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15% off eBay Click and Collect at Selected Retailers


Almost like clockwork now 15% off for click and collect on ebay

Selected retailers

Full details here

5% cashback at Cashrewards

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eBay Australia

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      dont worry, its 15% off an even bigger price

    • Time to buy a chainsaw.. Now the hard part is to pick between electric or petrol.

      • aldi bro

        • +1

          Aldi sell chainsaw's :) would come in handy to carve the turkey at christmas.. thats in isle 2

      • battery

      • +1

        To help with the fight for bargains in the Boxing Day sales?

  • Hands offset on keyboard…

  • Here we go again

  • +10

    QUICK before prices go up by 15% or more!

  • OP's quick on posting I reckon cos someone might beat him on it :)

    • Sorry on phone…fixed!

      • You need to save some key "OzBargain" words to your dictionary.

  • +5

    Not many stores part of this offer

    • +33

      I like how the front page on eBay mentions 5 participating stores and then has "Plus Many More". There's only two others.

      • -8

        1 = many LOL you can't argue it is wrong

    • Not many stores part of this "offer"

  • Nothing for me here.

  • +4

    7 stores only?
    thats such a sad amount

  • +4

    Any bargains?

    Sorry. bargains?

  • +12

    I've just quickly scanned through Dick's eBay site and all the stuff listed there with this 15% deal are some rubbish remnants. Nice try, Dick. Never again!

    • +16

      the DSE staff probably bought it first :P

  • +26

    oh maaaann!!!!…. Now I have to do all that calcs… 7.5% off on gift card and then use the 10% off at masters against 15% off at ebay with 2.5% (potentially 3%, if TA jumps in)

    Ozbargainer's life not easy, I tell you!!!

    • +3

      Feel ur pain

    • +1

      Just as I thought, TA has increased the cashback, but only to make the calcs even more complex with a 3.3% cashback on ebay across for a week… Lol..

  • +9

    hahahaha dse had chromecast for 39 .. you click on it its 49 and the listing has been taken down "due to an error to the listing" .. ya ok

    • +30

      Yep, time to well and truly add DSE to my "no buy list" along with Kogan.

      Would rather give my money to a reputable retailer even if its a few $$ more expensive.

  • Dyson V6 from Bing Lee @ $407.15? Too bad that they don't have store in SA.


    • this is not a deal, as it was on sale for $307 at TGG couple of months ago

      • I know…but my vacuum was not working on the weekend…I think that's the best I can get at the moment…

        • -1

          Buy a Kirby off Gumtree. It will never die

        • +4

          Interesting people say this. My sister got conned by a slick friend of friend into buying a very expensive Kirby.
          Before warranty ran out the motor broke, and Kirby would not cover, saying she didn't maintain it according to instructions.
          I believe that was approx $3000 down the drain.
          Not invincible and overpriced.

        • +4


          It will never die

          then why sell it second-hand? Is there an alternative to vacuuming?

        • -1

          Maybe the newer ones aren't as reliable? Or, The only issue I've had in 20 years is the on/off switch,3 screws $1.50 part..and they tell you it's the motor. Do a side by side test with any current Dyson, or ask any professional..The design is just a lot better,but NEVER buy a new one. The negative, it's a heavy solid unit…consider it saving u going to the gym

        • +1

          @AlexF: Too heavy for some..who then pay to use weights at a gym. Pick them up at 1/10th new price this way. Avoid a Kirby Salesman at all cost

        • +1


          .. NEVER buy a new one.


          Do a side by side test with any current Dyson, or ask any professional.

          My Dyson is definitely under-powered, however, it's essentially a once-off purchase, where as other vacuums are a effectively a subscription to their brand's filter bag making subsiduary. So, can't really compare.

        • @AlexF:
          Yes, the salesman used it on my sister, pressuring.

        • +1

          Filter bags are $2, change every 2-3 years? I have pulled apart/ cleaned a few family Dyson vacs over the year. One has the physical suction at only one end of the power head..terrible design. All had heppa filters totally clogged, rotors jammed with hair therefore reducing suction significantly.

          But it's just my 2 cents, If u like your Dyson then that's all that matters, stick with them. Just offering advice to the community that is ultimately about getting the best bang for buck.

        • @tunzafun001: Which came first, Nintendo's Kirby (Pink ball of suction) or Kirby the vacuum?

