This was posted 5 years 10 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Castrol Edge 5w-30 $29 @ Repco


Price match at Supercheap Auto. Can buy Supercheap gift card from Woolworths for another 5% off using WISH cards.

RRP is $70 but regular store discount means $55~60 is normal. $30 is OzBargain level for stocking up, frequency for this price level is roughly once a year.

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    RRP is $70 but regular store discount means $55~60 is normal. $30 is OzBargain level for stocking up

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      you should mention the saving in the description…

      • I think to a normal person, the calculation takes far less effort than typing up useless obnoxious comments…….BUT that's just NORMAL people.

        • @jv:

          Dammit … again I have run out of negative votes on comments as @jv uses them all up!!

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          Im not sure why JV is getting so many negs…. inappropriate use of neg votes I reckon.

          He's stated valid points and simply stating FORUM RULES and people keep attacking with obnoxious comments (see what I did there).

          Thanks for trying to clear things up in the deal JV, ignore the haters.

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    was last this cheap at Xmas. already have 3 bottles. great price!

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      Did it go to $30 at Xmas? Last time I saw a good price was $30 on 27 Nov 2015 at Repco - so this is better by $1.

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    Got a 10 litre deal months ago still in the shed awaiting next service, Edge is a great and reasonably priced oil

  • Can you stock it for a year or so.. I don't know much about this stuff!

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      You can stock them for many years. The oil is designed to be stable under extreme heat and friction so they'd do okay in the shed. No need to go overboard in stocking more than two years. Sub-$30 price does come once a year at least generally Although if you miss it then it could be a long wait sometimes

      • wow, that's brilliant! thanks mate.

      • So, is it ok to put these on a shelf that is in direct sunlight at times? Or would the sunlight cause this to go "off"

        • I reckon to place them away from direct sunlight .. precaution is better thou lol.

    • thanks.

  • of only I didn't have 40+L of oil already :/

  • How long would it last when opened? I have a v6 which takes about 6litres of engine oil every change. So 5litres won't be enough..

    • Should last quite a while opened , its not like brake fluid or other fluids that oxidise or absorb moisture.

      I have oil open for a while , opposite issue as my car only takes 3.3L so I keep the leftover and mix it with the next pack, no ill effects

  • Years, its not bottled in a vacuum or sterile enviromment. It's just engine oil :)

  • What cars actually specify a 30 weight oil? Don't most specify a 40 weight in Australia due to higher temps?

    • My VW Tiguan

      • My wife's X-Type Jag .. expensive synthetic oil doubles the cost of an oil service .. :-( .. !!

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        Don't use this in the Tiguan. Its not VW504/507 approved

        • I was wondering the same thing.

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          @carlJack: It needs VW504/507 approved Castrol EDGE 5W-30 not this one Castrol EDGE 5W-30 A3/B4 on sales

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          Just change oil every 7.5k instead of 15k.

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          Be careful taking that approach with a car inside warranty. If there is an issue they potentially deny claims by using any evidence that the wrong oil was used even if it was above the standard interval.

          Really can't see the point of trying to save a few tens of dollars on an oil change on a car that costs multiple tens of thousands of dollars - just buy the right stuff

        • @DJR9000:
          Assume people like me stock in many bottles of oil unlikely have a car inside warranty. Beside, many mechanics (apart from dealer) only care about the ratings.

        • And if it's out of warranty?

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      Audi A6 and Ford Falcon to name some examples.

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      This oil is BMW LL-01 approved, which means it's one of the (few) oils which you are supposed to use in just about any BMW.

      EDIT: also, many manufacturers provide a range of oil weights that are allowed. Based on the owner's manual, my buddy's Mazda can be lubricated with just about anything.

    • nah, 5W30 is actually more common, some cars even ask for 5W20 preferred

      moving to 5W40 these days because they are generally better grades…. so much oil already =P

    • Probably every euro car as they don't factor in Aussie conditions. 40w is the go for 90% I would say. 50w for the guts of Australia. 30w for maybe Canberra & Tazzy..and only in winter

    • MB 229.3 and 229.5. keep in mind that car makers don't go out testing every brand of oil, therefore i pay more attention to the weight ratings and the ambient temperature. i also do my oil changes before winter and summer, and choose the oil accordingly. i've used this in the past as my winter oil. previous owners used to use mobil 1 0w40 all year but i've been experimenting with various oils ever since.

    • Add Nissan X-Trails to the list :-)

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      I use this or magnatec in my lawn mower. Goes like a dream.

  • Are any other grades discounted? I'm after 25w50.

    • What were you intending on using it with, you can use the Penrite 10w50 for machines needing 50weight oil.

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    Went to SCA (store closer than Repco) and they did a price beat at $28.50 .. smiling .. :-) .. !!

    • Just got the price beat also, plus got a free 5 dollar gift voucher and used my WISH card to buy. Brought down what would have normally been $148 purchase (2 bottles) down to around $49.50.

