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Skip App - (3 Coffees for $1, 5 for $2) All Codes: 9 Coffees for $13 (200+ Cafes in Melb/Syd/Bris)


If you did not feel like installing an App for getting 1 free coffee, how about 9 coffees for $13? (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/233164)

I found that you can use all the coupon codes in the Skip app. So you can get,
1 Coffee - IEATMELBOURNE - Free Expired
3 Coffees - [email protected]$1 - $1 each
5 Coffees - [email protected]$2 - $2 each

You can also get 4 Coffees at 1/2 price with these codes:
1 Coffee - [email protected]/2
3 Coffees - [email protected]/2

Use one code at a time and when you exhaust the limit of the code, use the next code. I think using the code in the above order will be optimum.
NOTE: Even if you have used the free coffee code from the earlier deal, you can still use the other codes.

You can find all the coupon codes here: http://skip.com.au/terms/skip-promo-terms.html

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  • Wow i think i might die from caffein overdose today so ill give u an upvote now

  • +1

    As a avid OzBargainer I only pay $0.80 per coffee at Cole Express :) or maximum $1 at 7/11

    • +1

      You should only be paying 30c for coffee.

      • yeah but my bank charges me $2 to use the atm!

        • +4

          Are you even an OzBargainer? Where is your ING card?

        • +1

          @compache: Or ME Bank or Coles MasterCard.

    • Coles Express is not bad.
      But 7-11 one was bad when I tried last year.

      • +4

        I have to disagree, the coles ones taste like dirty water and the 7/11 one is alright, but not amazing

        • No, I think the other way.
          I had few from Coles Express recently, they are OK.

        • @ManUtdFans:

          I have to agree with camoqs, 7/11 is pretty good. Coles one tastes really watered down!

        • +1

          I find the 7/11 coffee varies by store, I quite like the one in Freshwater Place (Melbourne), but the one on Russell/Little Bourke is horrible.

  • with [email protected]$1, do you have to have 3 coffee in one order or you can separate 3 coffee's for a $1?

    • The way OP has written it suggests the [email protected]$1 code can be used three times in seperate transactions. Hopefully that's the way it works and OP has tested it.

      • [email protected]$1 will be $0.33 per cup?
        From cafe? Even less than 7-11?

        • +1

          Each coffee is $1. I have updated the description.

  • I've used all mine :(

    time to setup a new account!

    its actually 10 coffees for $13 (its buy 9 get one free at most places)

    • Only if you buy all 9 from the same place though. I just got my free coffee yesterday and seems like the owner is bearing the cost. Happy to be proved wrong though.

      A side question, what's the minimum effort to create a new account?

      • damn… didn't know it was owner bearing the cost…

        ok maybe I shouldnt…

        not that hard… different CC + email ~

        • I am not 100% sure it's all on the owner but I asked him yesterday and he just thought that I was getting a free coffee as something like buy 9 get 1 free. Hence, I assume that he wouldn't get any $ from Skip.

          Have you tried the same CC with a different email?

        • @MadMaxBargainRoad:

          Nope ~ I was going to try later in the week ~ (my 10th one free tomorrow) ~

          But after you told me the owners were copping it, I'm a bit hesitant

        • @blehgg: I don't think owners have to bear the cost for Promo code. It might be the usual buy 9 get 1 free coffee. (I might be wrong)
          Pricing information for venues is available here: http://skip.com.au/venues/

        • @nhunter: I emailed them a few days ago. They said it depends. Some promos are paid by Skip while others are charged to the cafe.

  • Why do they need my card details?

    • +2

      You need to prepay when you order - not on pickup.

      • Nevermore. Found a way to fool the system. Just use junk email and test credit card details.

  • I'm reluctant to download to my phone just to find out if there are any coffee shops for Perth listed. Anyone in Perth used this?

    • There are some listed but from memory there's only about 15 in the whole metro area.

      • Thanks. Will take a look.

    • +1

      Go here - don't need to download it


      to check whats in your area

  • I have been doing this for the past two weeks. I was given a promo code for [email protected]/2 and my natural cheapskate ways got the better of me. I think I have a problem. If there is the space for a promo code, I will spend a long time trying to find one that works.

  • Just purchased an iced coffee for 20c. I thought it was a promo price, but it turns out a few drinks prices have been in error at a few establishments. The guy gave me an iced latte instead, though, which is wrong because one cannot retrospectively demand a price alteration due to unilateral error once the contract has been electronically fulfilled.

  • I started a forum [List of Cheap Coffee Places in Melbourne CBD] (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/235387#comment-3476745) - feel free to submit cafes that you know within CBD offering good coffee during promotional time.

  • Last week when i checked there were a few decent cafes down in the Docklands. Seems like they've now pulled out. Hilarious.

  • It seems now the $1 and $2 offers aren't working for me, saying it's for new users only. I signed up about a month ago and used the one free coffee.

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