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Up to 65% off Sony 'Box Damaged' Hi-Fi Sale (Links Inside) @ Sony Online Store

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        • that is fast! yeah pls update about box, unity.

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          @eisniwre: It's in immaculate condition. I wasn't worried about the condition of the box anyway, as long as the unit inside was undamaged.

      • You going to upvote the deal?

  • Thanks TA, I've scored one STR-DN850 on a backorder, it's already dispatched this arvo from its DHL warehouse - Sydney

    • That's good news that back orders are being honoured.

      • probably someone cancelled. i bought $9 radio clock (after coupons) when it was back order, expected delivery 6 months time but around 2-3 months i got it delivered by DHL straight from singapore.
        no wonder Sony cant make profit.

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        Not all

    • You're lucky. I have been told order cancelled.

      • Sorry to hear that. We were saying yesterday that some back orders may get cancelled.

      • Sorry to hear that.
        In my case, when its on special price I've added to my cart but haven't finalised the order as I was reading reviews, I think I've taken a couple of hours and then proceeded to checkout, even at final stage when it took my CC details it asked me to review my order as it can't be purchased due to backorder issue, but I haven't changed anything, I've proceeded to final payment again, lucky enough it placed order (I was fingers crossed). even in the order confirmation email, when I've tried to view my order details it showed me no order exists..I thought I would get refund but when I saw the order tracking email I was totally surprised.

  • I have just received a dispatch notice for the STRZA2000ES. Looks like overnight delivery via DHL.

    • Just took the plunge on one myself.

      • I did the same…Going from a cheap Pioneer 5.1 unit to this, so should be a great upgrade. Next buy is getting some quality speakers to go with it lol.

  • So how damaged was the box for people who received their unit?

    Any scratches or damaged to the unit itself?

    Waiting for dispatch on my STR-DN850.

    Order status:
    16-02-2016 Order placed successfully

    Payment status:
    17-02-2016 Payment Approved

    Delivery status:Despatch Pending

    • My UDA-1 is brand new. Box wasn't wrapped or anything but there is no damage lol

  • Can anyone give a rough ETA on how long it took for the sony voucher to arrive for them…

    • Raif, i'll PM you a $30 code to use that i have had in the past.

  • Updated required? 2 Ch Analogue Audio Stereo Amp TA-A1ES $1099(sony.com.au) - No longer listed / available

  • wow that price on the TA-A1ES is awesome. So, so tempted.

    • Yeah I grabbed one yesterday.

      It sold out now.

  • Are these offers available at the Sony retail stores, such as the one in Nunawading in Melbourne?

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    My HTXT3 is out for delivery tomorrow :)

    Tightarse!! Tightarse!! Tightarse!! Tightarse!! Tightarse!! Tightarse!! Tightarse!! Tightarse!! Tightarse!! Tightarse!! Tightarse!! Tightarse!! Tightarse!! Tightarse!! Tightarse!! Tightarse!!

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      Hail the great man

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    All this stuff fallen off the back of a truck?

  • Received STR-DN850 - no damage to the box or the unit that I can see. The box has just a tape to seal it but it is clearly not re-sealed.

    • dat salt on the wound…T.T

  • I emailed Sony about the USB DAC Amplifier UDA-1S, they mentioned it is now discontinued. They didn't seem to sure about a 'damaged box' sale…

  • Just received the XT3 in pristine condition. Boy, it's a lot heavier than expected and that's always a good sign for hi-fi units. Sydney to Melbourne delivery in under 2 days! Impressive speed.

  • Someone really bought the bookshelf ss-na5esp for $2198??? Plz educate me the value of it!

    • There are always fanbois around or people who think its on discount so it has to be at a decent value.

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      It can be that sony overvalued the product and the market was not prepared to pay RRP. The other thing that happens is there are new products coming out with either better tech or way more competitive pricing so they panic and clear the old stock out. Always compare the discounted price to the other competitive products RRP.

