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Free Burrito (Worth $10.90) with Every $50 Guzman Y Gomez Gift Card


Guzman y Gomez is offering a free burrito (worth $10.90) with every $50 gift card purchased. For those who eat there regularly, this is a pretty good deal. It works out to be buy 3-4 meals (burrito + drink), get 1 burrito free OR buy 5 burritos, get 1 free.

Given they are promoting this as a Christmas present, I'm going to guess it finishes at the close of business on the 24th.

  • Buy the cards in-store
  • You will receive points when you use the card to buy food/drinks but not when you purchase the gift card.

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  • Awesome, Christmas dinner sorted.

  • I wonder if you also get gomex points

  • Can you use it as a several small transactions or its a use once must spend the lot card

  • +1 vote

    You can buy one gift card and keep using it to buy more to get unlimited burritos.

  • i'm assuming when you buy the gift card they give you a 'free burrito' card, and you don't actually need to take the burrito there and then?

  • I got lured in by FREE BURRITO until I saw the latter part. Never been this disappointed in my life

    • I guess if it read SPEND $50, GET A FREE BURRITO it wouldn't sound so appealing :)

      • that's what I hate about the liberal use of the word "free". If it requires me to hand over $50, in what use of the word is that free?

        Nothing against this post though… I wish every xmas gift I bought provided a burrito at no extra cost.

        • Agree with both points. In fact I'm considering taking this deal up as we now live 500m from a Guzman y Gomez :)

  • Zomg 3k+ kj per burrito and mostly carbs… I wonder how does it compare to KFC's chicken pieces?

  • 22.94% return for initial investment. Better than $50 dollar invested in term deposit.

    $47.50 with 5% included from ME Bank.

    • But in true ozbargainer spirit, how much would a burrito cost you to make?

      • Well the opportunity cost of preparing all the ingredients in the same manner as gyg probably outweighs your savings…

        • Depends on where you locate your franchise :)

          It could be quite profitable to "make your own".

  • How is this free? I hand over 50 bucks they give me a giftcard and a burrito. The burrito cost 50 bucks.

  • -2 votes

    I dont understand the hype, they sell overpriced food and the portions are small. Spent over $10 on a burrito there once and it was mostly just rice. Why do people choose to eat there regularly? Its like the most unozbargain thing to do.

    • I agree. It seems like quality mexican food like you'd pay a couple of bucks for in LA. That's just the price of eating out in Australia I think.
      I feel the same way about indian food.

      • Guzman y Gomez is equivalent to the chain Mexican places in the U.S.

        One of my favourite places is a small chain around Boston, Anna's Taqueria. A super at Anna's is probably equivalent to the large at GyG.

        $6.75 USD which is $9.32 in AUD, so only slightly more expensive.

        Chipotle is probably the largest non-Taco Bell chain. A burrito there costs you about $7 USD, about $9.66 AUD.

        But even one of the best dodgy looking taco trucks in LA, it's around $7.

        Considering the cost of living is a lot cheaper in US, I think the burrito index of like chains between AUS & US aren't too bad.

        • I agree. The price and standard of food at GYG is equivalent. Although there is obviously far more choice in the USA for Mexican food GYG still scores well.

          This is a good deal for regular punters, thank you Neil.

  • How does the food at this place compare to Mad mex? Whenever I'm in the city, I always walk past and see Guzman y Gomez. It always looks deserted and not many people inside.

    • I like GYG more.. But i`m noticing that its sometimes hit and miss with the food… It used to always be awesome.. Lots of meat lots of taste but they have been skimpy on the meat latley or using really fatty cuts.. I pretty much went from eating there two times a week to two times a year now.

      • That's the franchise formula:
        1) Offer good value, tasty food
        2) Build following based on said food
        3) Increase price and decrease quality
        4) Profit for a bit
        5) Go broke when everyone realises you've gone to crap

  • Lol at all the people over analysing and over thinking this. Life at the party.

  • Save the gift card when they do $5 burritos so you 11 burritos for $50.

  • I got a $5 Kebab at Alibaba today. Tuesday cheap kebabs FTW!!

    Do GYG do cheap Taco Tuesday like Salsas and that?