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Kindle 300dpi Paperwhite 20% off - $159 @ Dick Smith


Bought a 300dpi kindle Paperwhite from DSE.

Great price for a normally non discounted item.

I'd suggest getting in store rather than on line though.

Very happy with the purchase

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    Possible price beat at Officeworks but apparently they are no longer beating DSE prices.

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      I got mine at Officeworks yesterday beating Dick Smith's price. Ended up being ~$151.

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        I got mine at Officeworks yesterday beating Dick

        Sounds like they just wanted you out of the shop.

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      apparently they are no longer beating DSE prices

      According to who?

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        Fellow OzBargainer. Apparently there was a press release. Also, I think their T&C's exclude liquidation sales.

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      Tried pricebeating today at my local officeworks. Wouldn't accept it. If anyone gets a price beat, it'll depend on your luck.

  • Didn't think of the office works price match. Shucks.

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    I paid $156 at ow when they had Paypal 20% off

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    Dick Smith are closing, and they are still only giving 20% off….?

    • I'm sure it will increase as time goes on. Trouble is most of the stuff will be crap left. The DSE branded stuff attracts a higher discount I believe.

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        And no warranty.

  • who will provide warranty if needed? Amazon?

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      Yes mate warranty is via Amazon.
      I wouldn't touch it other wise.

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    it is interesting dicksmith is still selling extended warranty.

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      Most of the time extended warranty is provided by third party companies.

  • I can confirm they are still offering it. It was offered during this purchase. As mentioned earlier they said it was via a 3rd party. The 3rd party was mentioned when I started grinning.

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    I remember walking into the George St Sydney store a couple of months back and they had a display with like at least 50 boxes of the things stacked in the display cabinet. I'm going to wait until they drop the % discount more. Nothing gained, nothing lost waiting.

    • Showing no stock @ George St.

      I was just taking a look at stores in my area, 3131, and very few have stock.

      • That's my area. How far do we have to travel?

  • Is it worth waiting for them to discount the voyage?

    • The Voyage has 20% off as well. I was tempted but reviews made it difficult to justify.

      Although I have to confess to never having actually handled the Voyage.

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        Correct. The Voyage does have 20% off. However it is 20% off their original retail price - which in store was $299 - $30 more expensive than OfficeWorks retail price of $269.

        This means you can pick up the Voyage for $239 - which is still cheaper than OfficeWorks, but not as much of a bargain as it should be.

        Also worth noting, they have the Voyage marked at $269 online - after the 20% discount. So the online RRP was well over $300. When I pointed this out in-store (as I thought the $269 on the webpage was their RRP and the instore price should have been $269 less 20%), they really didn't have an answer.

        I bought one anyway, as I was in the market for a new Kindle. Pretty happy with the device, not so happy with Dickies…

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          I bought one anyway

          That's why.

        • NinjaChicken they have changed their pricing for the Voyage to $239.20.

        • @blackaddergurl: So when they start giving bigger discounts. Will it be taken from $269?

        • @brocupcakeshere: To be honest, I am not entirely sure. It all depends on how many stocks they have.

        • @brocupcakeshere:

          Based on past experience, the discounts will probably be taken from the RRP +10 or 20 dollars 😉

          But in all seriousness, I find it interesting that Officeworks has upped their price on the Kindle Voyage to $294 now..

  • Has been cheaper.

  • I remember it was $139 a while ago.

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    Will there be any stock left when it reach 30% off?

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