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Free Everlast Jacket + Shipping if Newcastle Utd Beat West Ham (EPL) @ Sports Direct (FB Like Rqd)


Register your details on the link provided and like their FB page.

The game is on at 1am tonight AEST. If the magpies win, Sports Direct will email you a voucher for a free Everlast winter jacket RRP. 60GBP. Just need to pay the normal shipping which is $9.98AU through the Aus Sportsdirect website

They are slight favourites to win this match so barring any upsets, free jackets all round!

45000 jackets are available. Mike Ashley who owns Sports Direct is also the owner of Newcastle United for anyone wondering the reasons behind this promo.

Those who did not receive one of the 45,000 jackets, you will receive a 10GBP off coupon instead. However some users may like to put their unwanted codes in the comments for others to use Ensure when ordering you are on the Australian site: http://au.sportsdirect.com/ where shipping is $9.98 only.

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    • +1

      Berlin, is kinda on the way from UK to Aus anyway, innit?

  • If anyone has a spare code and doesn't want it, would love one pm'd!

    • Got one, thanks Catheena :)

  • Seems like the reviews aren't super positive; any feedback from someone on here that bought this jacket in the past? Otherwise, it seems like a win for Mike to just clear out unwanted stock.

    • +1

      I doubt he would have had 45000 jackets sitting around in unwanted stock. Thats probably enough to fill a small warehouse just on its own.

      • haha, true that… just a shame it's an item that has so-so reviews.

        I happen to have gotten a code in the lottery, so someone that would like to buy it. Just send me a pm! :)

      • Not sure if you want to update your post regarding sizing info! See my post below.

        OTOH, I don't want to be wrong and consequently the cause of 45,000 people ordering the wrong size!

  • Any other stand-out buys to make use of the postage fee?

  • +1

    Another code if somebody wants it = 75X16Q

    Missed all the good ones. Didn't even know it had been sent out. This company has been in my spam folder for over a year.

    • Used this code thanks!

  • Did anyone already get their 10GBP code (if you did not win in the lottery)?

    The wording is a bit confusing, is it supposed to be sent to us in 48 hours or does it have to be used within 48 hours?

    In any case, as long as there is no minimum spend or other conditions attached I prefer the code over the jacket. Perth never gets cold enough to need it…

    • +2

      Faily sure it means they'll send the code within 48 hours.

    • Expires on the 31st Jan.

      • Did you receive your's already?

        • +1


        • @sween64: Thanks! Got mine over night, was worth $20, finally pulled the trigger on some items I had in my basket for ages. Win-win.

        • @team teri:

          Does it apply to shipping? Wording suggests it wouldn't…

        • +2

          @sween64: Yes, it does apply to shipping as well….

  • Code up for grabs please comment if used


    • +1

      Just used it, thanks

      • Uh.. It worked for me too. Haha.

        Not sure who got it though.

      • So did I? That's strange. Thanks though!

    • Just used it.


  • +1

    UPDATE from Sportsdirect's Facebook:

    BREAKING NEWS – because of the amazing response to our jacket giveaway, we have decided that no one should go empty-handed. Those that were not successful in the lottery draw for the free jacket will be sent a £10 voucher to be used online or in-store, within the next 48 hours via email!!!
    Thanks to all those who entered, and look out for our next amazing giveaway!

    I am not sure if or how the £10 voucher will work on the Australian site though…
    Has anyone received and used it yet?

    • It's coming up as $20 ;)

  • +1

    For anyone who missed the lottery, here is my code: 6TL2PF

    • Used. Thanks mate

  • +1

    OCC0X8, won't be using it as the jackets are pretty ugly IMO.

    • I tried this code but it was not valid. Maybe someone else used it already

  • +1

    My code 4P865H, I was in checkout screen on Paypal and changed my mind. Hopefully it sitll works for someone.

    • Thanks:) worked for me

  • +1

    Here's my code that I won't use C995S6

    • +1

      Used - thanks

  • Ahh well,. colour I'm after is gone anyhow, despite reserving it in my cart last night, so postage costs are a mute point.

  • +2

    Here my code, jacket are useful to those in real cold area. 7H807K

    One condition , keep looking out for sweet deals for all of us to enjoy

  • Where do you put the code in? I cant find it.

  • +1

    Here is my code as I don't wanna use it: 4PT04W

    • used thank you!

  • +2

    Here's my code if anyone wants it: B77CM1

    • Used - thanks.

  • I'm moving to the UK in 2 weeks! Are the codes only for specific sizes? Would love a medium one (I will pick it up).

    Also got a £10 voucher, so looks like I can grab some cheap running tights or something for free!