      I already had 4 bottles, but……Meh

  • Sweet I just got given a $5 credit in store for nothing cause I haven't been in there a while.

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    Went to two Repcos St Peters and Rockdale and both only had 4 bottles left on the shelf awesome deal

  • Hi. How do u know which oil good for which car? Is the 5w good for toyota corolla 2008? Thanks

    • Yes this oil will be good for your Toyota

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      your owner's handbook doesn't say?

      • Toyota manuals don't really tell you a specific oil weight just gives a range based on temperture. Personally I used 10w40 in my 08 corolla as then all my cars took the same thing.

        5w30 will be fine though

        • sounds specific enough to me ;) i choose the weight based on the time of year.

          a workshop manual like a haynes or bentley is also a good guide on the range of suitable oils and how much you need.

          out of curiosity, what range of weights do Toyota recommend?

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          This is not the exact one but the one in the manual is similar

          The 20w-50 thing is a bit weird though. At that viscosity it would be difficult for the oil to get into the VVTi mechanism properly

        • @DJR9000: thank goodness i don't live anywhere 20w50 is recommended!

  • Thanks

  • Price matched at Warwick Farm SCA - they still have about 10 of the XLD on the shelf (not sure about how many of the others there were but I definitely saw some Edge there too).

  • Thanks, yet I think it would be prudent that I pass on this, considering I've still more than my local stores would have :P

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    Looks like a pricing error, as I was in Repco last week and it was $75 (less a few cents).$29 + $26 (saving) is still only $55, so the maybe the marketing guys are just doing themselves a disservice. Not complaining…I picked up two bottles from Supercheap Keperra as a price match :-)

    • When I was in the store I flicked through the catalog and the edge 5w-30 was listed at $55 per bottle so I think that's where the $26 saving comes from but still seems really really cheap

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      How can it be a pricing error with a catalogue link stating only valid today and tomorrow ( see the image… ) . that price would have been their normal sale price this is just for the weekend

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    are 5w-40 on sale too?

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    Nice find smiley. I prefer the Repco deal that gives you a free oil filter. My car oil filter costs $30 because its European. The Repco oil and free filter deal for about $20 offers from time to time works well for me. Whilst the bundle oil deal usually offers a good oil, this oil on now on sale is better. I change my oil ever 15000 to 20000 these days. Oils are much better than they used to be and when i swapped the oil at 10000 is was always still clean. I also have a LPG 4 cylinder so oil lasts longer and i pay 46cents a litre minus 5% wish card :) The injected LPG runs better than petrol!!!

    • Gosh didnt know oil filters can be so expensive. The 3rd party filters for my Honda are about $3 each in bulk buys. Just about to order a new MINI, need to start mentally preparing for euro parts. fretting

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        I put an oil cooler and oil filter relocator on my cruiser, I use a different filter to the manufacturers with the same threading. Could be an option if you want to pay less for your filter + increase oil capacity for cooling. I save almost $20-25 a pop which is good because i dump the oil between intervals.

  • However the larger sizes, 10 litres also can go on sale and at a good markdown too.

  • Datasheet$File/CASTROL%20EDGE_5W-30%20A3B4_3374731_2014_01.pdf

    I'm going to stock up for my vw jetta. Even though it's only vw502 instead of vw504.

    • +5

      And still no +Vote

      Nice work, broden.

  • bought two bottles yesterday!! well it was hard to convince suppercheap auburn to pricematch with repco since I believe it's a massive price drop yeah. Good stuff OP :)

    • SCA price matching is quite inconsistent across different stores and sometimes even across staff. In the past I had ones just checking on the competitor website only and another one who would call up competitor store and check for availability. And then another occasion when the trainee wasn't aware of this and had to bring in his manager.

      Generally best to go in early before they get busy.

      • so true 100% agreed.

    • try at supercheap wentworthville. I got one yesterday. no issue…

  • Repco Metro Melbourne all sold out. Price Matched at SCA - Glen Waverley no probs though (2 max. per customer) - give them a call to place 2 on hold for you!


    To see what oils your car can use (use the drill down menu).
    Repco in Wagga only had 2 bottles on the shelf at about 11am yesterday, I bought them and asked if there was any more and they said no.
    I wonder how many will be on the shelf first thing on Monday morning? :) .

    • Repco in Wagga out today and SCA Wagga would not price match.

      • Yeah SCA in Wagga was $73.99 for the Edge from memory and would not budge.
        I didn't know that SCA even does price matching, it says in their terms and conditions the opposite.

  • Just grabbed the last one from Kingston, Hobart. Thanks OP

  • Fyshwick sold out, but bought 2 at supercheap in Gungahlin. They priced match. They still have a lot, but the maximum they will sell is 2 bottles. …

  • Sold out at Belmont WA, but SCA across the rd still had a few in stock, and price matched for $28.50
    Nice one OP

  • Thanks OP. Managed to price match at SCA Auburn, picked up the last two. Local repcos were all sold out! :(

  • +1

    Staff at SCA were not happy at all!!

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