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Samsung 60" JU6400 UHD LED TV $1866 ($1756 after 5% Cashback) Click & Collect @ Bing Lee eBay


Product Code (s): UA60JU6400WXXY
Screen Size (cm): 152.4
Resolution: 3840x2160
Screen Definition: UHD
Energy Rating: 5 Stars
Energy Consumption: 389.0 kWh/year
Refresh Rate (Hz): 100
Smart TV: Yes

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  • Does anyone know the equivalent version in the United States for reviews? On Rtings it gives it some really bad scores, but the stand is different so I'm not sure if it's the same one.

    • Is this not the right model too? https://www.avforums.com/review/samsung-ue55ju6400-uhd-revie...

      Its entry level UHD. At this size screen (50 and up) I tend to look for 200hz, no idea if I need too though.

      • there is almost no different between 100hz and 200hz by using human eyes

        • Is there a difference between 50 and 100? Because if its not the hz then something is different because I have found I only like the picture on min 100hz sub 50". And the same is true re larger screens, but it changes to 200 for me (note: Im looking at UHD, ??maybe FHD is fine at 100??). Im looking at a 55" Samsung for the lounge now (about $3000), and all Ive found that I enjoy the picture from is 200hz. There might be other price point factors effecting the image quality though.

          Its mostly sport and other complex images and movement. Slow moving I cant tell a difference really. But when pushed by content the 200s show themselves to be better… IMO. And once a flaw shows itself even if rare, its all I see.

          Still cant decide if I care about curved for same TV, but about $3400

        • @Tuba:
          there is a significant different between 50hz and 100hz by using human eyes.
          Even for a large 4k screen, 100Hz is more than enough, 200Hz is just something for marketing. Image quality for both 100hz and 200hz are almost the same.(My opinion)
          If your budget is $3400, you should consider OLED TV
          for example: LG 55EG960T $3996 at JB.

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      The USA equivalent to JU6400 is the JU6500:

      Similarly, the USA equivalent to the Curved JU6600 is the JU6700 (there doesn't seem to be an Australian equivalent to the USA "JU6400").

  • Interesting no 3d, well and truly dead and buried now?

  • 65" under $2k pls