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Black Rapid Camera Straps $25- $55 at Harvey Norman


Went web shopping for one of these straps and to my surprise found a whole lot at HN at pretty much 50% off http://www.harveynorman.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=Black... . The RS series are well reviewed on many photo sites but were too rich for me at their normal $100+ price. Only downside is that HN's half yearly clearance ends tomorrow.

This is what I bought - sticker price $109.95 reduced to $55.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Even though the straps are very well made and designed,I would have liked them more if they didn't attach to the tripod screw.

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      haha - the best thing about them is that they hang on the tripod screw…

      • Not really.. Firstly I like to use tripods so would want instant access to the tripod mount and secondly, having the camera attached at only 1 point makes it very wobbly.
        Anyways that's my opinion so no reason for the negs.

        • In the past I've used the Joby UltraPlate (Arca-Swiss) for quick tripod access. The Joby has separate threads on the two ends of the plate that the strap can stay screwed into while mounted. BR also sell a FastenR to attach the strap to that replaces the screw in RC2 plates. I get what you mean about it being kinda 'wobbly', but I never really found it to be much of an issue though. Maybe the Peak Design slings would suit you better?

        • Yes, the worse thing about them is that you cant attach tripods quickly but as has been mentioned here you can buy other plates that can enable that if its something you really need.
          For me its not a huge hassle unscrewing it and mounting it on a plate.
          When i shoot with tripods I usually leave the camera mounted on and just carry the whole tripod like a baby if i need to move.

          However the 1 attached camera point is where I have to call you up on.
          when you say wobbly - Im not sure what exactly you mean. wobbly on your neck?
          the joint itself to the strap is super secure - the only time ive had it come loose is when attached to a 70-200mm f2.8 and i had it swinging around on my hip because i was holding another body. Now I just make sure I use the tripod collar to hook it somewhere so it doesnt twist around.

          Having a camera mounted on your neck is not a great ergonomic way to wear it imo.
          1) its heavy on your neck
          2) you cant attach large lenses to it and have your hands free without looking like you have 3 breasts sticking out

          This kind of strap allows you to have the camera on your hip where its more discreet and as I said before I can mount heavy lenses on it no problems.
          The camera is at your side where your hands are so for me its faster to grab and shoot quickly.

          The other popular solution is a clip/holster system but the reason why i dont like it is I have the fear of mis-clipping the camera and then dropping it on the floor.
          I know with this BR system i can let go of the camera anytime and its not going to pull my neck out either.

        • @voter1: Exactly - swinging around your hips like you mentioned.. I hit my 70-200 a few times when attached to the blackrapid.

        • @unknown: Yes I really like the concept of the peak design sling but haven't got my hands on it yet. Using the crumpler industry disgrace for a while now and like it.. Long enough to be worn as a sling, good amount of padding, attaches to the camera at 2 points making it stable and I have the tripod mount free to use.

        • @Dealayed:

          but itsnt it going to be worse when you have a 70-200mm attached to your neck?

          the way I wear my 70-200mm now is to hook the tripod collar on my belt or one of the straps on my backpack so it doesnt swing.
          The problem isnt with the strap - the problem is the lens is too big.

          If i had it sticking out of my chest I'd bump into the back of so many people.
          Even if its pointed down - I'd only last an hour before my neck was too sore to continue.

    • You can buy fittings (both aftermarket and official) that enable you to attach both without having to undo it each time.

      Edit: This is the one I ordered. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L9F89J4?psc=1&redirect=t...

  • Need a harness

  • I cannot recommend these enough. They make carrying a DSLR all day a breeze :) I bought the RS-7 at full price and have no regrets!

  • People will recommend cheap knock offs, but Black Rapid really are reliable as hell when hanging pricey gear off them.

    I used to be a pro shooter and LOVED how these made life easier doing wedding shoots or hanging off trees and cliffs. Even now as a casual shooter, I love having the gear hanging at my side, leaving my hands free and feeling confident in it not dropping.

    Have seen similar pricing in the past, but it's pretty rare. Highly recommended.

    • OK but all that is pointless because other camera straps do not break.

      • Not sure what your experience is in the industry and how you can say "other camera straps do not break", but have I've personally seen busted cameras or lenses from cheap straps as my wife works for a major camera repair business in Melbourne.
        Usually the plastic connections or crap stitching that does it.