    • Careful on sizing if you get one. ARMS are 2 sizes too short, Torso one size too short. According to comments on product page.

      I'm a medium but just ordered an XL. For $10 I thought I'd risk it.

  • Here is my code: 08MW1L

    • Used your code, thanks very much.

  • +2

    Here's another 6QJDS8 code for the jacket.

    • Thanks for the code mate, I used it with success.

      • So did I… Hopefully someone doesn't get their order cancelled.

  • Postage comes up as 15.99GBP via Barlin, how is everyone else getting 10-12$? Only orher option is to collect from warehouse.

    • +2

      Go to the au site or change country to Aus at top of page.

      • ahh, thanks

    • When you put the order in and use a valid free jacket code, it changes the delivery charge to $9.98

  • +3

    $10 for an Everlast jacket shipped
    What are people complaining about?
    I got an orange one - brown and lime look good on grandads :P

    • +3

      Well I am 65, but not a grandad!!

      Granted brown is not the best colour, but it'll work for me.

      At the end of the day, it's just a jacket. It will keep me warm in winter on my morning walk. The colour won't change that fact.

      • +1

        Indeed still a steal for $10!

        Nice work

  • I was one of the lucky winners, but there isn't much left in colours, brown, lime, orange.

    However postage is about $33, so I aborted the transaction. No option for postage around $10, as one person said.

    • Put in the code and shipping comes down to just under $10, as many people have said

    • hmm at first i only had the 3 options u said but then later when i finished browsing through other products and added them to cart, i went back to the jacket and got 2 extra diff colors to chose from, a red and black, and a grey and black.

    • wth? I just pad $9.98 for shipping? You must have chosen the express one?

  • OK, thanks to everyone, I got the $9.98 shipping.

  • Enjoy!

    • Taken

      • Worked for me :)

  • anyone with spare code, please pm :)

  • If anyone has a a unwanted code, I'd gladly take it.

  • +4

    Just got the £10 voucher email 👍

    Edit: shows up as $20 on the AU site, win!

  • +1

    Careful on sizing if you get one.

    According to reviews on the page, buy one (possibly two) sizes up.

    ONE size up to get the right torso length.
    TWO sizes up to get the right arm length (one review says if you don't raise your arms then one size up is OK)!

    I'm a M and ordered an XL. Maybe should have just gotten a large - who knows. For $10 I thought I'd risk it.

    • Oh bugger ordered M when should have done L

      Emailed them but I don't think I've got much hope if they are swamped with free orders

      • -2

        Anyone got a spare code so I can burn another $10?

        Please PM me

  • ordered one ..very happy! Just in time my NZ trip ;)

  • uh…anyone managed to use same code twice? I think I just did that …false positive?

    • -1

      That's poor form. That means the people who legitimately won a jacket can't redeem there's because they are out of stock, all thanks to you for double dipping.

      • -1

        FYI I only got one extra, so it's not end of the world..just thought trying if it's really an unique code..but guess not in this case

  • Got the orange one, large size.

    ps: yes I was just able to use the code a second time as well…lets see if they will honor both transactions.

  • Do you think we'll get it before 5th Feb?

  • awesome everlast jacket for 7 bux with the 20 off

  • If anyone needs a voucher code:

    Feel free to use and leave a comment is you use it

    • used it! thank you!

  • didnt get a code dammit, but then again these jackets look pretty horrid, maybe its the best for my limited wardrobe realestate

    • You're so much better off with the 10GBP gift card.

  • all gone, dont appear on the website anymore. got one of the last orange ones

  • 1XQYBQ

    Voucher code free to use

  • +1

    anyone with a £10 voucher and doesn't want to use it, please pm me

    I got the free jacket email

  • Jacket code and $20 gift voucher were stackable. Used another family members code and combined it and worked. Bought a few extra items but makes the jacket free with $10 worth of other items and free postage combining.

  • how to reduce the shipping cost?

  • So what happens if I have a winning jacket code but they are all out of stock?? (Checked the Au & UK sites)

    • id ask for a 10 pound voucher

      • Yep, just shot them an email and asked on their FB page too.

        Not holding my breath though!

  • Don't want my £10 voucher so here you go: Voucher code: 73381604668595849548
    PIN code: 4798

    • thank you PepperMan! Used your code.

    • dammit someone was quick..4c left on there

  • Anyone with a £10 voucher and doesn't want to use it, please pm me

  • has everyone received confirmation emails for their jackets? i just got mine

  • Hi, there. Anyone with the $10 voucher code? pls pm me if you don't need it. Thanks a lot!

  • Anyone got an unwanted voucher, pm to me would be very appreciated 😊😊

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