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Dyson AM06 Desk Fan - $243.40 Shipped @ Bing Lee eBay


Hey guys, first time poster.

I needed a desk fan for a home office space, and had my eye on the AM06 last night, before the Bing Lee 20% off sale started.

Got up this morning to find that Bing Lee had actually REDUCED the price from $399 to $299 before the deal started.

So I felt this was a legitimate bargain, worthy of its own deal. This link is for the Black/Nickel combo, but other colours are available too (Grey/Blue and White/Silver).

This fan is $449 if bought directly from Dyson online.

Also don't forget CashRewards for extra 2% cashback: http://cashrewards.com.au/ebay-australia/

Original 20% off Bing Lee eBay deal

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  • +14 votes

    Can anybody explain to me why these fans are better than the ones I can get for $10 at Bunnings?

    • +13 votes

      Can anybody explain

      No, I don't think anyone can explain a $250 desk fan.

    • its a fan with no blade. Its magic dont you see :P

      • +4 votes

        There is actually a fan with blades inside, you actually mean its magic that you don't see. :)

    • As there is no blade it is safe to small children which they can put there fingers into the $10 fans from Bunnings.

      • Still not the most convincing reason.

        Some $50 fan got a very tight mesh that fingers cant go in, or tower fans that is not so much a risk.

        One thing I can't argue… the cool factor about Dysons.

        • I've had cage fans before but I find they always have a rattle, or at least develop a rattle over time. They are pretty difficult to clean too.

          Will be interesting to see how this fan is anyway. The visible part certainly looks trivial to clean, but I'm sure the fan assembly inside will get dusty, and may be difficult to clean. Reports on the noise these fans make vary wildly too, some people reckon they're jet-engine loud, others say very quiet. Can't people just agree on everything all the time, I mean seriously! ;)

        • +2 votes


          you can replace it 24 times and you are still ahead with a normal desk fan :)

  • They are absolute garbage do not waste your money. Have used one at work they are just as good as a $20 heater/fan

    • That's a bit insulting…

      … to the $20 fan. These are loud and move almost no air - the only advantage is the "cool" factor and the Dyson brand name.

      • Yeah but there is no cool factor. This isn't something like an apple product or one of their high quality vacs.

        The only good use for this fan is if you put it right in front of your monitor then it can blow on you and you can still read ozbargain through the hole in the middle =P

  • Uh oh, maybe should have saved my first post for a bargain SSD instead! ;)

    Well, they appear to review fairly well: http://www.productreview.com.au/p/dyson-cool-am06.html

    And they look a bit better than a $10 Bunnings fan IMHO.

  • Wondering the sales of this thing if it was Apple product….

  • I picked up the AM05 Dyson tower for about $200 at a cash converters, it's awesome. Little remote, sleep mode, really quiet, saved us this summer so far. It's in the lounge and I angle it in to the bedroom to get air in there at night on the timer, works like a charm.

    It looks great too, but I'd never pay full price for these things

  • Too many haters out there. Sure it's probably not worth the money but it looks cool on your desk and does a pretty good job. People (including HATERS) waste money on all sorts of crap that's not really value. Good for the economy.. I think lol.

    PS: Damn you OZB I just bought one.

  • I have the heating version of this and its way overpriced and loud. Apparently they have new versions that are better, but really its style over function. by a good pedestal fan.

  • Bought an AM06 at home just for night time use when it's not hot enough for air con but still want air moving.

    The downside? The fan is quite small and it's well known that small fans have to spin extremely fast to move lots of air. As such, it's become a daytime use fan instead.

    The upside? The engineering design is top notch and it certainly has some nice tricks to move lots of air despite the limited fan size. It's a very efficient unit and the build quality is probably best in class. If you're wondering what you're paying for, there it is.

    That said, my $20 ringgrip box fan has been going for close to a decade now and has been doing a fantastic job. It got a bit squeaky but a good clean and some well placed silicone spray has it going like new. I've now restored it to night duty.

  • As an Oz Bargainer I should stay away from thus, but I've been waiting on a price drop on this for almost a year. As a designer I cannot resist this deal. Thanks OP!

  • People shouldn't be looking at this as only a functional piece. It's an ornament. And that's how I rationalise my purchase :)

  • The Apple of desk fans.

  • Is this Ozbargain or OzSpend24TimesMoreThanYouNeedTo?