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Xiaomi 20000mAh Power Bank (Supports Quick Charge 2.0) $30.99 US (~$42.81 AU) @ Geekbuying


Several people in shadowrukia's post asked for a deal on the Xiaomi 20000mAh power bank so here it is.

It's only $30.99 US (~$42.81 AU) delivered with the coupon 5XIAOMIPOWER

The power bank has a capacity of 20000mAh with high density battery cells from Panasonic and LG. It has dual USBs for charging 2 devices at once and the power bank can be recharged quickly using Quick Charge technology.

It features a new body that is made of lightweight ABS instead of aluminum to prevent scratching and has embossed dots to provide a better grip. You can also charge a Macbook with a USB Type-C cable.


  • Capacity: 19020/20000mAh 68.47/72Wh MIN/TYP
  • Input: DC 5V/2A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A
  • Output: 2x DC 5.1V/2A MAX 3.6A
  • Charging temperature: 0 - 45 degrees(TYP)
  • Continuous output temperature: -20 - + 60 degrees(TYP)
  • Weight: 338g
  • Product Size: 141.9 x 73 x 21.8mm

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      • Thanks so I can just use my Galaxy note 4 charger head and plug the usb into it. In regards to the macbook connection, I checked the ports on my macbook and the charger is called a magsafe 2 port. Is that an Apple way of saying USB type C? If so, do you have a recommendation on a cord to buy on your site?

        • Magsafe 2 isn't USB or even Type-C unfortunately. You won't be able to use this power bank to power it.

    • This will not have the voltage needed to charge a Macbook Pro Retina.

  • Clear, any chance of reinstating or duplicating this deal, or whatever the newest equivalents of these items are?



    • It's on my list. I guess I'll add another tick for it then.

  • What Battery Chemistry is it?

    • Lithium ion.

  • Oh boy, was waiting on Mushtato to have these on sale for a while now, but I guess you guys win instead. The longer shipping time does kinda suck but I've still got my 16000amp one to use in the meanwhile.

    Don't ask why I need all of these.

    • okay i'll bite, why do you need 'all of these'?

      • Rechargable toys, for days.

        I had two 16000mAh ones for a while, till a friend almost literally stole one from me.

        • +1

          i don't want to know what toys you are using for days.

  • I ended up paying $46.50 since I don't have a 28 degrees card etc still worth it

  • +1

    I paid little bit extra for the shipping, USD $2.07 via TNT and getting my item in 2-3 days rather waiting 3-4 weeks.

    Check out via PayPal and used 28 Degrees card for payment and got charged AUD $46.14

    • Let me know how you go with TNT shipping, it sounds too good to be true so I left it as free shipping

      • I often have TNT shipping decreased to ~$2 or even free in a lot of my deals, but I'm 99% certain that TNT will not ship a battery this large.

        • Hi Clear/Sky, How can I get the $2.07 TNT option for shipping? I only get the free option or ems for $9. Thanks

        • @chrispc: It looks like they've removed the option as TNT have probably told them that they won't accept it. TNT are touchy with lithium batteries.

        • @Clear:

          So what's going to my order since I selcected TNT for shipping?

          I will PM you my order details.


        • @sky6688: I can't get exact an confirmation, but they're saying that it will be honoured.

        • @Clear:


        • @Clear: That's good to hear, but…..my order is still in the "proccessing" state. (I did a TNT order too)

        • @Spectator:

          After ten days of waiting and I had to chased up my order and getting this responded:

          Seriously, waited for more than ten days and got told that I need to keep waiting for even more longer.

          What a joke and poor customer service from GB.

          P.S. Clear, I'm not talking about you.

          Dear friend ,

          This's the customer service from geekbuying .

          We are writing to tell you that TNT shipping company couldn't ship the package with Mobile Power for safety reason .

          would you mind shipping it by Registered airmail which usually takes 15-30 business days and refund the shipping fee to you ?

          We apologize for the inconvenience.

          Looking forward your earlier reply .

          Best regards,



        • @sky6688: Yeah. I'm super pissed. I ordered this with time to go for an overseas trip but now they've just totally screwed with me.

          Also DHL or any express shipping isn't an option I'm being told. I'm just cancelling my order and never buying from these turd burgers again.

  • Any chance this will charge an Asus T100 under load?

