This was posted 6 years 4 months 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 i3 4GB 64GB $805 @ Staples


Limited stock and now getting a bit old, don't forget the JB cover special

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  • $?

    • $804.99

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    And get a bonus $10 off your first order!*

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    Amex currently has offer on Staples: Spend $80 or more, get $20 back

  • Nice machine - I was reluctant to get the i3 but has plenty of power for office work :)

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    For an extra $300 you can get the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The upgrade is well worth it.

    Things like battery, better display, less thermal throttling, better pen and slightly faster processor make that $300 worth it.

    • also double the storage

      • Yes 128GB of storage instead of 64GB

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      Surface Pro 4 for $1100? Do you have a link as i can only find them $1300+?

      • Student discount from MS Store gets it to $1,146.65. Not sure cDNA was referring to that.

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          yes. Cashrewards was 5%. Not sure about now.

        • @cDNA: That'd get it down to around 81% of the original price (15% Off from MS + 5% Cashback on the price from MS). Nice.

        • @Oversimplified:

          Cheers…but i'll stick with this one :) had the exact same model for about 6 months now…brought on sale at HN for close to $1k…added a 200GB microSD (thanks to this site as well)….so this 2nd one is perfect for the wife :) AMEX & 1st time buyer gets it down to $775 :)

        • @blackjacknz: I'd recommend Pro 4 i3 as well. It'd be worth the cash just for the screen and the pen alone. Since i3 on Surface Pro 3 is from Y series which is the precedent for the Core M series, it'd be worth it. The Skylake Core M did look amazing for what it is. Also, it's fanless.

        • @Oversimplified: But there's no Surface Pro 4 i3. Only Surface Pro 4 m3, then it goes up to i5.

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          @illumination: Surface Pro 3 used i3 y series. Intel renewed y series to core m series. I kinda ended up making a mistake in calling m3 i3, but you get the gist. The i3 in SP3 is not a typical core i series cpu you'd expect. Core m3 version is a direct upgrade to i3 version of SP3.

        • @Oversimplified: Ah makes sense.. didn't know that. Good to know!

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    Can or should this be upgraded to windows 10?

    • Yes

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      According to Stapels, it has Win 10.

      • thanks, a bit confusing because the spec details further down the page show windows 8.1

  • any special on the type 4 cover?

  • This is pretty much cost price based on commercial offers I saw before xmas.

    • Yup, they're almost paying you to take it away… :P

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    I think I'll stick to my second hand SP3 that was supposedly broken for $249 - replaced at MS store for free as it was under warranty woot :)

  • Can the tiny HDD be upgraded?

  • Nice find OP! Just picked one up with $10 off first order, 4% cashrewards and $20 amex offer.

    • So what did the final price come to?

      • $744?

      • So $805 - $10 for first purchase - $28.91 from cash rewards - $20 Amex offer gives a total of $746.09.

        Cash rewards rebate was based on purchase price of $722.72. Which is odd. Dont know how they arrived at that amount as the sale value.

        • Ex gst

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    i3 with 64gb is incredibly crap, spend some more and get an i5 at least.

  • use the 5off coupon code at staples and get another $80 off

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