This was posted 5 years 1 month 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Save up to 10x on Bank Rates - FX/International Transfers 0.4% Wholesale Rate with below Code


Go to - click JOIN NOW and fill out online application to open your free account. (You may need to send ID for verification purposes)

VERY IMPORTANT INFO - To access the 0.4% WHOLESALE RATE (of the mid-market rate) for all major currency transfers, ON THE LAST PAGE of the application where it says "How did you hear about us?" select "Referral Code" and enter in the box below: PKT964

Once your account is approved - Please note it will take up to 24 HOURS for your account to be manually set up on the preferred 0.4% wholesale rate.

Banks charge anywhere between 2-6% (of the mid-market rate) on transfers, unless you are an individual or a corporation and transfer $100,000s per month you will not get a rate better than 0.4%.

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  • Thank you

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      Thanks for your question, I'm just a referral partner, your account is with Hifx and they will require verification as part of opening account process - they obviously have AFSL (Australian Financial Services (AFS) license here in Australia. They are part of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT).
      see about for more info -

  • Also have a look at Ozforex, Transferwise or worldremit.

  • Have you used them?

    Is there a minimum amount, eg AUD 250 OK?
    What fee do they add on for this amount?

  • I've used currencyfair in the past.. really like using the platform but it seems like if I went for the mid-market rate then hifx is a better deal… will gravitate to something that will save me $$ (while still not causing headaches) at the end of the day.

  • Citibank plus account offers flat fee (?25usd I think) transfers at close to interbank rate, so that may be a better option for some.


    Hi all
    I can only post once a day so here goes:

    To access the preferred 0.4% margin (on the mid market rate) you must enter the code under "referral code" on the last page of the online application. All accounts tagged with that code will be set up automatically on the 0.4% for major currency transfers e.g AUD, EUR, GBP, USD, JPY ect… This rate will not change regardless of your transfer size. If transferring less than $3000 you will pay $9 on top

    If you are interested the mid market rate you can always check here for free:

    OZforex- good company but will def charge more than 0.4% on the mid market rate + a set fee unless you do big volumes likes $100,000 per month
    Worldremit - ditto
    Transferwise - excellent company in my opinion, they charge 0.7% on all AUD transfers, which is still more
    Citibank PLUS - a friend back in August transferred $40k AUD to USD, the mid market was at .7079 he got a quote from citi at .6969 and from hifx using this refferal code .7058. To put it in plain language to transfer $40,000 cost him about $80 instead of $260 Citi would have charged plus the flat fee of $25.

    • Hey Tao
      I signed up yesterday and got activated today.
      Im sure I entered the code in the referral code section - but Im certainly not getting anywhere close to 0.4% off the mid market rate.
      Mid market rate checked against XE rates for USD as an example - and the rate quoted is nowhere near.
      How can I determine if my account was correctly tagged with that code?



    HI ALL


    Cheapfab your account has now been set on 0.4% please check.

    • Thanks mate
      I have just received the email specifying my pricing is set to 0.4% off mid-market - just logged in and checked a few currencies and all look to be calculated correctly.
      Fantastic rates now - will definitely be using your services