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10% off Big W eGift Cards @ Groupon


Wow !! Didn't think Groupon would ever offer this nice discount on gift cards. Best we've ever seen was 7.5%.

According to the comments towards the end , you can stack this with the 10% off $100 Big W Offer to use at any Woolworths Group Store. You should get the Groupon eGift card emailed before expiry of the deal

Feel free to use my referral link to buy the deal…


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  • Good at Big W only.

    • I converted my ones from last time to the physical $500 wish gift card ones. Did this at Melbourne Qv Big W.

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        I asked this very question of a friend today in management at BigW, and she said no they will not let you use a gift card to purchase another gift card!

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          Did you then reevaluate your friendship? :P

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          Couldn't do this in WA - Belmont or Riverton

        • Go through self check out which will require a staff to authorise but hopefully they will not know any better

      • See other comments, some allow it, others don't, so you're taking a chance.

    • I used mine at a caltex yesterday. No issues. No need to convert to a wish gift card

      • Was it a store card bought from a recent deal?

      • This works at woolworths caltex, just used mine.

        EDIT, sorry thought this was for the physical gift card, dont think the egift card will work.

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      better off with the 10% woolworths gift cards from scoopon , can spend it anywhere

      • Limited to $200 per account though.

      • create multiple accounts, get as many as you want

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    What do you mean by "stack"? If you mean you can go into Big W and then buy a gift card for an added 10% I think you are walking on thin ice

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      That's basically what stacking is.. You get a discounted eGift card, and use it to pay for a discounted (again) gift card.

      Buy eGift card $90 ($100 value)
      Buy gift card $90 with eGift card ($100 value on new gift card, $10 remaining on original gift card)

      So you have $110 value which you only paid $90 for originally.

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    by the time wait up till groupon to sent us the voucher. bigw already end theirs promo. however, a big discount from groupon here

    but clearly scoopon wish card deal is better

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    Yeah, my egiftcard purchased on 6/12 still not arriving yet. Groupon said that there is delay due to fraud checking etc. Definitely you will miss this weekend 10% family n friends and also 10% Big W gc promotion ends 24/12.

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      Hopefully it's in time.

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    Thanks op. Just purchased $200 gift card and received the voucher within 5 mins as transaction completed. Off to big w tmr for another 10% stacked. Cheers.

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      hold your horses.. voucher is not the eGiftcard

      • Oh, thanks for reminding me. Almost head off to big w tmr.

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    Can you use this to buy petrol at caltex ?

    • From here:

      BIG W Store eGift Cards can only be redeemed at all BIG W stores or online at online photo processing) and excluding at standalone photo kiosks, DVD vending machines and mobile EFTPOS terminals.

      Seems they are different from the usual cards that can be used at any Woolies/Caltex/Big W Store.

      • Tried to convert the Wish gift card at Brisbabe City big W, was told it is not allowed, since the wish card don't have value in them, you have to go to a cashier operated register, she checked with the manager and told me no. I guess you can convert to Myer or other gift card since the card already have a value will be activated when you scan at self check out. Might convert some to Myer one to use on boxing day.

        • Ok can you convert it into a coles card then ?

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          @rambokid: not sure if srs

        • @rambokid: they don't sell Coles gift card at Big W, not sure if you can convert Myer gift card at Myer to Coles Myer gift card then you can use at Coles…..

    • I used mine at a Woolworths Caltex today, will be getting more.

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    ONLY you are really really really Lucky if the person/cashiers that serve you, do not know gift card cannot buy gift card, otherwise, you have nothing/no chance & you will stuck with BIGW gift card.

    What happened if BIGW get taken over, will woollies & Caltex pos system stop/block BIGW card?

    • I suspect they will honor it similar to what happened when Coles and Myer split up. Even now we can still get the combined group gift cards as well as separate.

  • The Fine Print

    • The BIG W Store eGift Card is redeemable at BIG W Stores and and BIG W online only

  • Tried this with an eGift card at Big W the other day, cashier wouldn't let me buy a Big W gift card with my eGift card…

    • mind tell us which store so we don't go there?

      • A lot fewer stores/associates will do it now if everyone is doing their job. Word came down from head office recently that it's not to be done.

