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Reduced QFF - Perth Return Singapore Now QFF 45,000 Fees $245.93 (Was QFF 50,000 fees $425.93)


Perth <-> Singapore Was QFF 50,000 fees $425.93 now QFF 45,000 fees $245.93
Brisbane <-> Hong Kong was QFF 60,000 Fees $336.66 now QFF 56,000 Fees $290.66
Melbourne <-> Los Angeles was QFF 96,000 fees $609.32 now QFF 90,000 fees $419.32
Sydney <-> London (Heathrow) was QFF 128,000 fees $848.18 now QFF 120,000 Fees $708.18

You must be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member to earn Qantas Points. A joining fee may apply. Membership and Qantas Points are subject to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program Terms and Conditions.

  • Selected International Economy Classic Flight Rewards are Classic Flight Rewards in zone 4 to 10 on the Qantas Classic Flight Reward table. Classic Flight Rewards are available on Qantas, Jetstar and partner airlines. Classic Flight Reward seats are subject to capacity controls and availability is limited particularly around peak times such as school and public holidays. The number of seats available depends on the flight, date, season and destination and some flights may not have any Classic Flight Rewards available. Classic Flight Reward fare conditions apply and are provided during booking. Reward flights must be booked at least 24 hours before scheduled departure (and other advance booking requirements may apply), unless you are booking on qantas.com where you can book up to two hours before departure for domestic flights or up to four hours before departure for international flights. For more information, visit qantas.com/classicflightrewards For eligible flights, see terms and conditions.
    ^ Total cash amount for Classic Rewards is for taxes, fees and carrier charges payable to Qantas (excluding any amounts payable to third parties at the airport), shown in Australian dollars. Taxes and fees accurate as at 16 December 2015 and Carrier Charges accurate as at 6 January 2016 but are quoted at the time of booking and subject to change.
    ~ Total cash amount for Classic Rewards is for taxes, fees and carrier charges payable to Qantas (excluding any amounts payable to third parties at the airport), shown in Australian dollars and were accurate on 16 December 2015.

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    Named The Safest Airline In The World :) Thanks OP

  • All the above examples are 'return' flights, not one way.

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    Taxes and fees to the US are still way too high. Compare it to VA which charges around $150, return.

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    Who would pay $708 tax after using 120,000 points? This is ridiculous! They rob your points plus they make you pay for the cost of the flight anyway.

    • Someone who doesn't have the other $1400+ to pay for a full fare….

      • That someone should find another airline that doesn't rob its loyal customers.

        • Robbing how?

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          @Gilby15: They're charging you the cost of the flight under the name of tax and take 120,000 points from you and you're still asking how? Check Singapore Airlines or Virgin's "tax" amounts. They're no where near what Qantas charges.

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          The normal cost of a return flight to London is over $2000. Qantas 'fees' are $708 so the 120,000 points value on this trip is around $1300+. There is no such thing as a return flight to London for $708.

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          @Gilby15:120000 points equates to around $700 in giftcard value so with $700 in cash you can get a flight to London with a number of airlines and you will earn another $200 in giftcards for the mileage accrued on that paid flight, so qantas isnt doing you much favors here.

        • @RockyRaccoon:
          What airline sells tickets from Australia to London to Australia for $700??????????? None

        • +6

          @Gilby15: I think your issue is you are not looking at things carefully, which makes you a great target for Qantas promotions

          I said 120000 points equates to $700 in gift cards which means $700 of value. Add to that the $700 surcharge and your trip is costing you $1400 plus you have 21000 miles return that you get more frequent flyer points from a paid fare, which you wont get from a FF ticket so thats another $100 or so. ( BTW I was wrong in saying $200 in gift card accrual)

          Therefore your net cost in fees and lost alternative value of the points is $1500. With fare sales by numerous airlines this can be a "normal" cost of flying to the UK.

          And Qantas is my airline of choice

  • Thanks OP.

    These are new lower prices not time limited.

    Dear OzBargainer,

    We have some great news to ensure 2016 is even more rewarding for you! From today, we've reduced the Qantas Points and Carrier Charges required for selected Qantas International Economy Classic Flight Rewards* booked on and from 6 January 2016.

    We're also reducing the number of points required for selected International Economy Classic Flight Rewards with some of our partner airlines including American Airlines®, Emirates and Fiji Airways.

  • To be clear. Taxes are a small part of these fees they charge on redemptions…. Rest of it is random surcharges for crap so that they still make a profit, and avoid quoting the full cost of using points. I.e "Melbourne to syd for only 10,000 points! + fees"

    However, this is still a better deal and a step in the right direction. Will be interesting to see how the frequent flyer programs will be impacted by the reduction in profitability of the credit card point schemes. People earning far less points from shopping (Woolies) and cards (RBA changes http://www.afr.com/business/banking-and-finance/consumers-wi... )

    I suspect the airlines will need to make redemptions far more cost effective. Especially when you have budget airline flights cheaper than the cost of the QFF redemption fees

  • Will be interesting to see if Virgin follows suit.

  • BTW, SQ and MH offer 15% discount in points when redeemed online. It'd be nice if QF and VA followed suit.

  • I've got 2 flights to LA that were booked a while ago that would now be approx 6K points and $190 cheaper.
    Does anyone know if it's possible (and what costs are involved) to cancel my old booking and do a new one?
    Might be worth it even with the fees. Already checked, same flights available.

    • I'd call them ASAP and ask them the question… although I suspect the answer is going to be NO :(

    • I did the same only a couple a days ago, pretty pissed off. However I did that inside the amex money back promo period. I'm going to call Qantas about this.

  • Qantas should follow the lead of Air Berlin. flights within Europe can be redeemed for points + fees or all points. A recent booking I made was 15,000 points, vs 7,500 points + €85 fees. Given the flight can be booked directly for €90 (or €100 with baggage), only points wins (plus zero out of pocket).

    • The same is true for Virgin - you can choose to cover fees with additional points, although that's a very poor way to use your points IMHO

      • It's not a poor way to use points in my example where the fees make up so much of the airfare. Effectively paying points plus fees values the first 7,500 points at €15 (given the airfare can be purchased for €100). Paying all points means the next. 7,500 points cover the €85 in fees. Much better value for points. Probably doesn't work the same way on Virgin who appear to have very low fees.

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