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Cashrewards: 5.0% Cashback @ eBay Aus Sitewide


WOW! What a great offer for all our members. This is the highest rate we've ever offered for shopping at eBay Australia, and will likely never be repeated. If you're yet to join, what a great time to do so! Offer goes live at 6pm AEDT Dec 18, and is valid to 11:59pm AEDT Dec 21 5:00pm AEDT Dec 22.

From Andrew and the team @ Cashrewards - A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL

And a reminder that every CR purchase receives an entry into our $5000 competition.

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  • Nicely done.

  • +54

    Come on 20% site wide on eBay.

    • +2

      I would be so torn. Happy for the sale to get stuff. Sad because I spent 2 grand on the last one.

    • +2

      I opened this deal to say this exact comment haha

      So… "Come on 20% site wide on eBay"

    • Highly unlikely because the current 15% off promotions end 21st midnight.

    • +3

      and the retailers would just increase their prices by 25% lol

  • +6

    Now we just need a 20 or 25% Ebay promotion of some sort .

  • +1

    All we need now is for Mr Ebay go show up with 15% off store wide!

    • +2

      Jeez you're easy to please! Demand nothing less than 20% I say!

  • +1

    amazeballs work TA.

  • +3

    Ebay should announce sales on the day to prevent stores from jacking up prices.

  • +5

    Merry Christmas Tightarse, You are quite tight.

    • +13

      You would know 💩

  • 20% off sitewide? With TA at Ozb, might be easier to just get TA to negotiate a 20% cashback with CR LOL. So what do you say TA?!

  • There goes the Christmas bonus…

    • +10

      Only 95% of the christmas bonus, so long as CR tracks your purchase

      • Only issue I've ever had is my purchases being tracked when I didn't go through CR ;)

        • +1

          Downvote me all you want, but TA will confirm it. CR is using cookies after all…

      • +2

        so long as CR tracks your purchase

        I concur. I've had a sizable ebay purchase go unrecorded with CR, but every time I follow the same procedure via flybuys eshops I miraculously have the transaction recognised.

        I'm sticking with flybuys eshops for the time being. Sure, some might argue that the ROR is far lower with flybuys, but at least it's more than what CR has given me so far ($0).

        And CR also publicises a policy where you cannot challenge unrecorded ebay purchases. Flybuys allows this too, so at present I can't really be tempted to use CR for ebay.

        • How does flybuys eshops work? What is the reward %? Ive only ever tried CR coz its always on ozbargain

        • @pointless comment:

          For ebay it's 1 point per dollar, though when I made my purchases after the CR failure flybuys eshops had a promotion of 5 points per $1 spent on ebay.

        • I haven't had any issues with CR so far - usually receive a confirmation e-mail within 10mins. Are you sure your 'sizable ebay purchase' wasn't excluded from the CR cashback?

        • @brotherrfranciz:

          I'm fairly sure it wasn't an excluded purchase. It was a higher-end phone so don't see why it'd be on a blacklist of any sort…

  • Merry Christmas TA love you.

  • will this work with the current Masters click and collect 15%?

    • yes

  • dam. 5% is really good

    • +4

      If you get it…

  • +3

    and will likely never be repeated

    That's what every promotion mailer say :P

    By the way I am glad you are working at Cash Rewards now. Now Cash Rewards know what OzBargainers want. We need one OzBargainer at each of the stores :)

    And a Merry Christmas TA :)

  • +3

    Great offer :) Only wish i held off my purchase until tonight. I bought something last night on the 3.3% cashback :(

  • +2

    No I just bought something a few hours ago at 3.3% :(

    • cancel your order and repurchase at 6pm today

  • +8

    Now we just gotta play the lottery of whether it tracks it or not…

    • +6

      I bought a few small things of ebay lately. 2 tracked, 1 did not. Everything was done exactly the same on an ipad. Not worth the effort to follow up as its only like 80cents or somthing but would be a but miffed if it was a few hundred as it definitley takes a few extra minutes to go throught CR

  • …i just came…here to post this PUN!

    • +2

      What pun? There is none. Oooh that rhymes!

  • Damn you! I just used CR to buy something off ebay this morning. Gah!!!

