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20% off Blu-Rays & DVD's, STM Laptop Bags $49 (Save $30.95) @ JB Hi-Fi

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    Ah I resisted temptation after Christmas, and it returns again D:

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      Seems sort of idiotic now to go to JB for dvd/blurays without it being 20% off

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        It all gets a bit boring after awhile.

        And in a few weeks time, they'll have 10% off Apple.

        Rinse, repeat, reuse…

        • I missed the 10% off apple :(

        • @congngo:

          It'll be back. Or at Harvey Norman. Or at Myer. Or at Officeworks…

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        Which is about 2 weeks per year.

  • They just finished a 20% off dvd & blu-ray less then a week ago, now there's another one?.

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      Yeah these 20% off sales used to be uncommon but now they are monthly and are factored into the prices of the DVDs and blu rays. I can't remember the last time I brought a dvd anyway…

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        When was the last time you bought a DVD though?

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        Yeah these 20% off sales used to be uncommon but now they are monthly and are factored into the prices of the DVDs and blu rays.

        I've observed the opposite. Hundreds of Blu-rays that used to be like $15.98 or $12.98 dropped to $9.98 last year, and the 20% comes off that. Something like 700 Blu-ray movies for $7.98 each - those of us still into physical media have it pretty good at the moment IMHO.

      • They must be desperate for sales since they've done two 20% off DVD & Blu-ray sales within the space of 2 weeks. Almost jump from one of these sales to another. Crazy isn't it.

  • Man, none of the movies I want are in stock at any of the 4 stores around me… Weird. Normally JB has great inventory. I guess I gotta pay $4 delivery.

    • Same. Fairly common titles missing from the pickup option. Might try instore and see if they are really there or not.

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      Online stock status is not very accurate. Plenty of times it says the nearest store with stock is in another state or on the other side of the country, when in fact its in stock and available at my local store.

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        Yes the stock indicator on the online store is no way accurate. Plenty of times the online store states a blu-ray is not in stock at the local store and nearest store with it is hundreds of kilometres away. So i go ahead and order for delivery only to find the parcel arrives the very next day with the local stores address on it indicating it came shipped locally.

  • It's not about the regular 20% of sales any more. It's more about will they be offering an additional %5 off coupon this time around. Forcing the decision. Should I buy at the start or wait till later on during the sale just in case they do.

  • They don't have Edge of tomorrow 3D :(

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      Neither does Sanity online. I wonder why Australian retailers aren't stocking it.

        • Interesting. Although it's showing stock status as not available meaning that they don't even have it there's no stock.

          It didn't show up on the Sanity website when doing a search for Edge of Tomorrow only showed the 2D release for $24.99 but that is actually in stock.

          There was probably a very limited stock supply of the 3D release in Australia. If you can't find it at the local Sanity stores then the only way to get it would be from overseas such as Amazon UK/US.

  • Do JB accept DS Gift Cards?

    You know, like Hungry Jack's has accepted Macca's vouchers in the past

    • There's a big difference between a buy a burger and get free fries with it voucher and a gift card.

      And no JB does not accept Dick Smith gift cards.

      • Do you work for JB Hi-Fi?

        Or are you making an assumption?

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          Because why would JB accept a competitors store gift card as a form of payment when they didn't receive any money for it. The competitors gift card is worthless to JB. The Dick Smith gift card is a form of Dick Smith store credit that's only applicable at Dick Smith.

        • @hollykryten:
          Thanks ^_^

  • Was going to get Avengers age of ultron blue-ray but they put the price up. Its now $36 with discount … last time it went down to $23

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      yeah Marvel always charges Marvel Tax after the first week of release. So I always buy them straight away

      • I picked up Iron Man 3 And Winter Soldier BR's for around $12-$13AUS by having them included in a bundle of titles(unavailable locally) I got from Amazon De. If you look around you can find 'em cheap. I know some don't like foreign titles but setting the default language to English for the menus isn't all that hard to do.

    • Big w doing it for $25.50 after discount on 3d Bluray and normal Bluray but it finishes today so go and grab a bargain if feel like to seem decent price :)

  • Sanity has 30% off box sets just to let everyone know… I got friends (all 10 seasons) for $85 delivered

  • Funny every time they have this sale Star Wars The Complete Saga is never available.

    • Yeah. I couldn't find it on their website. I'm gonna wait till the force awakens comes out on dvd then grab the blu Ray box set

  • Word of warning. Better to buy in the store than online. Had a game and blu-ray case with some dents. It appears they don't use bubble wrap when shipping which is a shame.

    • In some cases yes. I bought Avatar ages ago on Sale and it went into the collection unwatched for a while. I watched it the other week and they'd left the security lock in the case. Ended up destroying the case getting it out.

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      Yep agreed , pretty much expected for about 50% jbhifi br/dvd/game/cd purchases to arrive banged up

  • Guardians of the Galaxy blu-ray:

    Last 20% off sale = $19.98
    This 20% off sale = $35.98


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