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$20 off Domestic, $30 off Asia/Pacific/Trans-Tasman, $40 off Int'l on Virgin Australia @ BYOjet


Book any Virgin Australia flight with BYOjet and save! We've taken $20 OFF domestic, $30 OFF Trans-Tasman/Asia/Pacific, and $40 OFF International flights.

Hurry because this sale is strictly for a limited time only, ends THIS Thursday.


On Sale:
01 January - 07 January 2016

How To:
Search for your flights on http://www.byojet.com/, select your Virgin Australia flights (discount already applied), book and save.


BYOjet terms and conditions apply. Flight booking fees apply to Domestic and Trans-Tasman bookings.

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    But BYOjet have some sort of booking fee don't you? So relative to the official airline's prices (assuming yours are the same), the saving is less than what you've quoted in the title.

    • Agreed. Once you factor in BYOJets $12.95 Admin fee as well as BYOJets $7 ticketing fee it works out the same or cheaper booking with VA directly using the 10% off code- JKP58. YMMV.

  • Cant see any discount for ADL - BNE? Cheers for the Virgin Code, where is it from?

  • If I booked Virgin Brisbane to Bali through BYO Jet and then had to change the dates, do I pay both companies a change fee? I generally rather go direct for this reason.
    I had this issue on a domestic Tiger flight but got around it with some direct calls to Tiger but BYO were trying to charge a fee as well

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    Still more expensive than booking direct. Why do sites like this exist again?

  • Would never book with BYOJet - have tried in the past and it turned into right chaos.

    Better to go direct.

    • How so? Curious

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        They had listed a sale fare, which didn't actually exist, so after booking it, I later received an email saying "we can't fulfill that request" or something to that effect.

        What seemed odd is that the fare was available on their site, but in actual fact, the airline (after contacting them) said it should never have been offered that way.

        When I spoke to them about the issue, they fobbed me off, until of course I said that they weren't honoring their contractual obligations.

        Needless to say, it got messy after that, didn't take it beyond some correspondence going back and forth, but it cemented my belief that I would never use them again. No guarantees that what is actually offered on their site, is true and accurate.

        And who in their right mind needs to pay booking fees for an online website, when you can click another tab and open the airline direct……


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    Wouldn't touch these guys with a 10ft barge pole