expired BIG OFFER - Get a Sony PlayStation®3 or PSP® with a Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone on Optus


BIG OFFER - Get a Sony PlayStation®3 or PSP® with a Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone on Optus

Sony & PS3UPDATE - Offer extended until the end of March (while stocks last).

Optus have just extended their big Sony Bonus offers. You can get a PlayStation®3 with the Sony Ericsson Aino on an Optus contract or a PlayStation® Portable with a Sony Ericsson C903. This is a direct offer from Optus - NOT AVAILABLE IN STORE.
Only Available at the Optus Call Centre on 1300 133 671
Get a BONUS Sony PlayStation®3 with Sony Ericsson Aino, or Get a BONUS Sony PSP® with Sony Ericsson C903


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    Cheapest for Sony PS3 is $59 a month. So, that will cover the cost of the ps3. However, good deal if you thinking of getting a new phone and are a heavy mobile user.


    the 59 dollar a month comes with a 50 dollar cap
    so if your a heavy user this aint the deal!
    maybe the 69 dolar one, thats 300 worth of calls
    min costs for the 59 dollar plan is

    ps3 around 400-450 these days
    so the phone is 831
    which isnt too bad in australia, as buying this phone outright would cost more than that
    however this phone overseas is around $500 bucks

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    you should say minimum plan is 53 a month…and its a 24 month contract… total minimum cost is 1,281.95…
    so phone= 500 OS according to ^
    + ps3 = 400
    + $20 * 24 months of calls = 480,

    total works out about 1380
    works out about even….
    slightly more expensive seprate, call me crazy but id rather buy them separately…and get my choice in phones.

    basically the PS3 is not free… almost neg worthy, but it is slightly cheaper…

    better on a bigger plan i guess if you want the stuff anyway.

    regardless its defiantly NOT a BIG OFFER!


      yeah the offer is ok
      dont really place much value on the 50 dollar free calls
      considering must give heaps more for that value (TPG, 20 bucks 300 dollars worth of calls)

      the offer is great if say ur work is paying for a moible
      free ps3!

        • don't forget if you buy outright and separate there is no cancellation fees….and no minimum contract. meaning if a better plan comes out you can change later…

        that in itself is worth (to me) more than 100 bux due to the fact that there are alway better phone deals coming out… 2 years is a LONG time to be locked in. specially as a lot of the cancellation fees are extremely hefty (eg to the point you pay out the plan, without getting the benifits.)

        1 year is more than enough for a contract in this day and age…

        at any rate i think we can see from all the calcs here, that the PS3 is not free with the phone….


    What is the Aino like?


    If you are in the market for a phone and wont mind optus as a carrier, i think it is a decent deal. Who minds Anio and PS3 along with the service?

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    If you need a PS3 right now and don't have the $$$ to go buy one and you are looking to upgrade phones or move to Optus, then it's a good deal. At the end of the day, if you're planning to change to Optus or upgrade existing phone and you can afford to go buy the PS3 elsewhere, you'll save upwards of $120 depending on which model PS3 they are packaging up.

    A quick compare shows:

    $19 Cap
    PS3 Bundle - $1272 (Min 24mth)
    Standard - $714 (Min 24mth)

    PS3 Cost $558

    $49 Cap
    PS3 Bundle - $1656 (Min 24mth)
    Standard - $1029 (Min 24mth)

    PS3 Cost - $627

    $59 Cap
    PS3 Bundle - $1896 (Min 24mth)
    Standard - $1239 (Min 24mth)

    PS3 Cost - $657


    Meh not a good deal. If you just get the Aino without the ps3 its on a $49 cap. On this they charge $20 a month over 24 months = $480 to include the ps3.

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