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Seagate Expansion Portable 2TB HDD - $108 @ Harvey Norman


Was looking for a cheap portable HDD and I think this Seagate 2TB portable hard drive for $108 will probably be what I'm after. Sale ends 03/01/16.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Price match in Office work give you $108*0.95 = $102.6

  • I bought the exact model from Office works on Boxing Day for $103. It's the perfect HDD if you're looking to upgrade your PS4 HDD.

  • Are these compatible with ps4's?

    • Yes, perfect swap for your current PS4 HDD. The actual physical process takes about 5 minutes, if not less. Obviously longer process if you want to keep your data but even that is easy.

      I've been running this drive inside the PS4 since last Saturday with zero issues. On top of that, the PS4 drive fits perfectly back into the HDD housing so you end up with a spare 500GB drive too.

  • Yep, crack it open and the hard drive fits straight in ps4 , some vids on youtube if you are nervous , the hard drive in the enclosure costs a fair bit more by itself than with the enclosure

  • Got the slim seagate for about $96 during the ebay sale from ow.

  • Buy 2 for $95.50 each with $25 voucher

  • Sadly I missed the earlier bargains for portable hard drives, but thought $103 at Officeworks was still a good price for 2TB of Seagate.

    Went in store today and they've reverted to $119. Harvey Norman still have them advertised online for $108 so I asked OW about price matching.
    They said they don't usually match the "half yearly clearance" prices, but would do for this as it wasn't a big difference.
    Came out at just under $103.

    • My local Officeworks (Oxley QLD) had no problem price matching HN's price - so ended up being just under $103 with match -5%

  • Thanks, purchased with other items to total $150 with promotions code

  • cant add to my cart :(