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      ^^ What lonewolf said ^^ … plus everyone hears things differently through different systems & speakers in different environments so there is no firm rule as to what sounds better than anything else in the world of Hifi and there never will be! The person who bough those speakers may have heard them somewhere and were totally blown away. I just hope they have the same experience in their own home because there are so many variables involved in replicating a certain listening experience… even down to how the walls are painted! My favourite example is from my current listening system… $100 Voll Mini Bookshelf Speakers sitting beside my $11,000 Electrostatics. I get equal enjoyment from either pair of speakers across MOST music styles so the $10,900 price difference means nothing in reality. It's only that final 1-2% where the Electrostatics really shine and sure they're amazing speakers but you'd have to be crazy to pay that much for such a minimal sound difference. Of course that's just MY opinion from MY experiences. Everyone's different.

      • Martin Logans? :)

  • Received STR-DN850 just now.Box is not damaged at all and unit is factory sealed with no sign of a repack. Thanks TA, great find/post.

  • Received the HT-XT3 just now, the box does not seem to be damaged at all.

    • so jealous! the DHL called me this morning but i was not at home so need to re arrange

  • HTXT3 arrived today and can confirm box has no damage whatsoever

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    My HT-XT3 Soundbar arrived. I was too lazy to set it up at TV so placed it on the Garden table & powered it on. I then touched the Bluetooth button, and connected my tablet(no fuss). Then opened Spotify and listened to music while enjoying the Outdoor sunshine! Great sound. TV & reading the instructions will come later ……at some point. I like that I can grab and place this anywhere for Music. Might need to kludge up something for under my TV that allows me slide the HT-XT3 in and out from under it, rather than placing TV directly on top. I can see myself using this for more than just TV an the occasion!

  • nvm

  • Just received my Xt3. The box was pretty much pristine with a minor scratch probably from DHL. Just updating it now before I can use it… haha

    • how to update?

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        Head into settings if you've got it plugged into hdmi arc and then software update.

  • make sure to update the xt3 firmware.. mine didnt connect to wifi and drove me nuts until i updated it…

  • I got the Htxt1 delivered.look shiny ,no box dmg or anything. Im now regret getting it instead of the htxt3 .it sound worse than my old sony 5.1 home theatre system.Had to modify bass and treble setting a bit before using. noooo I want the xt ht3 so bad

    • I thought the difference is only watt, 170 vs 350?
      That makes big difference?

      Well you haven't heard xt3, maybe still worst than your existing Sony…

      • My old system is the sony bluray 3d player bdv-e290 1000w and it actually sound 10x better, its bass is ground shaking powerful .maybe it just need more time for me to adjust and accept the new sound plate.Heard the xt3 bass and treble is much better than xt1.

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          You expected a soundbar to sound better than actual speakers (even if only HTiB speakers)?
          No soundbar ever will sound better than actual speakers.
          You should be happy that you didn't waste even more money on the xt3.

          Soundbars exist solely to replace Crappy LCD TV speakers without adding much bulk.

        • @scubacoles: thats what i was suspecting too.
          but i remember one day i went to this bose showroom, they have this tv with few stuffs covered in cloths (speaker shapes) at few corners to mimic 7.1 system. sound very good just like surround system.
          but then after that they took off all the cover actually what we thought speakears are just empty boxes, the real speaker was only ONE from the TV (or soundbar) in front of us.
          not sure why we were hearing sounds coming from different directions during demo!

        • @eisniwre:
          Virtual surround is incredible tech. But how many hours did some engineer spend designing the dimensions and layout of the display room?
          And how many hours are you willing to spend to do the same?

        • @scubacoles:

          Soundbars will never be as good as actual speakers, even just the drivers and size they have to contend with means that the audio will be shortchanged. The idea is that they are more convenient and aesthetically easier to deal with than multiple speakers as well as they are meant to be an all-in-one solution.

        • @scubacoles: ah that's the term, virtual surround? nah i was just simply shared my experience above, definitely cant afford bose home theater system. maybe in my next life i can.

        • yes, soundbars arent surround speakers.but I didnt expect this sony xt1 to be left behind so far.I got the Bose solo 15 and it the only sound bar live up to my expectation so far.

  • TA mate - you need to get us more of these damage box sales!! especially for all of us who missed out (order cancelled)!! TA!!!!!!!!! TA!!!!!!!! TA!!!!!!!!! TA!!!!!!!! TA!!!!!!!!! TA!!!!!!!! TA!!!!!!!!! TA!!!!!!!!

