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Trial Flight in Melbourne, Includes a Pre-Flight Brief and 30 Min ($99) or 60 Min Flight ($159) - Amber Aviation


Amber Aviation have a limited time offer!

$99 for a 30-minute trial introductory flight with briefing session (total value up to $250)

$159 for a one-hour trial introductory flight with briefing session (total value up to $495)

  • Take to the air and experience flying in a real cockpit
  • Full pre- and post-flight briefing with a professional instructor
  • Use the controls, taxi the aircraft, assist in take-off, and help in other handling tasks
  • Fly in a Cessna 172 or Piper Tomahawk
  • Counts towards getting your professional pilots license

We provide everyday thrill-seekers and aspiring pilots alike with flying experience unlike others, operating out of Essendon Airport in Melbourne.
We offer flying lessons and train pilots for their private pilot, commercial pilot and ATPL licenses, likewise offer charter planes and scenic flights for those who would rather be passengers.

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  • +1

    Awesome! Love this to be in Perth.

    • +2

      One of the many reasons to visit Melbourne!

      • I'm there may 5-8.
        Do the same deal for me then?

  • Not good timing based on what happened the other day…

    • What happened ?

      • Kaboom.

    • +3

      This deal is on for one more month, the RRP's are listed. Please link a better deal!

        • +8

          Thats why I'm sharing it here, because like you said-this website is not "OzSpeculation".
          The promotion has been running since December 1 and will be at the RRP at March 1.
          If you don't see a value in this promotion its all good!

  • +6

    jv has a point but it is a fantastic deal.
    jv lighten up a bit mate.

    • lighten up a bit mate.

      flight humour ?

  • lol thats better lol

    • He really flew off the handle.

      Almost made this deal crash and burn.

  • +1

    Better deal?
    30 mins pre-flight, 60 flight, 20 mins post-flight: $129


    • Response?


      Appears to be a better deal with a 20 min debrief at the end

    • +3

      The $129 flight package says the flight time is 30 minutes?

      • Yep, premium package only has a 60min flight time ($199)

  • +8

    We are governed by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and operate only Gereral Aviation aircraft (the aircraft are bigger, sturdier and the maintenance is very strict)
    The flying can be recorded in the logbook and will be counted towards the Private/Commercial license.
    We operate out of Essendon Airport. Located approximately 20 minutes from Melbourne CBD.

    Soar are governed by Recreational Avaition Australia (RA-Aus) and operate recreational aviation aircraft-(the aircraft are lighter, and smaller, maintenance requirements are not strict compared to general aviation)
    The flying cannot be recorded towards Private/Commercial license.
    Operation out of Moorabbin Airport. Located approximately 50 minutes from Melbourne CBD.

    I hope this is helpful!

    • +5

      So OP has a bigger one then.

    • I hope this is helpful!

      Thanks for the clarification.

    • Yep. Understood re size of aircraft

    • Many Rec aircraft are a lot newer and modern than any Tomahawk; the last of which was manufactured in 1982.

      The only light aircraft I hated flying more than a PA38 was a Cherokee 140.

  • +1

    I paid full price few months ago :-( but worth every penny - Highly recommended @ this price.

  • This is a pretty standard price that country aero clubs have all year round for a TIF in a 172. My local has been $99 for as long as I can remember. Intentionally cheaper than normal hire to get you in the door with the hope you will sign up as a student.

    The bargain here is that it is out of Essendon in controlled airspace where the half of the cost will get chewed up in the high air services tower fees and the high Essendon airport landing fees. You get some nice city scenery for your troubles.

    If you want to pick where you go and / or get more time hands on, pick a country areo club. If you don't mind having part of your flying time chewed up getting out of controlled airspace, this is not a bad option.

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