware to fix mine) or hardware. But they normally work ok.
    This is a Broadcom based modem so would be suited to people with long telephone lines.

    Great value. Regular price >$200.


    Anecdotal testimonial - Belkin N Wireless Modem Router FD58633: 7+ years old. Mid-high work load/torrents/home office. Still going. Bought a $19 Belkin N300 as a cheap back up at DS Chermside (last one) yesterday. Not really a bargain just a convenient pick up. Wayne Swann's electorate = no NBN until after Sept 2018. World's greatest something…

    • Yea. That's when we (aust) be ready to build NBN mkii. And build mkiii when ii is done. The legacy rolls. Just like m4/5, never ending night/weekend since they were built.

  • Out of stock in Rhodes and Top Ryde, still one or two left in Macquarie centre David Jones

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