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T2Tea - T24U Chill Kit $20 + Shipping


2L Orange Jug comes with Fruitalicious 60g and Southern Sunrise 60g for $20.
Usually the 2L jug alone is $40.
Free shipping if you spend $60 and over.
I couldn't find any stock in store (Karrinyup) so not sure if it's an online deal only.

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  • Now that's some expensive tea…

  • $20 into T2 and chill and he gives you that look

  • I got one of these, and it is very good, but I also had $30 that T2 gave me so it didn't cost me anything.

  • Personally I dont like tea but I like Tisanes and T2 make really good Tissanes. Yes they aren't cheap but my alternative is Hot Chocolate. Also you can go in and taste them in the store.

    • Any recommendations?

      • Bright night - A minty floral blend
        Southern Sunrise - White hibiscus, lemongrass and grapefruit
        Riotous Rose - fruits and posies of roses delivers floral splashes blended with strawberries,.

        I also used to buy White Christmas every year - when they were on special post Christmas - this was like a tea version of mulled wine. They don't have it anymore.

        My suggestion is go into the stores and try the ones on tasting.

        The other thing I bought was "The Teamaker"

        I bought one when they had a special - this, a couple of teas and a double walled glass for $25. This works very well because you can easily draw off what you want while leaving the rest of the tea steeping, top up with hot water easily and you don't have to juggle a teapot with it's lid. It is a little fiddlier to clean but not too bad.

  • Might be hard to find as its the old stock jug. There is a 'new style' with a different lid setup.

    My local store was running this older style out before xmas, so stock levels might be hit and miss.

  • Bought! Heard about this deal from boxing day sales, and assumed it was all gone…hopefully online has stock!

    I'm guessing the new jug design is better, selling at $40…but for half the price (plus tea) couldn't resist!

    • These are much better than the new ones, i checked them out side by side last year when they had November sales.
      Thicker plastic (the new ones felt easy to deform) and made by Takeya!

      • Oh nice! I've only seen the old ones, and I assumed from the description on the website that they've improved the lid.

        Bonus if the old ones are better! :)

        • I'd be curious to know the quality of the new versions. I bought the old Chill Kit when T2 had their 50% off sale and have used the jug twice. Today, I noticed the inside walls of the jug now have a foggy stain which won't come off no matter how much I wash it. The jug has only ever been handwashed and used for T2 teas. I saw at least one other complaint on their Facebook page reporting the same issue and I sent off my own complaint today. Kinda disappointing for the price charged!

  • Anyone have luck getting this in store?

  • I tried to look for this in stores in Melbourne CBD and I couldn't find it.

  • Would gladly buy for 20, 10 bucks delivery makes it a deal breaker for me…

  • Appears to be sold out now.

  • dang decided to get 3 to save on postage and use as gifts, but got distracted just before hitting the button. Came back too late.

    2016 looks like being the year of missed deals for me :(

  • I have just seen this at the QVB Sydney store - there were at least 10 of them and they were 20 bucks each. They also had the 1.2L and 2L jugs for 20 bucks as well on their own. I also saw it at Broadway NSW on the weekend (no idea if it's still there).