  • +1

    crappppppp i just bought 100bux worth of oil >_>

  • +5

    "will likely never be repeated …." because it will be 6% on Dec 21 :-)

  • Great deal but I'm waiting til boxing day sales now. :)

    • +2

      I heard dick smith is having up to 90% off , in store only , will likely never be repeated

      • +1

        More likely a staff only deal lol

  • Saw that using any other vouchers may take eligibility awaay, and was wonering if the ebay 25$ voucher could be used in conjunction

    • I forgot about that one. What to buy?

  • +1

    yay, was close to buying crap from ebay too, thanks op and cashrewards

  • Good one TA. How about 5.5% next time .

  • dayum

  • +8

    Awesome, now all we need is for everyone's large transactions that didn't track to be fixed by Cashrewards.

    Not sure I will bother with CR anymore to be honest. Waste far too much time sending emails for transactions that didn't track through no fault of my own.

    • +3

      Hi Shawn. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't your issues resolved via our PMs?

      • +15

        he's just saying it's not worth the effort to chase up stuff that didn't track properly.

        i don't suppose CR is doing anything in this area to maybe improve it? it's an issue a lot of people seem to have, myself included. is it the sheer number of transactions that happen, or is the ebay website just that picky compared to other online retailers?

        i think a lot of people would appreciate some light shed on this!

        • +3

          Hit the nail on the head.

          CR SAY they are doing something about it, but I'm yet to be convinced. Why is it that CR have so much trouble with their tracking and their competitors don't?

          Andrew (CR owner/director) himself has said numerous times, for many months that he is aware of the systemic issues with the CR tracking system and is working to address them, but so far these words have been hollow.

          It's not just eBay that has issues with tracking; it is spread across all vendors, and from mine (and others) experiences it seems to be mainly larger value transactions.

        • +1

          I've had a sizable ebay purchase go unrecorded with CR, but every time I follow the same procedure via flybuys eshops I miraculously have the transaction recognised.

          I'm sticking with flybuys eshops for the time being. Sure, some might argue that the ROR is far lower with flybuys, but at least it's more than what CR has given me so far ($0).

          And CR also publicises a policy where you cannot challenge unrecorded ebay purchases. Flybuys allows this too, so at present I can't really be tempted to use CR for ebay.

        • +1

          @KaptnKaos: yeah. my EBAY transaction for large purchases don't track from CR. but little transaction cashback value smaller than $1 from scoopon, groupon or menulog tracked successfully.

          I cannot think of any process is different when purchase from these big transactions.

          but sure its no way to chase then as CR have a no enquiry policy (technically no point buy through it) from ebay purchase.

        • +10

          Andrew here from Cashrewards. As we've said before it's around 1% of transactions that don't track for a variety of reasons. See Scotty's post here which helps explain its imperfections https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/219624#comment-3213356

          Cashrewards is now by far the largest provider of Cashback in Australia. Last month alone nearly $1m was earned in Cashback for our members. Over 80,000 cashback transactions were completed successfully. In the scheme of things non tracked transactions are minor but still extremely irritating for our members and we are working very closely on all aspects of the 'imperfect' cookie system to do whatever we can do to make improvements.

          We can guarantee however that we will follow up with every member on every transaction, and you are welcome to contact either TA or myself and we guarantee to resolve all legitimate transactions. We have absolutely nothing to hide and we are doing everything in our power to be as transparent as possible.

        • that puts things into perspective a bit.

          i must be really unlucky, in good times ebay tracked ~90% for me, this month though i've only had 1 of 4(3) track, if it was 1% for me i would be over the moon :)

          i'm of the same opinion that chasing transactions isn't worth the trouble (exceptions apply), but i will continue to use CR because in the end it's hardly any effort for an ok reward… most of the time anyway!

        • +1


          You ignored my PM on 26/10/2015 about a large Expedia transaction that tracked but was declined.

          i.e. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/216962

          Emma from your customer service team told me on 30/10/2015 she was following up with Expedia and I haven't heard anything since.

          This was a purchase from Feb 2015…its now almost Christmas.

        • @ahc99:

          It's not just the non-tracked purchases, it's the bad support as well. Pretty disheartening to wait weeks for a return email from a CR rep to tell you there is nothing they can do, IF you get a reply at all.

