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[Xbox One][Digital]GTA V+Great White Shark Cash Card ($19.95)-$39.60 @ Xbox Store w/ Gold Sub+CR

  1. Have Xbox Live Gold Subscription.
  2. Going through the Cashrewards link, buy a $60 Windows Digital Gift card for $45. - instant delivery.
  3. Redeem 25 digit code by redeeming it like any other Xbox code and purchase the game from the Xbox store.

Credit to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/227630

EDIT: Confirmed working by me
Confirmed cashback of $5.40

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    I'm sorry but I can confirm this does not work because
    The Windows and Xbox stores share an account with the Microsoft store, but there is no way to spend credit from the WIN/Xbox store on the MS store.

    I know because I spent 2 hours last night trying to buy the Xbox One MC controller that is in special in the MS store site, with credit on my Xbox Store account.

    Rep said although there is one "account" the MS store payment system is different, and there is no mechanism to move funds from WIN/XBOX store to MS store.


    Use the money in your Microsoft account to buy stuff at the Windows Store, Windows Mobile Store and Xbox Stores. The money in your Microsoft account can’t be used to shop at Microsoftstore.com or the Microsoft retail stores, or to get cash, gift certificates or similar payment products, except when required by law.

    Happy to be proven otherwise. Really wanted that controller at a great price.

    EDIT: Source

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      The game he's telling you to buy is on the Xbox store (not the Microsoft store), which means the credit will work.

    • I don't know how you can confirm this doesn't work when I literally have a confirmation screenshot of my own purchase using the method I posted right above your comment…

      P.S. Everyone knows here that you can't buy hardware with these gift cards. This is a digital download from the Xbox store.

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    I think everyone is getting confused. The OP isn't saying to purchase GTA from Microsoft store, the Xbox store is separate. I can personally confirm that money added to your Microsoft account CAN'T be used on the Microsoft store but CAN 100% be used on Xbox store. The Windows store gift cards and xbox gift cards work the same now. They add funds to your account to purchase digital games, apps, movies, ect on windows, windows phone & xbox. GTA is part of the countdown to 2016 digital sale on the xbox marketplace. Thanks for the post spaghettiman

    Edit. I have purchased several items across the three different platforms using these gift cards.

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      These gift card sales have been a great way to build up you're xbox digital library as you're effectively buying with a 30% discount (with cash rewards) . I usually wait until a game is on digital sale as well. Using the store this way means you get a lot better value for you're dollar, especially with the usually high store prices.

  • $90 for $120 credit on Xbox store is great! Went looking for deals on these cards yesterday and almost said stuff it and paid full retail when I couldn't find any. Glad I waited a day!

  • Any discounted Xbox Live deals around at the moment? Mine just expired.

    • Doesn't seem like it mate. CDKeys is selling for AUD$61 atm which is actually more expensive than getting 12month direct from Xbox using these 25% off microsoft gift cards.

  • Want to confirm.

    I can use these credits to buy new maps addon pack for games yeah?

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      It'll work for any digital content from the Xbox Store, including season passes, maps etc.

      • Cheers.

        Damn games on Xbox live is so expensive compare to retails shop and worse of all it just a digital copy and you can even sell it once you finished. I can't think of any other reason to buy with these credits apart from maps/addon pack.

        • I do game sharing with a friend so i prefer digital games, we go halves on games we both want.
          Any single player games are pointless to have digitally as its just as easy to past the disc around then sell it when done.

        • I've started buying digital to avoid the need to disk swap and store what would likely become a large collection, but I do a lot of waiting for sales to hit because as you mention, the standard prices aren't great usually.

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    Just to add to the discussion, I used gift cards purchased from the MS Store to buy The Witcher 3 and DLC from the XBox Store yesterday, so it does work.

  • When i try to redeem i get this error message - This code doesn't match your location
    You can't use this code where you live. You need to use a code from your region. If you moved, go to Settings > System and make sure your location is correct.

  • So I "bought" two cards, and have nothing, how do I get the keys?
    it does say
    If you have purchased a digital download product (for example, Office, Windows, or Xbox LIVE digital code), your order should be processed and available to download within the next 20 minutes.

    I guess I wait 20 mins?

    It also says a receipt has been sent, but I have no receipt in the named email address.

    • When I put through my order, the code was already on the invoice.

      Open the email Microsoft Store - Order Confirmation - it's there.

    • Check the invoice email. Note I've sometimes had to wait 30 mins or so, and in most other cases it was instant.

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        got the email, thought I would buy an xbox one controller, foud out the card is (only for use on the windows 10 app store) according to the live help,
        could not buy hardware from the MS store, nor credit it on my xbox - they refunded it to me.

        Guyss disaster is my name and nature.

  • And also note that you can only purchase 360 titles via the xbox dashboard with this credit, the stupid system doesnt allow you to use this credit via other devices eg pc, tablet etc. Ie. Forces credit card/paypal.

    Works fine for xxbox one titles though

  • Microsoft support is absolutely hopeless.

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    Agree they have no idea generally and this was raised a year and a half ago


    • pretty much.
      I've spoken to 9 different support representatives and they have no idea wtf they're doing…tempted to ring up the ACCC and see if they can smack them around a bit.

  • I have a question.
    I joined up went through the site and ordered a $60 card. I then checked my emails and found an email to confirm my account. I had not clicked this email before buying so does this mean I will not get the cashback?

    • Not quite sure. I got a cashback notification around 30mins after purchasing the card. Hope that helps.

      • Still waiting here, maybe it did not go in.
        It did not say anything about having to confirm you account after I signed up, so I just bought it right after I signed up.

  • Is everyone getting 12% cash back emails from Cashrewards? I have purchased two $50 cards separately and both have $0.90 cash back

    • Confirming mine went through at 12% my end. $0.90 per transaction is a bit odd!
      I purchased an $80 gift card to purchase a 1 year sub but can't apply it to subscriptions! I whinged and bitched about it so MS gave me a 3 month sub for nothing. I can live with that for now.

    • How long did it take to get the cashback?
      I am still waiting to receive anything from when I got $60 on the 28th and when I got $60 yesterday.

      • I received my email within 2 hours of purchase. $7.20 cashback.

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