    • i Bought a cheap knock off and it is great.

      Couple of quick mods and i cant see how it could fail.
      The main strap forms a loop locked with a buckle and a locking clip. Both clips would have to fail for the strap to unravel. Really worried just it? put a stitch through it i guess.

      The carabiner join to the sliding D shaped ring could fail. I put a simple keyring circle through the two as security.
      Like this: http://www.qstrap.co.uk/images/failsafe.jpg

      The only other way it could fail is for the plate attached the the camera to unscrew. An issue with all of these straps. To ensure this cant happen i just attached a short cord with clips on either end from one of the regular strap points to the carabiner. If the screw came undone it would still couldn't fall.

  • I went with the Peak Design Slide. The Slide doesn't leave your camera swinging on the one attachment to the tripod mount.

    Worth checking out if you need a camera sling.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Make sure it is reliable, my friend bought a cheap China made and broke his $6,000 gears.

  • I bought one of these a couple of years ago but couldn't bring myself to use it.
    With a d800 and grip and a heavy lens just didn't feel safe.

    • Shit, negged this, so sorry. How do I remove the neg? Was meant for a comment above. Apologies.

      I have a D800, L bracket and 70-200mm hanging off one of mine. Has done many weddings and outdoor shoots and never an issue.

  • I bought mine for my euro trip a few years back, never taken it off my camera since. the straps are so comfy and hold my 5D very securely.

  • The recliner looks comfortable, but I'm not sure I'd want to lug it around all day.

  • Good price but yeah, not a fan of the tripod mount either. Went with an OP Tech Utility strap instead.

  • Does HN automatically say out of stock if you go there page direct from OzBargain link? We probs need to start linking to them through an anonymous link referral or something…

  • Awesome, thanks OP. I've had the sports strap for ages but needed a wrist strap

  • Good straps, shame Harvey doesn't sell the backpack strap or any accessories though.

  • Any idea which of these will work well for traveling, pulling it out of a Lowepro toploader bag that's slung around my shoulder?

    • imo the whole idea of this strap is you dont put the camera in the bag - at least I dont.

      If you need to hide/protect it I just put a zip up jacket/jumper over the top and you wont know im carrying a camera at all.
      If you are really paranoid you could buy one of those neoprene socks that goes over it.

      Once I take the camera out for the day it stays on my hip the whole day.

      • Agreed, when I go travelling, if the camera is on the strap then I wear it out the whole day.

        When I go for shoots, I might pack a bag of gear including my camera, but once it's show time I just wear the camera outside of the bag.


    Which strap is suitable for Canon 6D with the 24-105 kit lens?

    • I've used the RS-7 Curve on my 6D, very comfortable and not too bulky compared to some of the others. Just be sure to put a cable tie through the clip on the back of the strap to prevent accidental release.

    • I have been using the RS-4 with on my 6D+24-70 for a few years now. No problems at all. Always feel secured.

  • 15 bucks shipping kills it for me - cant pick up since no stock around Sydney metro area

  • Thanks OP. Got the Rs-4 at Gepps Cross SA store for $45.

  • Bought this strap for $12.45 recently and happy with it.


      It says its unbranded?

      • It is unbranded, has the letter "K" but the parts are good quality. You can tell from the photos on the listing.

        • What can you see that tells you it's good quality?

        • @Diji1:

          imo the strap of this is fine - the problem is the plate - its not the same as the genuine BR ones and it is a bit wobbly.
          I have this knock off strap on my backup camera but I purchased a genuine BR plate/screw.

        • To each his own opinion. But I like the plate design much better than the knob. My plate attaches well to the bottom of my 70D and doesn't budge at all. I am also able to attach the plate to the tripod easily.

        • The strap and clip parts.

        • @voter1:

          I found the plate could turn pretty easily. Solved that very easily by sticking one of the kids foam stickers on the plate which is more compressible than the rubber on it already. Hasn't budged since.

        • @Duff5000:

          Yes this is what i mean by the plate being wobbly - that you had to mod yours to make it work properly. Mine was also a little wobbly wheh attaching to a tripod.

          That and also the fact that I didnt like the plate being so large and heavy.
          The original screw makes the whole getup look more sleek/professional.

    • I bought that ebay version when I had a D3200. The clip eventually broke.

      I wouldn't trust it with more expensive gear.