  • Bought a HT-XT3, my box was actually damaged. Nothing bad, just scuffs and rips everywhere (half the SONY logo was ripped off). Was surprised since my headphones (another "damaged box") sale came in pristine condition. I don't actually care my box was damaged ;p, A bargain @ the price, just letting you know, you might actually get a damaged box!

    • and review of the sound please? can you get that "virtual surround" where the sounds are like coming from left and right ?

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        Sound is pretty amazing for a soundbar, my house is pretty small though. I grabbed it for the TV in the lounge. I have a Sony HT-CT80 I grabbed in a previous sale (only like 2 months ago) which we were using in the family lounge for movies etc which I've now stolen for my TV in the bedroom! The HT-XT3 is miles better (as you would obviously expect considering one is $249 and the other is $799 R.R.P), you definitely get the virtual sound experience, It sounded pretty amazing during explosions/guns shots etc while the HT-CT80 was just basically loud tv speakers. Haven't used many of the features yet other than Bluetooth which worked like a charm and is far superior than the radio in the lounge. Stoked with the purchase personally, Not sure I'd drop $800 on it, but $375 is a no brainier…

        tl;dr: Not sure you'd get anything better from a soundbar/sound base. So if you don't want to shell out for receivers/speakers or just don't have the room, this is perfect IMHO.

  • Anyone in Perth had their order delivered yet?

    • Nope mine was dispatched on Wednesday, still waiting. ETA I was given was Tuesday

      • Thanks, I had the same

        • Finally came on the 25th. No damage etc on box - hooked up and sweet as!!

    • Finally my HT-XT3 is out for delivery!

  • In Sydney ordered the STR-DN850, no cancellation email and they have taken money out of my credit card.

    Still no dispatch email yet..

    Might have missed the boat.

    • I'm in the same boat. Seems their "damaged box" sale is more clearing discontinued models, so I'm hoping they are expecting more stock to be available to fill the back orders (hence some been cancelled and others remaining)

  • I'm pretty filthy on this. I pulled the trigger on this deal early for the STR-DN850. Received the confirmation email however the order details screen has never had any information and my Credit Card still lists the payment as pending. Clearly I'm not getting my order but I have received no further information yet.

  • Bought str-za2000es to replace my old and not so good Yamaha RX-V530. Hope my Monitor Audio front/JBL rear/Yamaha subwoofer 5.1 set up sound better. Thanks OP.

    Does anyone know what the power consumption of this unit if just watching TV with moderate volume sound? It says 290W but I assume that is the max draw rate (NVM - answer probably around 100W).

  • got my xt3. wish the subwoofer volume can be up to 20 not max at 12 haha. voice is clear. my tv cabinet is much tidier now without bulky pioneer receiver and 5 speakers.

    xt1 still available. as i cant find any real review between xt1 and xt3 (well who on earth bought very similar units anyway), based on feedback from xt3, i believe xt1 is still a good sound base at bargain price.

    • XT3 sold out so grabbed a XT1. Just received it. Totally different level than my TV's sound. Very happy with the money spent! Did not notice any box damage :)

  • +1

    I think I'm going to have to contact consumer affairs!
    My purchase was delivered and there's not even a printing error on the box, let alone any damage.. Clearly Sony are passing off undamaged stock in this damaged box sale!

    • +1

      you sure are a brat!

  • ok so i need help with harmony 200 (basic), tv, and sony soundbar xt3.
    the harmony has yellow button called "watch tv" and when pressed, it will toggle (on & off) tv and my old pioneer. all good.
    but i realised sony sound bar has 3 states: on standby and off.
    Now i cant get my harmony to turn my tv and soundbar on at the same time. tv on but soundbar still off and i need to use the soundbar remote to turn on.
    any advise on the remote setting or suggestion to any other remote that working?

    • Reprogram the harmony to tell it that the Sony has 3 power states..

      • I think my harmony 200 isn't that smart… You have the same remote and able to reprogram?

