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Intel NUC NUC5i5RYK 5th Gen i5-5250U $378 AUD ($271 USD) Posted @ Amazon ($500+ @ StaticIce)


Great price on a 5th Gen i5 NUC

Selling $507+ plus deliveryon staticice for same model

Thanks to Manusdei, NUC comes with a 65W 19V Universal AC-DC Adapter (110/220V) and Multi-country Plugs (IEC types A/C/G/I) , so your good to go.

  • 5th Generation Intel Core i5-5250U Processor (3M Cache, up to 2.70 GHz)
  • Dual-Channel DDR3L 1600/1333 (1.35V), 16 GB Max Supported (Sold Separately)
  • Intel HD Graphics 6000
  • Storage: Internal Support for M.2 SSD card (22x42, 22x60, or 22x80)
  • Networking: Intel 10/100/1000 Mbps Network Connection
  • 1 X Mini High Definition Multimedia Interface (Mini HDMI) back panel connector, 1 X One Mini DisplayPort back panel connector
  • Intel Wireless-AC 7265
  • Bluetooth. Infrared sensor
  • 4 X USB3 ports ( 2 Front and 2 Back)
  • 19V, 65 W wall mount AC-DC Power Adapter
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  • good price!

    what's the deal with the power supply though, do we need more than something like this:


  • Good price. I think they dropping the prices before Intel 'skull Canyon' launches.

  • So its missing HDD, Ram and OS right?

  • Would this suitable as a microserver for nas purposes like a hp gen 8?

    • No internal storage, no expansion, so basically no it wouldnt be suitable. However it probably is faster on the CPU side, but any storage will be slower/smaller.

      • Depending on the OS you could iscsi via a NAS if you have one??
        I think you can run VMware on these?? at least windows 10 with hyperV….

  • Windows XP Professional?

  • Signed up just to copy paste this answer:

    Hello, thank you for your question.
    It will come with the following power accessories:
    65W 19V Universal AC-DC Adapter (110/220V)
    Multi-country Plugs (IEC types A/C/G/I)
    Thank you.
    Best Regards, MITXPC. see less
    By MITXPC on April 14, 2015

    Most of the newer versions come with a wall-wart type power pack, that has multiple interchangeable plus, including the correct ones for Australia.

  • Out of curiosity, what would you guys use one of these for?
    Can it be used as a home pc, or more like a server or HTPC?

    • HTPC.

      I use the first generation i3 as an exsi host with 16Gig of RAM. esxi 5.1 to be precised. Works well.

    • I use it as a home PC. We don't use it for gaming so can't comment there but I use it for 3d modeling and it goes just fine.

      We also take it (with wireless keyboard and mouse) with us on holidays; plug it into the hdmi on the telly wherever we are staying and you have the same home PC experience away from home - and more compact to carry than a laptop.

    • I use my i5 5250U as an HTPC (running Kodi) and for Steam (either streaming or playing locally depending on the game). Couple with a Logitech Harmony remote it's great. I also have two 5TB external HDDs connected for storage.

  • Brilliant machine. Got one thru Kogan. Got AU wall plug. Highly recommended!

  • The same thing (I think) with added support for a 2.5" drive is also on sale for $295 USD (+ shipping):

    • Yep, same model with support for an internal 2.5" HDD, worth noting though that this is currently out of stock, ETA 19th Dec.

  • Please be aware that intel has already released the skylake NUC, which is more powerful, and has a buildin SD card reader!
    I'd like to wait for the 6th NUC.

  • Not point buying an NUC now which only does 4K @ 30fps. Might as well just buy the Nvidia Sheild TV instead or wait for Skylake with HDMI 2.0.

    • Skylake NUC is still going to have HDMI 1.4b from all the specs I've seen.

    • It will do 4k60p via Displayport I believe, but the problem is finding a monitor/TV with Displayport input.

      HDMI is proving to be less interested in flexible functionality for the consumer and more about money grubbing protectionism: the sooner it gets ousted for Displayport the better.

      • I don't think broadwell does HEVC at 60fps anyway.

        DP is definitely ahead in terms of development but the adoption rate on TV is just pathetic.

  • Thanks OP must be lowest price ever for the RYK.
    Was so close to buying it for US$290 last night.

  • It should also be noted that it is NOT the one which allows an SSD drive as well as the M.2 SSD.

    That is the NUC5i5RYH. I almost got one until I checked the picture and stats again.

    It is also on a similar large % off sale at Amazon:

    List Price: US$584.51
    Price: US$294.99
    You Save: US$289.52

  • Great little devices these.

    A word of warning if you were planning on installing windows 7, all the USB ports are 3.0. As windows 7 doesn't have the neccessary drivers, you will need to create your own install image and manually inject the drivers.

  • Did I miss this special,, site shows US$289.99 and 11.33 shipping??? That's over AU$400… deal might be gone!

  • Look like the price on the RYK version has gone back up to $289.99 USD, but the RYH (2.5" HDD support) version is still at $294.99 USD, which seems to be the all time low for this version.