      • Sure man it was Big W Campsie

    • It reminds me of when I bought a laptop many years ago. I had bought $1,500 Coles gift cards at a 5% discount, then I had waltzed in to Coles in order to convert them to Myer Gift cards…there the checkout lady had proudly proclaimed "You can't pay for gift cards with other gift cards!".
      My heart sank at the thought of being stuck with $1,500 in Coles gift cards. Luckily her manager overruled her decision and I walked out with Myer cards. However that experience has made me reluctant to delve in to gift card trading ever again.

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        It depends on who you get. It sometimes works, sometimes it does not. I was once asked to provide ID even though I used my own CC to ake the payment.

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          Yeah I was also asked "Why are you doing this?" I guess you could be trying to launder money

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          @WaywardOne: Same. Fraud and money laundering.

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          @WaywardOne: I don't think criminals launder money through giftcards.. the idea of laundering money is to legitimise drug/stolen money by creating a shop front and making an x amount of ghost sales… you then pay corp tax on this money.

    • Damn that sucks mate. Thanks for sharing your cautionary tale.

  • Hi, I just would like to share that you can get cashback with this offer too. As I've just received an email confirming it as following:
    "This is a tracking receipt for your recent purchase through Cashrewards.
    Retailer: Groupon
    Date of Sale: 19/12/2015
    Sale Value: AUD 180.00
    Expected Cashback: AUD 9.00"


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      According to the cashback website..

      Special Terms


      Cashback is currently not payable on any Woolworths Group Gift Cards purchased through Groupon.

    • I had confirmation email from CashBack for last gift card deal but ended up being cancelled.

      It does not hurt to try though so good luck, hope you get it.

    • It tracked. Doesnt mean you will actually get the money.

    • My experience are gift cards tracked but the Cashback is cleared at purchase. You won't get additional back but it will displayed as a clear transaction in My Rewards

      • So you don't get your cash back in the end?

        • Sorry I should have been clearer. Mine were cards purchased directly through Cashback

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    how is buying a gift card with an e gift card any different than buying it with a normal one?
    Neither are officially 'allowed', but sometimes people get away with it.
    So why go to the effort of buying this from scoopon, when you could just as easily walk into Big W, buy one of the 10% off gift cards, then walk back around and try and by another with the one you just bought.

    Both would be equally as likely to get allowed

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      In short giftcardception at bigw store.

    • The former transfer would a fair conversion in that no one converts to Virtual (that non tech-heads may struggle coping with in ways). Ruled at a technical level, versus unlikely plausible deniabilityception.

    • When you use a normal gift card, they don't know you're actually using one until after you have paid for it. You just take it out and swipe it like any other card. For an e-gift card you have to specially ask them that you want to pay via e-gift card so you can input the numbers in. In which case they'll just say no, not allowed.

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    In today's paper you can get 10% off big w gift cards when u spend $100 or more no Groupon required

    • Yes we know that. Read OP & you will notice I mentioned that

  • I do love these stacking deals. I had a $500 eGift card from the last 7.5% discount for $462.50 - and then yesterday went to "trade" it into a physical store card, so ended up with $555 value for that same $462.50

    • So you got $500 on one card and then $55 on another card after trade in?

      • Tried at different BigW stores to convert egift card to physical card, their staff have already been told, customer are not allowed to convert BigW egift card to physical BigW card/Wish gift card, but can be convert to The good guys/Myer/other retails outlets card….. I give up converting to BigW pyshical card now….

  • what is Woolworths and Big W doing to us! by the time the new year comes i'm gonna have like $5,000 in gift cards -_- lol

    to all the people saying you can't convert gift cards to gift cards, it all comes down to your level of dedication. I've done a bit of giftception recently and while i've had a few nos, i've also had enough yeses to make my inner (and outer) cheapskate jump for joy.

    I will say though, that our days of gift card conversions WITHIN the woolworths group are numbered

    • What have you managed to achieve so far? What tells you the days are numbered?

      • +3

        Until they change their sales system, I don't think there's any issue in using gift cards to buy non-WW group gift cards (eg Myer, Ticketmaster etc). You can do that at self-check out without human interaction.

        But the days of using gift cards to buy WW group gift cards, or manually loaded cards (eg Dick Smith where you choose the value) are coming to an end. As I think a few people have now mentioned, Head Office has been contacting all the Big Ws and telling them that they are not to allow it and they were "getting in trouble"so I've been told by Big W staff.