        • @noise36: Im sorry noise36, I'll follow that up with the team first thing Monday. Regards Andrew

      • Not really. The latest issue I had re the ~$190 transaction from Booktopia that didn't track - I did recieve an email from a CR rep, but I sent the requested receipts and am still to hear back from them.

        Nothing against you - you have been great, and I really appreciate all the work you have done for us all. I just don't think CR is worth the trouble anymore.

  • I have cash.
    What to buy?

    • +12

      Cash is useless for online purchases. You can only use it for bricks and mortar stores… best to try and convert it somehow into a more useful currency.

  • +2

    Got a feeling CR is hiding something. Is it an ebay 20% off everything offer coming up that you are not telling us ?

  • Cool, thanks TA. Was about to buy something 3 minutes before seeing this. Waited. :P

    Also, how does one actually get one's cashback? I've got 7.26 or whatever, forever sitting there as rewards, but not available rewards. Is there a step I'm missing? Started back in October, nothing back yet.

    • +1

      Yep I think you need to have a minimum of $20 in CR before you can get it out, someone can confirm the exact amount though.

      • +1

        i think it's $5.

        you can't take it though until they become 'available', for ebay it's 55 days after confirmation.

        • Well, I've had 7ish bucks pending since the end of October. So I guess I'm not up to 55 days.

  • +1

    Wow CR have moved from 2-5% give it couple more years should be getting 20% in no time.

  • Thanks TA. Bought $70+ using CR and COLLECT15! Luckily it was out of stock yesterday!

  • sweet, i had been thinking about buying myself an xmas gift but this sealed the deal

  • +2

    Hey TA,

    Just wanted to thank you, Andrew and the team at CR for helping me out with my larger purchases from eBay. You guys went over and above, keep doing what you're doing!

  • +1

    Is there a more general version of the COLLECT15 discount floating around?

    edit: Internal Server Error on CR

  • +2

    Greaaat, after i just spent $500 yesterday!! Had I waited I would of saved $8.50… My shares went down by $475 in value today but for some reason I am more mad that I missed out on this deal. Wierd I think I need therapy.

  • Has anyone got an opinion on whether CR tracks well at all? Been searching all over OzBargain and nobody has mentioned it……yawn

    • I believe it does. It has tracked all my purchases. At least all that were big enough for me to care about. But I follow their advice and don't open new windows/tabs after being re-directed from CR site.

    • i use microsoft edge SOLELY for cashrewards transactions and haven't noticed any issues.

      In the past i found these sort of sites hit and miss but if you can quarantine a browser just for their tranx it generally works OK

  • +1

    how long does it take for cashback to put cashback?

    if its a couple/few months then i dont see the big deal, especially when its attached to half of every post on ozbargain. To feel like youve saved money, you really need the bank account replenished soon after the big spend or it feels like you havnt saved anything. Neg me (profanity)

    • +1

      Neg me (profanity)

      No problems!

    • +2

      Maybe you should use your brain when you spend? i.e. within your mean.. instead of blaming the nature of rebate..

  • +2

    Everyone says Cashrewards doesn't payout as they should.

    Q1. If we do everything right, does Cashrewards ever NOT pay out? (except perhaps rarities)
    A1. Use a quality browser with no advert blockers, script controllers, viral malware programs and other potential causitives.
    I've not missed any cashbacks being recorded and paid fully at CR or PL, by using common sense.

    I have used a clean unrestricted install of Chrome or Palemoon for all purchases, and got $100's back accurately.

    Point is, is it CR's fault, or is it the shoppers? If CR are genuinely faulty, we perhaps should approach them, if browser technology and the user is at fault, stop bitching about a pretty good and optional deal.

    • +1

      I've never had an issue with CashRewards, it's always tracked correctly for me for ebay (using Microsoft Edge 95% of the time, Chrome with ABP 5% of the time).
      The time I tried it for Telstra, is when I clicked the link for up to $10 cashback for the Telstra Sim kit but to purchase a Buzz 4GX @20% off>$63 for the Monster DNA headphones (selling for $99 on "clearance" at jb atm, RRP $200), though to be fair the "offer" was not for the phone but for Sim Starter Kits only (people on OzB were posting they were receiving $10 CB for the Buzz so I thought I'd give it a go).

