This was posted 6 years 5 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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8pin Lightning USB Data Charger/Cable $1.00 or 2 for $1.50 or 3 for $2.00 @ Shopping Square


Even if you choose Qty 5 = $3.00

8Pin Lightning USB Data Charger Cable for iPhone 5S 5C 5 iPod Touch Nano 7 iPad 4 Mini etc.

Cable length 1M

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Shopping Square

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    Are these MFI certified?

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      Doesn't specify so I guess not.

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        Then it's ebay prices.

  • PayPal checkout not working :(

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      Use the other checkout and you will have the option to pick PayPal again.

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    Don't expect these to last very long. Had 4 of them fail on me within 4 weeks of desktop use

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      I bought 5 from internet, local store, none of them works.

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        I remember now, from shoppingsquare as well, I think the discount them because they are faulty.

      • don't work for charging? or syncing?

        I need a charging one…or 3 everyone rips them out by the cable, not plug grrrr

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      Had 4 of them fail on me within 4 weeks of desktop use
      Well it does say "Cable length 1M"
      That just means length of time this cable should work - 1 Month

    • Lucky you. Satisfaction rate is very high for a non-MFI cable. I went through all 4 in 4 days. :(

      • Within 1 Month, whichever lesser or equal value.

    • I reccomend the coles brand cable, i had to purchase it for $17 as i left my charger at home while at my course. I had it since July last year up until my kids were using it at my mums whilst playing and charging pulling it etc so it finally ripped the other day, worth it though after throwing out over 20 charger in less than a year!

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    Last time I bought from them cable not charging so please be aware.

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    I got it 5 cables for free via points redemption (3000 points for $3).
    Thanks OP.

  • Cheers OP :)

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    Bought some of these a few weeks ago after going through so many of these crappy knock offs.

    They are seriously good for the price.

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      $3 AU for the 1m black MFI lightning cable delivered is damn good. I might buy some tomorrow after I work out how many I need.

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      IMO better deal here than the original post!

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    If I want a cable that is cheaper, there are ones cheaper, mostly on ebay

    If I want a MFI certified cable that actually charges an iPad at 12W, I can get that too.

    This is no deal.

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    Not MFI certified, not the cheapest, not a bargain.

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      Right Twister 👍🏻
      Cheap rubbish quality, definitely avoidable!

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    I purchased this type of crap cable before. Did not work at all. Waste of money - do not buy.

  • bought a couple, so fingers crossed they are good!

    • hmm from all the negative feedback I'm starting to doubt it. I will test mine and see how we go.

      • Let me know how that goes! I only just read the comments today…oops

        • I will test them for a week and report back.

    • +1

      Cables works good and so does the other items i bought including 2 watches!

  • Just to let you know that a nearly a month on and cables still working good.

    • Hmm, I still haven't received these (ordered on 21 Feb)…

      Edit: I just logged in and apparently they were sent 1 March. I've sent a follow up message to see if they can find out what's going on.

      Is anyone else still waiting for theirs too? (trying to figure out if mine has been lost or if the postage is just slow).

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