        I converted the Groupon Big W e-gcard to physical cards (with added value) with no problem. I then did a series of conversions to increase the value of the physical big w cards to physical big w cards. It was a mix of success and rejections, with staff giving me the "can't use gift cards to buy gift cards" line. But today I went back to one of the stores that initially did it, and that's when i was told head office was cracking down and you can't use gift cards to buy gift cards and they wouldn't budge on it. I gave up on that and went in the same store and used my big w gift cards to buy 3rd party giftcards at self check out.

        As for my success rate recently, I converted $1250 cashrewards WW e-gift card into $2500 in Adrenalin gift cards (BOGOF). Major Win. This week I converted the $500 of the 7.5% Big W groupon cards, so $462.50, into $900 in total of various gift cards.Both missions took an evening each, but it was definitely worth it. Better than a day's work pay that's for sure.

        I bought a crapload of the scoopon egiftcards so i'll be doing my damnedest to convert them to Big W cards next Wednesday. But despite my happy success with the conversions unless they ease off with the gift card restriction next year (unlikely) I wont be bulk buying WW GC on the basis that I can convert them to other WW group gift cards. (External 3rd party gift cards however are still easily douable)

        • A friend once describe this like sleeping with a fat chick, it's all fun until your friends find out.

          Ie: the system changes and ur stuck with thousands of dollars of big w gift cards, that can't be converted in any form.

          The fact they have changed the system so these gift cards can't be used at other places, shows technically the IT department are getting more clever, so u risk one day being caught with ur pants down.

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    So how long after placing an order with Groupon will we have a useable egiftcard?

    • Current evidence from other deals would suggest at least 5 business days. So given the time of year, I'd say you 'may' (if you're lucky) get your gift card from groupon early Jan. Oh, and good luck getting a response (useful or otherwise) from a CSR over the holiday period.

  • +4

    Clearly this giftcardception is a risky past time for only the bravest ozbargainers willing to part with a decent sum of money with the risk of being stuck with one lousy card…

    I for one ask the mods to create a 'giftcardception' competition as the sun sets on these types of hacks! Pics and proof of purchase receipts to decide the ultimate warrior!

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    You are not allowed to purchase gift cards at big w with existing giftcards! Something to do with fraudulent transactions. I work there

    • "not allowed", it doesn't mean you can't!

      • Let me rephrase…staff are not allowed to authorise a transaction where a giftcard has been purchased with a giftcard. Whether you go through self service or register, staff still have to activate the card and will not do so unless you've purchased the card with cash or bank card. Sure, you might slip through the odd person, but everyone has been made aware that these sorts of transactions are not to be authorised. :) hope that clears it up.

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          So say a customer walks up to you at the counter and requests to purchase a $100 Big W gift card. The customer pays you $90 cash for the transaction. Customer goes in store and comes back with $100 of JB HiFi gift cards and hands you the $100 Big W gift card you had just sold him. According to what you have said this second transaction is not permitted because it is fraud? How? Why?

          The reality is that most Big W staff have never read the T&Cs that relate to these gift cards. Some simply hide behind BS excuses like fraud and money laundering not to honour a legitimate transaction.

          For those that have never read the fine print before, there are are only 2 types of gift cards that don't allow you to purchase a gift card with a gift card. They are the Essentials Gift Card and the Groceries Only gift cards. The other types of gift cards listed have no such exclusion clause when it comes to purchasing a gift card with another gift card.

        • @unity1:

          My apologies…I'm referring to the wish gift cards/any gift card used within Woolworths companies.

          As for the T&Cs, you might want to re-read them here:…

          3.3 When purchasing Physical Gift Cards at any WISH Gift Card Participating Store, payment can be made via cash, EFTPOS or credit card.

          So no, it's not hiding behind BS excuses, it's just following the T&Cs. Seems like big w staff aren't the only ones not reading them.

          Also, to be clear, I'm not defending the company, rather pointing out information.

        • @snappytom1:
          Hi there,
          Just wondering if that is possible to convert Egiftcard to a physical Big W giftcard, so that it can be spent somewhere else like woolworth etc.

        • @snappytom1: Thanks for clarifying you were talking about the Wish Card specifically and not gift cards in general.

          The example I quoted above is allowable, but there are still staff that will not allow you to purchase any sort of gift card ( eg jb hifi) with a Wish Card.

        • +5

          @snappytom1: it's not the policy that people would have a problem with, it's the use of the word "fraudulent" that is offensive to customers. I understand that you're just relaying the message from management but the terminology you later used is correct, ie, staff have "been made aware that these sorts of transactions are not to be authorised". It's WW's program and they can effectively chop and change as they like, with notice and provided it's within the legislative framework.