        • +1

          Harmony's are all the same programming wise as far as I'm aware.
          The smarts are in the programming software, and how you program it.
          The remote just gets the necessary commands transferred to it.
          The differences in the remotes are just the number of units they can interact with and the interface.
          If you're using this sort of software,
          then you ought to be able to go into the settings for the Sony and change the power options. This change should propagate through any of the "Macro's" that use the Sony.

  • Thought I'd follow up on my backorder STR-DN850 today with Sony Support after having heard nothing. They said they would email me through an update by COB today. They just sent through an email stating

    "Due the overwhelming response on our home audio promotion, we have sold out of the model they have ordered. Unfortunately as this offer was strictly while stocks last, this means we have to cancel the order.

    A refund request has been submitted and the customer will have their funds in 7-10 business days. Apologies for any inconvenience."

    So looks like backorders that weren't cancelled immediately also won't be fulfilled :( Glad I rang and didn't wait months to get that answer though.

  • I wanted to post my unfortunate experience recently with SONY STORE AU and DHL SUPPLY CHAIN so that people can have visibility and can use this for reference. Hazy on the dates but you can see the progress of events happening.

    HT-XT3 Ordered. Payment processed fine and consignment w/ tracking was issued via Sony/DHL with an expected delivery on the 18/02/2016 (SYD->BNE). The tracking package showed one item, and one update where the package was consigned with correct information at that time.

    No update since the initial consignment of the package on the DHL tracking site. Decided to call the DHL Supply Chain Customer Service after reading a couple of articles on whirlpool. They put an issue in to investigate as it looks like the item has not left the depot.

    Called up DHL Supply Chain CS again with information of an email chain with investigation ongoing and information that they will be contacting SONY STORE AU to supply another unit to deliver - told that if successful unit will be delivered early next week.

    Called up DHL Supply Chain Sony Representative (different number from above, supplied in the order email from SONYSTORE AU) and was notified that re-supply is in action. Coming to the conclusion that DHL has lost my package.

    Called up DHL Sony Rep - unit in question (HT-XT3) is discontinued and a refund is in order. Told that an Sony Store Support would be calling me to confirm a refund before EOB. Nothing for the rest of the day.

    Called up DHL Sony Rep again this morning to chase up the refund. Rep supplies me with the CS phone number and ensures that someone will be able to talk to me there - forwards me to the Playstation support who cannot help me at all (probably mistook a number in the ext.) Feeling defeated and not wanting to deal with this anymore, I finally get a call from Sony Store support notifying me that a refund as been put in and funds should be back in shortly. Get a couple of apologies from rep and told that "DHL has lost my package" and nothing else can be done except refund.

    TL;DR : DHL lost my package - Sony Store AU didn't have any stock left. Lose 2 weeks. Had to initiate all inquiries. Refund. Unlucky + Bad Experience.

    • +1

      sorry to hear that but my experience (2x purchases) were AMAZING. call centre helpful, dhl driver called before arrive but no one at home - my fault, reschedule next day is fine, called again before arrive (within the promised time range).

      will buy more! (damaged box sale only of course not full price)

  • Still waiting for my HAPS1. Money taken from my bank account a 2 weeks ago.

    • +1

      Damn, I got mine really quickly. What city are you in?

      On the plus side, I reckon you'll love it when you set it up, especially if you have a decent pair of speakers (I've got some old B&W 602s). It's such a well conceived device, really has that feel of a quality piece of hifi from the 70s or 80s but with a big colourful screen and the convenience of high quality digital music files. It sounds amazing too!

      Since getting mine I've become a little bit addicted to murfie.com, which is a super cheap way to buy FLAC rips of second-hand CDs. You can also rip CDs directly if you hook up an external USB drive, which was handy when ripping my entire CD collection to FLAC (some task!).

      Internet Radio is oddly compelling on it as well, much nicer way to listen to radio streams than through a browser.

      • I will paired it up with Dynaudio Excite x16. I am using the sprout dac/amp at the moment.

  • I have rang them up a few times and someone was supposed to get back to me. Finally I insist and answer and they have told me they have over sold the unit. They are happy to give me a black and not the silver model. Looked like a run out sale to me.

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