  • Already had xiaomi's 3x 10400mah, 1x 10000mah and 2x 5000mah
    But picked up this as well :)

    Interestingly, despite all those xiaomi power banks, my most used one while out & about is a cheap $15 3000mah power bank I picked up during dick smith sales mostly because it has an integrated lightning cable and is small enough + plastic so that I can easily leave both it and my iPhone in my pocket.

  • Finally I pull the trigger on another Geekbuying deal, I just couldn't help myself

  • This deal looks great but I don't have a QC charger, and the non-QC output capability to phones is a bit of a bummer. Anyone have an idea of when they might produce/release something with QC output to phones, or does anyone know how long it takes to charge a standard Samsung Galaxy S5 for example?

  • What is the difference in size of 10000mah and this one ? I would like to buy if they are of same size .

    • I don't have one with me currently, but I do have the dimensions.

      10000mAh: 91x60.4x22mm

      20000mAh: 141.9x73x21.8mm

  • http://m.banggood.com/Qualcomm-Certified-BlitzWolf-BW-P1-104...

    This one for quick charging phones… I have one.. Very happy with it :)

    • +1

      Except they're lying about it being Qualcomm Certified. It's not in the official list and Blitzwolf have never provided any UL certification.

      • Who cares.. It charges fast and has a good capacity

        • +1

          It means they skimped out on the safety requirements.

        • -4


          I like to live dangerously

  • Damn, would buy one if it arrived by the 12th (3 week trip) but guess that's pushing it :(

  • Any chance of a partial refund for those of us who bought the 20000mAh for 35.99USD during the shadowrukia deal?

    • If it hasn't been shipped yet, cancel the order and request a refund. Then reorder with the coupon.

      • Already shipped. Nice prompt shipment lol

  • +2

    Also don't forget your Cashrewards for a bit of cashback.

    • Bummer, completely forgot to check Cashrewards :|

  • Hi my order still hasn't been dispatched although ordered on 27/2 and it says only takes 1-2 working days to dispatch. Is this normal?

    • +1

      Sometimes it can take up to 7 days. The last of the orders are being shipped out. It shouldn't be too far.

      • +1

        Thanks just received the shipment notice.

      • Really? Cause I ordered mine on the 26/2 and still haven't received any updates :(

        • Order number? I'll get CS onto it.

        • @Clear: 3605737. I've emailed them about it and they just replied (confusingly I might add) that they will send it via DHL. Not sure why my order is so different. Honestly not happy because I ordered this with express and need it before i go OS on 24th March.

        • @Spectator: It would be because TNT have now decided not to ship power banks. The option has been removed on most power banks as smaller capacities are being rejected too.

          Someone should be in contact and should be sent soon. DHL is usually quicker than TNT so it'll arrive before the 24th.

  • So how much does it cost for a 20000mah quick charge 2.0 in and out powerbank? and is there a link to one?

    • There isn't an in and out at 20Ah as far as I know. There will be a 10000mAh shortly.

  • +1

    i got mine already .. took around 2 weeks. this was the free shipping , not tnt. its a rather big unit, but seems to work well. now waiting for that 10kmah to arrive :)

  • Still waiting on mine, no word except the confirmation that the order was received. Order Number: #3605932

    • I've just send a message to customer service. They'll either contact you directly or let me know.

      • Thanks for the quick response Clear.

  • +1

    Just received my powerbank, the structure looks pretty solid

  • Hi, I still haven't received my powerbank and i used express shipping TNT. I ordered 26th February and as I used TNT, i was expecting to get it around 11th of March (within 10 business days). Since it's been more than 10 days, I would like a refund for express shipping and instead use normal shipping. My order number is #3606032.

    • +1

      It's likely been sent with free postage already as TNT rejected most packages. I'll find out.

      • Alright, thanks for the quick reply.

  • I've also received nothing after a month despite paying more for fast, tracked delivery. No communication either.

    • Has it been sent now? If not, can you please send me your order number?

      • Not that I am aware of. My order number is 3605949.

  • coupon no longer valid?

    • It'll be active again in about 6 hours. There was a temporary price reduction on the site.

      I'll be having a deal on a 10000mAh power bank with QC both ways tomorrow.

      • thanks for the quick reply.
        will the 20000mAh be back at USD 30.99 after coupon?

        • I'm actually wrong sorry. GB have just told me that it's expired and will not be active after 6 hours. Not ETA on when it'll be active again.

        • @Clear:
          Any chance of bringing this deal back with the 51% off activated?

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