          As for the T&C's, you've quoted 3.3, but 3.3 uses the term "can" - it's not exclusive. The argument would be better placed finding a prohibition in the T&C's.

          6.1 "Your WISH Gift Card can be redeemed for goods and services from WISH Gift Card Participating Stores". "Goods and services" aren't defined, so there'd be arguments either way as to the appropriate limits.

          6.4 "WISH Gift Cards cannot be used at stand alone photo kiosks, DVD vending machines and mobile EFTPOS terminals."

          6.5 "WISH Gift Cards cannot be refunded or used to obtain cash. You cannot use your WISH Gift Card to make a credit card payment, to load a Woolworths Everyday Money Prepaid MasterCard®, Woolworths Everyday Money Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard or other transaction account deposits."

          So the drafter of the T&C's has included exclusionary clauses but not added an exclusion for the purchasing of gift cards. There are good reasons why that may be a deliberate omission.

          Either way, a person with legal training would not suggest that attempting to use a legitimate gift card to purchase another legitimate gift card would be "fraudulent". It would either be compliant or not compliant with the rules governing the program. Remedies would be financial.

          These are commercial issues, not criminal. That's the issue that would rub law abiding consumers the wrong way.

        • @maverick:

          I agree with what youre saying.

          I've heard of people stealing giftcards and figuring out a way to load them with "fake money"…only to buy up shitloads of iPads and the like. How this works, I don't know! There's also the issue of stolen credit cards.

          From a business view, it makes sense to use measures that would reduce this kind of activity. After all, a business is being run, not a charity.

          In this instance, I don't believe that big w are assuming that all giftcard purchases with a giftcard is fraudulent, it's more trying to prevent the crooks that do.

          Clearly as I'm on ozbargain, I do appreciate trying to save as much $$ as I can. :)

        • @unity1:

          There will always be those people in the world that follow the book to the letter I suppose!

        • @Stalmoker:

          I'm not actually sure on this matter! Sorry :(

    • -3

      The only thing that's fraudulent is Big W's prices…..

      • Simple. Don't shop there, vote with your wallet.

        • I don't. Unless I can can stack the living crap out of it, hehehe

  • +1

    by the time u receive the voucher from groupon 10% off gift card from big w would have expired
    whats the point of gettiing this if the staff at big w will allow you to use gift card to purchase another gift card.

    just get the big w gift card now to buy another big w gift card.. an infinite loop haha

  • Can this gift card use at woolworths in store?

    • -2

      Yes. Physical bigw gift car you buy from bigw, 10% off.

    • No! This digital one only works in Big w

    • I tried, it doesn't allow. I notice the normal gift cards have a different numbering system to these big w gift cards.

  • Just converted the big w eGift card to Myer gift card and Big W self check out :)

    • I've done this many times in the recent future! No troubles at any stores!

    • Myer gift cards come with a preset value ($50 or $100), so you don't need authorisation

  • During the week I have converted from egift card to $2k Physical cards.
    Today I converted $6,100 physical cards in one go. The checkout person asked me if I bought the egift card from groupon and I said yes.

    • Was that $6100 egift cards to physical cards? That would have taken a while.

      • Yes it was egift cards to physical cards. It took a while, I thank and apologize for taking so long to the checkout person. At that time there were 6 checkout registers available. I would not have done it in one hit if there were less registers available. If I convert $1k at the time I will have to visit Big W so often.

        • Well done. I hope others get their egift cards converted to physical gift cards before they totally crack down on this.

        • @unity1: what's the point in converting to physical gift card?

        • @dmac:
          You buy on groupon $100 value For $90 then you go to big w and use that $100 egift to purchase a $100 plastic bigw card which can be used at bigw ,woolies etc but it only cost $90 from the $100 egift you bought online.So really you spent $90 but end up with $110 in value. So on $1000 you get $200 free.

        • @paulaus: I'm not sure if I'm slow but I don't understand the step from $100 value to $110. Paying $90 for $100 egift and converting to physical will still be $100?

        • Why does it take so long? I assume you needed the assistant to manually approve a dozen woolworths gift cards?

        • @unity1: Then you can use them across the entire Woolworths group.

        • +1

          Bigw have a deal at the moment buy $100 on a bigw gift card for $90 so you will have $10 left on the egift you got from groupon.

        • Which store did you go to? I tried few different ones, the staff have been told not to let customer convert to physical BigW card.

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