      My mate has the BlackRapid RS-5 for a few years with the D800 and no issues.

  • What are the differences between all of these? I need one for my 70D 24-105 and potentially a bigger telephoto lens at some point

    • I used the strap that I bought above for my 70D with the heavy Tamron 70-300mm lens.

    • The differences is how thick you want the padding and how secure you want the attachment system.

      A simple strap is light - the more complex ones make it more secure but more of a pain to take off.
      (the gun sling types)
      24-105mm is nothing - i've used 300mm f2.8 and its fine also.

  • Just as a counterpoint to all those saying you need branded strap or your gear isn't safe - I've been using an $8 dealxtreme knock off for 5 years now. Never given me a problem. I've taken it on plenty of paid shoots and hung kilos of professional gear on it. Just saying.

  • Bought a Sport RS-7 a few years ago, only used it a few times. Does not work that well with a backpack/messenger bag, so keep that in mind. Just googled a review of a different BR strap and they mention the tripod connector socket scratching the camera - I take really good care of my gear but that happened on mine as well.

    • You mean you didn't know hard things can scratch cameras?
      That's why you keep it connected or keep it safely separated.

      • Mine was connected in use, but I went to squat down and pick something up - heard kind of a crunching sound which was the metal carabiner rubbing up against the camera body just under the LCD

        • When you said "tripod connector socket", I thought you meant the screw.
          How is it even possible for the carabiner to rub against anything except the bottom of the camera?

        • Theres actually quite a few reports on the internet (only just googled them now, not prior to my purchase lol), that have mentioned the carabiner rubbing and marking the camera body. Its due to the size and shape of the carabiner and BR now sells this plastic attachment (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1026888-REG/blackrapid...) for it that helps prevent accidental release and scratching of your camera. Apparently it comes standard with the straps now, but the ones for sale here in HN look like older stock.

          Anyway, a few marks here and there is all part of general wear and tear of your gear - I'd rather not have it and just giving my personal feedback on a product that appears to be suddenly popular again due to the sale.

        • @diamondtouch1:

          You're right - I didn't get a lockstar in mine. What I'm going to do is use some heatshrink to go over the each side of the carabiner. This will also 'lock' the carabiner in place as well (I'll be using an arca swiss plate to attach the BR to my camera anyway. If I need to remove it I can simply cut the heatshrink off. Oddly I haven't seen anyone do this!

  • Great timing. I currently have the Sport Slim and I have nearly worn through the carabiner.
    These are great straps and I have walked hundreds of Km with my camera on one.

    Only annoying thing is no local stock so had to have delivered and HN stack postage, so for 2 straps +$30 postage.

    • Is it good for hiking with a backpack? Cheers.

      • I went on one hike with my Sport Slim and didn't like it for that use. Using this strap the camera dangles around so I find I have to gently hold it while I am walking. With a backpack I imagine it would be extra difficult because you would have to take the sling off and on (which is a bit of a fiddle compared to a more normal strap) when you wanted to remove the backpack etc. The way the camera/lens moves around and swings etc is my main complaint for these straps. But, having said all that I do actually really like mine. It has its place. It makes a heavy lens feel like nothing, and is comfortable. I used it successfully for a wedding, and concert, and also take it out when I plan on taking photos of birds / wildlife (and not walking too far).

  • Just got the last RS-7 from HN North Geelong, Thanks a lot was looking for a good priced one for sometime now.

  • None in Queensland according to the chat person

  • My Nikon came with a camera neck strap. Can anyone tell me why I would get this one?

    • Try it on, you will ditch the original neck strap and never look back.

    • Neck straps aren't the best for big dslr's around your neck. I used to use mine just to carry on the shoulder, but then when taking a shot it sometimes gets in the way. With this the strap stays on the shoulder and the camera slides up and down the strap

      Personally I prefer no strap at all, but I just bought one of these for when I go to events or travel.

    • Compared with the default strap, these are much more comfortable to use. Some superb design.

      They also look a lot less dorky ;-)

    • With these the strap stays on your shoulder, the camera slides up to eye level. With a regular srap if you have it over your shoulder you mostly have to pull your arm through to be able to use the camera properly. Even if you can make the regular neck strap long enough to have over your shoulder that you can pull it up to eye level you need to slide most the of strap back over your neck in the action to bring it to eye level.

