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Nikon 35mm F1.8 - $199.75 (with Code) C&C @ Bing Lee eBay


$189.76 after cashback

Been looking at one of these for a while. If you bought the deal at Dick Smith (d3200), this is THE first lens you should add to your collection. Great for low light and indoors, and very sharp at this price point. This lens is also known as Nikon's best bang for buck lens you can buy.

This is the same price you would pay second hand on ebay give or take a few dollars ($30 extra for brand new… yes please)

Original eBay 15% off COLLECT15 deal
5% Cashrewards cashback

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  • Thanks for letting me know, I have been waiting for this to pop up.

  • You need this to come back ay https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/222316

    • yeahhhh damnit that deal was just before the DSE clearance!

  • Well spotted, OP. I have this lens and it really is brilliant for the price.

  • Is this much better than the kit lens with the nikon d3300 Which i ended up paying $270 for after cashbacks etc. So its nearly as much as i paid for camera and lens.

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      For portraits and night photography this is lens is much better. Excellent night shots with quick shutter speeds and better 'bokeh' effect. If these things don't appeal to you, don't buy it

      • ^Agreed. This is an awesome lens for its price.

    • kit lenses are usually made to do a decent job at a lot of things. primes such as the 35mm are built to be the lone best performer at that focal length, and usually excels in typical applications at that focal length.

    • +2

      The images are generally much sharper for this lens compared to the kit lens. For this price, this lens is a steal.
      The lens also lets in a lot more light at f/1.8. If you enjoy taking quick candid snapshots of friends, or need better image quality in lowlight settings, this is a good lens to get.

      However, since you are very new to DSLR cameras, and presumably quite price sensitive, then I will recommend you skip the deal, and use the d3300. Get used to the kit lens, look at your photos, see if you really, really need this lens.

      If you get the photography bug, then by all means splash out. Alternatively, you can spend extra to get a better zoom lens.

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      you need to research the 1.8 bit, compared to what you'll get with your kit lens (maybe 4.5???). Then you'll know if you have any use for this lens.

  • I didn't get the d3200 but got the Olympus epl5 and Nikon V1. Would this fit on either of these?

    • no

    • Nikon V1 with an adaptor…..which costs as much as the lens

  • +1

    Bought it a few weeks ago from the previous deal. I've been using it for landscapes. Don't know if that's the intended use but I like what I get (i'm pretty new to photography).

    Sample 1
    Sample 2

    • You would want a wide angle lens for landscape, typically around 10mm-20ish mm. 35mm or 50mm is best used for portraits, although it has no rules to what you can use it for.

  • Had mine for 1.5 years on cropped frame D3300, now it sits on my full frame D750 and may serve for next 3 years :) Great lens for that money!

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      If you can afford it I would recommend the 50 1.8g, which is intended for full frame cameras, unlike this lens. Still works of course, but you are getting a lower resolution image from this DX lens. I'm sure you already knew that though :)

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      but this is a DX lenses aimed at a cropped body. not sure if the 750D is suitable for the 35mmDX.

  • No Bing lee in Queensland!

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    Save up for a 24-105 2.8.

    • Save up for a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

  • +1

    Mmmmmmm f1.8 bokeh

    • Bokeh or dof?

  • +1

    Sadly, looks like the deal is over.

  • Bought it through cashrewards yesterday morning, haven't received any email for cash back. Does it sometime take more than a day?

    • never mind, got the email

  • I have this lens. It's very clear and great for portraits. However I mainly shoot landscapes/wide open spaces and the crop factor REALLY kills it. I recommend trying this is in-store before purchase as you really do lose a lot of your scene (noticeably more than your stock 18-55).

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