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Lord of The Rings Extended Trilogy Blu-Ray $45.58 @ JB Hi-Fi


I've been meaning to pick these movies up for so long, but it seems like the Extended Edition boxset on Bluray have been getting harder and harder to find, especially at a good price!
Well, currently at Jb Hifi the boxset is stacking 2 deals, making it only $45.
Big W has it for $100 at the moment, and elsewhere prices are similar.
Delivery is avaliable for $1.69 also, in case your local doesn't have stock.

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  • Good local price. I picked up mine from zavvi a couple of years ago for that price.

  • JB used to charge $114.98 for this as according to the ticket price on the product photo (and they probably wondered why people were grey importing from overseas instead of aussie retail). Now it's at a realistic price.

    I suppose the retailers are starting to realise that people just won't pay those insane prices any more.

    • Yep. Now to play the waiting game for The Hobbit Extended Trilogy for a reasonable price.

    • I got this sometime ago with the 20% off usual discount, but this still beats that! I knew I should have waited a bit longer in case something like this happened! hahaha

  • Will there ever be a 3D version for the LOTR?

    • Nothing official but I wouldn't rule it out for future release of the trilogy. I sure would want to see them again if they were re-released in 3D.

      If Peter Jackson is involved and puts as much care into the 3D transfers as he did in the making of these films, then i would think it would be worth it.

  • Cool cool. Bought. But its sad that the fellowship of the ring has been green filtered for added "effect", but at least it was remastered for better detail on bluray. And sad that two towers and return of the king haven't been remastered for better detail, they still using the dvd masters. Warner Bro's and New Line are so dumb.

  • Ahh LOTR… time to rewatch you. See you all in 12 hours

    • Haha….no toilet or food breaks or extra time for unforseen interruptions?

      I admire the dedication.

  • You have my sword

  • My precious!!

  • Picked up The Hobbit 3D Trilogy boxset (non-extended) for $45 today. Could have got it for 20% less if I checked this store on the weekend, but still happy with the price.