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Genuine Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 16000mAh Dual USB Port $39.95 Free AU Shipping @ Mushtato


Most popular Xiaomi Power Bank is back!
Full aluminum body, dual USB, and a huge 16000mAh capacity.
39.95 free shipping via AusPost eParcel online with tracking & signature on arrival.

Bulk rate available, instant saving
1 unit 39.95
2-4 units 37.95
5-9 units 36.45
10+ units 34.95

Special Promotion item with each purchase
Anker PowerPort 6 60W 6-Port Desktop Charger +69.95
Anker PowerPort 5 40W 5-Port Desktop Charger +59.95
Apple MFi Anker USB Lightning Cable 6ft BLK +24.95
Apple MFi Anker Nylon USB Lightning Cable 3ft Gold +14.95
Apple 1m Lightning Cable +12.95
Xiaomi USB LED Light +5.95

(20/01 10AM-10PM)

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  • +1 vote

    If you require a GST invoice, please leave a note in your order.
    We will send it to your via email after order is dispatched :)

  • No 5000/10000MaH additions rep??

    • +1 vote

      Sorry about that.
      But they are low in/out of stock at the moment :\
      We are waiting for the new stock which ETA early next month.

  • Hi Mushtato!

    Any chance of a deal on the new 20000mah powerbank from xiao mi!?

    • +6 votes

      We are receiving the new stock soon.
      ETA early next month.
      Once they arrive, we will put them on for promotion :)

      • What price do you plan to put them up for?

        • +1 vote

          It will be set according to AU dollar exchange rate.
          As it is unpredictable, ur marketing team will have the price ready when the stock arrives.
          Should be around 50.00 :)

        • @mushtato:

          Hey Mushtato, any news on the 20000mah powerbank?


      • I'm gonna wait for the 20k version as well then. Just seeing the reactions when I tell my friends its 20,000mah is worth it, despite the weight of the item itself

        • The 20000 is well worth the extra weight. Lighter than 2x10400 and is plastic so it doesn't have the same sharp edges to scratch your phone

  • any upcoming specials on the slim 5000mAh models?
    keen to purchase another lot of 10+.

    Gave them to customers & staff last time and they were a HUGE hit!


    • +2 votes

      Thank you for supporting Mushtato and AU business.
      We are waiting for the new stock for 5000mAh model.
      They should arrive early next month.
      Once they reach our Sydney warehouse, we will put them on promotion with bulk rate and combo options :)

  • Always a pleasure to shop at Mushtato. Highly recommended.

  • Do these have the quick charge IC? QC2?


      No, this power bank doesn't have.
      But they do output 2A current for iPad or tablets like your genuine wall charger does.
      The up coming 20000mAh model has QC2.0.

      • Disappointing that you can only charge the power bank itself with QC2 and not your phone.

  • Is there a splitter cable available to allow me to plug a portable HDD into a table (OTG), and get power from one of these power banks?


      Xiaomi Power Banks come with a Micro USB to USB cable.
      You can use it to recharge the item or charge your Android devices.
      You might be able to find the splitter cable you need on eBay.

      • I think I'll need a cable to both connect it to the tablet, and power the HDD from the power bank. Not sure if these exist.

        • You can get USB OTG hubs that also include a female micro USB for power. Whether they work would depend on your device.

  • So good to see even when our dollar isn't doing that great that local businesses like Mushtato don't jack up prices. Very happy with my 16000mAh from Mushtato over a year ago for same price.


      Thank you for supporting Mushtato.
      We are waiting for AU dollar to back up so that we can do better price :)

    • Is the Ebay one genuine? Mushtato gets lots of kudos from customers, even Ozbargainers who are notoriously hard to please.

    • +2 votes

      Our product is 100% genuine from Xiaomi with 20-digits authentication code.
      Cost-wise is impossible to have this price, unless custom, ATO, eBay, PayPal and AusPost won't charge them.
      Genuine product is different from fake copy.
      So no, not the same.
      Feel free to try one and share your finding.
      You can report fake sellers directly to Xiaomi.
      The more you report, the faster they react.
      Xiaomi do go hard on fake sellers ;)

  • Thanks, bought one! Wanted a 20,000mah but can't wait til Feb. Should be a good replacement for my 10400mah Romoss :)

  • Bought this 16000mAh last July, love it. Its a life saver specially when you are about to leave the house and the phone battery is low. This product is worth every cent.


      It does make your life much easier.
      Specially if you are heavy phone/tablet user or going for a trip.
      Thank you for sharing your experience :)

  • Was looking forward to one of these deals lately and have just bought one. Thanks, mushtato.

  • Full aluminium body with sharp edges to scratch your high end phone.

    • Definitely needs a cover or rounded edges/corners…..

      • +1 vote

        There are plenty of rubber covers for Xiaomi power banks on eBay.
        They are not very expensive and lots of color to choose from.
        Only 1-2 dollars.
        Grab one if your phone doesn't have any protection ;)

  • I've got 2 power banks, one Xiaaomi and one Kaiser bass which has a rubberised finish.
    Much prefer the KB one though. Not knocking the deal but be aware that if you value your device get a cover.

  • Do you have any of those power packs which you see on tv that can jump start a car and charge laptops? It seems they're all the same just badged differently.

  • how do these compare to romoss?
    bought a romoss and it died on me couple weeks after wty expired :/

  • Rep question: do you know if you are likely to be getting more stock of the smaller, thicker 5200 mAh version (this one: http://www.mushtato.com.au/xiaomi-5200mah-portable-mi-power-...) or only the thin one?

    [P.S. Posted from my phone, currently charging with the Xiaomi powerbank I bought from Mushtato during a previous promotion! :-)]


      Thank you for supporting Mushtato.
      The Xiaomi 5200mAh Power Banks have been discontinued last year.
      Replaced by the Ultra-thin 5000mAh model.
      Xiaomi is not producing them anymore.

  • Any deals for the Anker 6 charger itself? :)


      We will pass this to our marketing team.
      Hopefully they can arrange something soon :)

  • How long does it take to charge this beast? I noticed that the new gen powerbank has qc2.0 which reduces the charge-back time to 2-3 hrs.

    Thank for your reply in advance


      Using a 5V/2A charger, it will take 10-12 hours to fully recharge.
      About 24 hours for 5V/1A charges.


    The Xiaomi power banks seem like better value to me whem compared to Anker. It seems to me we are being charged a premium for something that isn't any better.


    For anyone here who might know…

    Would this power bank charge from motorcycle (whilst bike running( with no problems or I'm pushing it ? I wanted to go for the 20.000 but not sure if it will hold up (the bike).

  • Nooooooo! I forgot to place an order, went to try it now but the deal has expired :(

    • Send Mushtato a private message and see if he (Mushtato is a guy, right?) can do a deal for you. You never know. ;)


    Thanks guys for supporting Mushtato, this deal is currently over.
    Thanks to our low AUD rate, It's hard for us to keep the "old price" running, However we're always trying to bring quality deals to ozb communities.
    Keep it up !

  • Arrived today - awesome service yet again - thanks!

  • Damn, i'm looking for the 10,000 Xiaomi Battery pack. Has anyone purchased from gearbest before? They're advertising $14 w/ free shipping..But i have a feeling the shipping time could be immense?