      • +4

        How can you say it is not a deal? Is is the cheapest you can buy one now? If so, yes it is a deal. Pointing to previous sale prices is no good to the punter who wants to buy the item today or soon. Unless there are deals going on time machines…

        • +1

          I agree, and I don't understand why people would neg my comment…I was just telling them the fact that it's the best price I can get at the moment…

    • Masters have them at $499, less the ebay 15% = $423.
      Pick up at the Adelaide airport store

  • +2

    FYI normal postage rather than Click & Collect worked for me from Bing Lee.

    • +1 worked for me too.

      Cancelled a 10% order and reordered with this code.

  • +3

    The most expensive Eneloops I've ever seen on DS Ebay.

  • +2

    Waiting on 20% (when I come back from Overseas, lol)

  • +10

    Not sure if the stores chose to take part in this or if eBay contacted a few stores

    Only 7 stores? Poor effort eBay

    1 of them excludes everything (DSE)
    1 of them is overpriced and not a great product range compared to cheaper competition (Masters)
    2 are in NSW only so defeats the purpose of C&C (BL, CC)

    • What a sick joke this is. Was looking at $2040 (after ebay deal, before cashrewards) for Samsung -UA65JU6400T2 - Factory refurbished - 65" Ultra HD Wifi LED then went to get a quote on shipping to find this.

      Item location: Sydney, Australia
      Posting to: Australia
      Excludes: Adelaide Metro, Brisbane Metro, Melbourne Metro, Northern Territory, NSW Regional, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

      Canberra isn't NSW Regional you freaks. Sell me a tv!!

      • It's not too far to Campbelltown 😉

  • +10

    The Dick Smith EBay store is retarded. They don't show categories you have to search for each item.

    No wonder they are going broke.

  • This comes after i spent $1000s during last week's %10 discount.


    • +2

      I feel for you, however eBay have been pretty loose with their discounting recently to the point where most people (ozbargainers at least) were confident that they could wait it out for a better discount than 10%.

    • well wait for the 20% off next time

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    No Bing lee in QLD :-(

  • Lame


  • +2

    Only trash left over :(

  • Guess 15% masters is better than nothing

      • +3

        Not always.

        • +7

          Yep just bought some door hardware from Masters - was $140 at Bunnings - Masters website and ebay was $85 + 15% off + 3.3% cashback at Masters = $69.50 click and collect. Not bad.

  • +3

    How unpredictable….

    • +1

      Good use of sarcasm.

      • +2

        Me or Ebay or both?

  • can you stack with the existing masters 10% off as well?

    • Unfortunately not.

    • But you could pay for it with a 5% off wish card.

  • +1

    What a poor list of shops, almost got excited

    • +3

      DSE heading that poor list.

  • +11
    • +5

      That just shows you how clueless and out of touch DSE is.

    • +2

      Typical dodgy dick smith behaviour.

    • They just wanted to try if they can fool anyone I guess

    • At least there is 1 poor guy bought it.

      x***x ( 46Feedback score is 10 to 49) AU $99.98 1 29-Nov-15 20:39:08 AEDST

  • Darn no bigw?? :(

  • +5

    The only thing more lame than this sale is duck smith.

  • +4
  • +23

    I swear these posts just get automatically plus voted by people, despite the fact that there are no bargains listed whatsoever. Just list 'eBay' and '%OFF' in title and win! Very average retailer selection, add that it only works on click & collect, AND as someone else mentioned, two of the retailers only operate in NSW. This is hardly a deal.

    • +3

      Usually these eBay deals are pretty good but this one is mediocre at best. This deal would have been a lot better if Target or Big W were included.

    • -1

      makes me wonder if at least some of the upvotes on ebay/target/dse deals are from shill accounts and if ozbargain has any sort of protection against that

  • +19

    Not a bargain in sight. Prices jacked and items removed yet again. No deal.

    • +4

      Masters prices aren't jacked. Agree with the rest though

      • +1

        True - thumbs up for Masters!

        From memory the good guys also do no jack prices, but they are not included in this promo.

        • +1

          Nah, they used to abstain, but just recently they had one where they changed prices with Dicklike abandon.

  • Seems much worse than the Cyber Monday/Black Friday deals, not just in terms of price, but also in range

    • and yet you still upvote?

      • accidentally clicked upvote, then can't down vote :(

        • +2

          Updated: Finally figured out how to unvote

  • +3

    20% or not gonna bother for me…

    • Yeah I reckon eBay factors in cashrewards. 20% was a good deal, 10 or 15% is not worth it as most online retailers already jack up prices during sale and also to counter the 10% final value fee ebay charge plus listing etc.

  • Why are they just called Rays now… i was more interested in going to a tent city.

  • Any way to get gift cards with this?

  • +10

    A few items i was planning to buy from 2 of those retailers just disappeared from eBay.