      Watch a few seconds from here to see what i mean: https://youtu.be/nyxmbnQ76lw?t=3m53s

  • Have any females used the Elle?

  • Any experience with the Black Rapid Wrist Wrap?

  • Great deal. I don't think I've seen these substantially discounted before. Ordered an RS7.

    Thanks, OP ;-)

    Edit: been using a dodgy $12 ebay copy for about a year, and absolutely love the design. Parts of the ebay one are flimsy though (like the carabiner) so I think the real deal at this price is well worth it.

  • Thanks OP. Got the "Sport" strap at HN erina. Was deciding between that and the RS7 but after trying both on, I liked the security of the brad that goes under your arm.

    Plenty of stock still at erina - Sport, Sport slim, RS5, RS7.

  • I have been using this one for a couple of years now and love it. Easy to attach/un-attach, solid and strong connection and doesn't rub against the camera body and I find it very comfortable.


    Its a knock off, but does the job very well.

  • "For folks who don't mind their cameras chafed and scraped." (aka, "serious" photographers…)

  • Does it also fit when you do the backpacking?

  • Argh! I wanted to get the same one as the OP, but I had to go out for a bit. Now OOS. :(

    • I phoned the Joondalup store, which apparently has stock. The guy said they're not selling these anymore. Something about "stock rotation", and they're already boxed up with their paperwork ready to go back.

      • went there at 12.30 and got one, they have about 10 there of different types of these, seemed strange what they said to you ..

  • OP needs to change the link to search results for 'blackrapid' instead of 'black rapid'

  • Got the RS-4. I've been using a cheap imitation for at least 5 years now. Shipping was $5.95 to Melbourne.

    (Other models I looked at had more expensive shipping.)

    Let's see if they cancel my order like the last time I tried to buy from them.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed a Metro.

  • Good price if Blackrapid is your thing. I much prefer the Joby variant: http://joby.com/camera-straps/pro-sling-strap

    But now I just use a wrist strap: http://joby.com/camera-straps/dslr-wrist-strap and put everything inside a messenger bag. It's just as quick to access and offers a lot more protection.

    • I have both the BR and the Joby wrist strap. Both great, in their own right and for different purposes.

  • Good deals op, thanks.

    Just as a tip for anyone who is interested or curious about slinging their camera and either misses out on this sale or $50+ is still too rich, you can make a sling that'll do this 99% of the same job for about $10. Bunnings sell the hardware, you only need a strap - I used one off a backpack. There's heaps for tutorials floating around on the web if you need further assistance.

    • I just bought a $9 one instead http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/251644569183

      • Good luck with that, my friend bought similar from China and broke his $6000 camera.

        This is where the problem was.


        • That wasnt very bright. $6k of gear on a $9 strap?

          I have maybe 1.5k on it and still put a failsafe on that ring. http://www.qstrap.co.uk/images/failsafe.jpg
          ALso put a short cord from the neck strap lug to the main strap in case the tripod mount screw came undone.
          I wouldn't be leaving $6k hanging from a single point with no redundancy. Well, unless there is a local company with deep pockets that will cover the damage. Then again, wasnt he insured?

        • @Duff5000:

          The OP didnt even explain what exactly broke
          for all I know - sounds like he just forgot to twist that lock down and his clumsyness unclipped the camera while he was walking around.
          But yes you must be a new kind of cheapskate to put a d4 or 1dx (the only 2 possible $6000 camera's that could possibly do this imo - leica m9 is too light)
          on this $9 strap and not shell out for something better.

        • @Duff5000:

          The 360 degree connector was where it broke.

          He just told me that after he was back from overseas trip. Actually only the $1000 len was damaged. He may be able to claim travel insurance.

          I don`t understand how he paid that much for camera and lens but bought a $10 strap.

  • Thanks OP :)

  • Melbourne QV only have 2 wrist straps left. (Picked up the last RS-5) apparently their online stock system is down

  • Thanks, OP. Took the dslr on a day trip yesterday but only have a hand strap which makes looking after the kids difficult. Got the RS7

  • Thanks Op. Bought the RS-5 and RS-4 from HN at Midland, WA. Not much stock left. I think left 1 x RS-5 and 1 x RS-4. Didn't see RS-7 there.

  • Thanks OP. Bargained the guy down at HN to $40 for the RS-5