      Suggestions for those who are having issues with CR on eBay, go do your homework and put everything you want to buy at once into a "wishlist"
      Open a fresh browser (Microsoft Edge because it doesn't support adblockers), go to cashrewards and to ebay then go to your wish list directly to purchase all your desired goodies.

    • +6

      Q1. If we do everything right, does Cashrewards ever NOT pay out?

      Q1. Should not CR be so simple and foolproof, and uniformly so across a variety of platforms and browsers, that it is instantly accessible to anyone who happens to stumble across the internet with the cognitive capability and basic motor skills required to create a CR account in the first place?

      Q2. Taking your technobabble into consideration do you, Bargitrage, think that only IT professionals and computer hobbyists should use CR? Most outside of these groups could not reasonably be expected to understand much of the jargon you use to make your point.

      Personally i have used CR about 10-15 times and Around 2-3 times it did not work. But each time it was done exactly the same way. Therein lies my, and i suspect many other peoples, cause for reservation. Lucky for me a few large purchases went through and the few that did not were minor and not worth following up for $1-$2.

      CR spend a lot of time and energy fostering a positive perception here on ozbargain with a view to drive membership and patronage. A proven rule of good business is to adopt the mindset that the customer is always (usually) right. For you to dismiss anyone who is not getting the cash back as automatically being at fault is simply not correct

      • +1

        A1. Damn yes!
        If you were for example assigned a unique code for your CR account to enter anytime at participating stores, and the store immediately gave you a receipt# upon purchase. There'ld be a better system for the end user I think. But I guess it is not easy to implement such a system.

        A2. technobabble -> sorry ;->

        Around 2-3 times it did not work. But each time it was done exactly the same way.

        That is what I was wondering. So maybe the sellers themselves failed to payout, or it was CR.

  • Funny how ebay almost always pays out for cashrewards but a large purchase of mine on another website didn't

  • +1

    I made purchase, as per the instructions only, but still i did not get any email regarding cashrewards on my cw account…does it take more time to appear on account?

    • I made a purchase the other day and the email took over a day to arrive, I was concerned too, but it worked out in the end.

  • +1

    TA working for Cashrewards is the best thing ever happened!

  • Spent 4k on camera gears last week with 3%. Extra 2% is like $80 bucks!! Why didn't come earlier? Lol.

  • If I purchase an item that's on the ebay.com.au domain but is shipped from overseas and is listed in a different currency, would I still receive a cash back? Not sure how those items work..

    • +1

      Yes as long as you purchase on eBay.com.au starting at Cashrewards it is eligible for Cashback.

  • How do I know if my transaction has been registered for cashback? My XMAS10 order of half a week ago hasn't shown up on my cashrewards account (not that I expect it to that quickly), but should I get an email from cashrewards or something (because I didn't)? Followed all the rules (don't visit other sites, click thru cash rewards, …)

    • +3

      eBay transactions can take up to 10 days to be reported to Cashrewards and for an email to be sent stating the rewards are in your account.

      Most eBay sales are reported within 3 days however sometimes they do take up to 10 days to come through depending on the eBay seller.

      Other stores such as Dan Murphys and many more are reporting within the hour on most occasions and we are working with stores on speeding up the overall reporting time for transaction reporting. Aim is to get to as close to real time with majority of stores in 2016.

      • Thanks for clarifying. I'll wait til the new year holiday period is over :)

  • If anybody purchased something from BCF from the recent eBay sale, and you haven't received any notification that it's ready for pick up, call 1300880764 (option 3)

  • a 20% cash back from cash rewards would be better than the eBay ones because it wouldn't enable the sellers to inflate their prices by 20% to make up for the loss.

    • Ebay covers the 20% cashback. Sellers increase the price because they are an unethical and greedy bunch of….

  • It's been 24 hours and I'm still waiting for an email from Cash Rewards confirming my purchase of goods from the Super Cheap Auto store on eBay yesterday. So, don't count on CR actually working!

    • It usually takes 2- 3 days before you will receive an email for eBay transactions and can take up to 10 days depending on the particular eBay seller.

  • +1

    Can you pay via Bank Deposit or is PayPal required?

  • @ahc99

    I like cashrewards and use it all the time but just wondering why some merchants take 3 months to provide the cashback?

    Some merchants like DWI also seem to decline it for no reason even though it is advertised on CR and matches the T&c`s. Is there any recourse?

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