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As New - Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34" $849 / UltraSharp U2913WM 29" Monitor $512 (Dell Outlet)

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Found these on the Dell Refurb page.

As New
1 Year Warranty

U3415W RRP $1559.00

U2913W RRP $859.00

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    Got the u3415w at work and it's pretty unreliable. Always flashes and switches on and off by itself.
    Pretty sure it's faulty as opposed to a loose connection

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        From experience dell's warranty has been a+++. Nó time wasted

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          Same here. I got shipped a replacement after a quick chat with them. I put the faulty one in the same box, then a courier picked it up.

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          Different story with outlet. They don't offer replacements for DOA but only repair or refund. I opted for refund and it took close to 30 days, not sure how long repairs take.

        • @jubified: OK, good to know!

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          @jubified: I bought U3415w from DFO 6 month ago and they do replace it when I claimed warranty

        • @njfn: …and that's good to know too!

        • I bought a work computer for my new receptionist and it was DOA. Being Friday I was like great, gave them a call they arrived Monday and replaced straight away was awesome.

        • May have just been the people I was talking to but when I bought a "As new" xps15 last year from the outlet store, and ran into issues, dell were not at all helpful and refused to replace because in their words "As new" is pretty much the same as "refurbished"

          But your mileage may vary, just my experience…

        • @nuggy:

          I had an alienware that was 2 years out of warranty and they replaced the motherboard free of charge. I purchased the laptop from the dfo site.

        • @nuggy: Call them back again and talk to another technician. results could be vary depends on the ppl who you are talking to.

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      same, always flickers

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        I have latest A02 - no flashes.
        However, tremendous IPS Glow makes mockery of any claim of accuracy. Not fit for use in dark.

        • Eh, you use your monitor in pitch darkness? If so, can't you calibrate with a colorimeter to reduce brightness to your target levels?

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      Mine flashed and turned itself on and off. I was devastated. But I resolved the issue! It was the cable. I've mentioned this in another deal once before.

      For some reason Dell doesn't include a displayport cable! Bizarre.

      Turns out there are many displayport cables on the market that haven't been wired correctly. It sends power from the display into your computer I believe and can cause strange symptoms, e.g affects the displaycard and in turn the display.

      I tried 3 cables that worked perfectly fine with other monitors but caused my U3415W to flicker intermittently.

      I ended up using one that came with a HP monitor and it hasn't flickered once in the 4 months since. Might be worth trying a DisplayPort Certified Cable(displayport.org) or one that came bundled with a big name like Dell, HP, Samsung. Maybe will resolve your issue also.

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        Totally agree a lot of issues with "monitors" are actually due to crappy displayport cables.

        I was using cheap Monoprice displayport cables from Amazon. My U3014 would not turn on at all if my PC was already on.

        Had the monitor replaced twice and same issue kept occuring. Then one day I read a note saying it could be the cables.

        I bought new cables from Amazon, but not crappy Monoprice branded ones.

        The ones I bought were this:

        Monitor has worked flawlessly ever since.

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    Also, Dell UltraSharp U3014 30" Monitor with PremierColor $1,081.

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    looking for a U2515H

    • Same!

  • Is the U2913W ultra-HD?

    • No-2560x1080 (21:9).

  • Had one of the U3415W last year during the ebay sale (where it was ~$1200) but returned it, not bad but not great for the price. At $850 it's certainly in good territory but the ghosting during gaming was annoying.

    Can someone comment on the U2913WM? Has this model been updated? Because all the reviews are a few years old.

    • By the looks of things they just gave up on that model in particular and kept revving up 24's, that new 25, 27's etc.

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      Same old model, crappy new pricing due to the tanking AUD…

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    A shout out to the U2414H. Solid 1080p. Just don't count on the displayport chaining to work all the time.

    Only 10 @ $229

    • Was looking at this Or The newly release UltraSharp InfinityEdge U2417H model. Just not sure what one to get for mid range gaming and video watching?

      • The U2414H is probably sufficient. The U2417H obviously has better specs but at that price point, you'd be hoping for more than 1080p 60Hz.

        The cost with these monitors are because they are Dell, have thin borders, multiple inputs, displayport out, USB3.0 hub and some colour calibration (don't count on this to mean multi-monitor colours will match unless you've got them from the same batch). Unless you use these features, there are more cost effective options.

    • All gone :(

  • -8

    These monitors are too large for everyday work with spreadsheets, docs, web browsing. I guess they are ok for gaming and movies.

    A high resolution 24" 2560x1440 (ideally x2) is much easier to use for general office & browsing use.

    If you need a Dell, then this is the one …. http://accessories.ap.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=au&c…

    • I think I'd prefer 2 or 3 smaller monitors for "normal" everyday work, but if one's everyday work involves apps like Photoshop and Premiere, this could work really well. I'd probably still be tempted to hook up another monitor or two though… I like the 'workspace segmentation' that separate monitors provide.

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        U3415W offers three 1145x1440 non-overlapping windows, with flexibility of other sized windows, all without bezel to break continuity. Do enlighten how smaller monitors are more advantageous?

        • +1

          As I said, workspace segmentation. It won't be attractive to everyone, but it is to me. In my own scenario, three 1145-pixel-wide windows is too small. I use far more than that currently.

          Speed is a big factor for me too. Having e.g. 3 separate monitors and Windows' Aero Snap means you can quickly move windows around your workspace with keyboard shortcuts. Winkey-Shift-Left/Right lets you move a window to another monitor. You can effectively have a 6x2 grid instead of the 2x2 grid that a single monitor gives you.

          You can use Winkey-Left/Right to snap a window to the left and right side of a 34" ultra-wide screen, but then you'd only have two windows with a line down the center. With three physical monitors, you'll have your main work window directly in front of you, and your references or whatever else on the left and right monitors. There may be window manager programs that can create a 3-wide grid, but I'd rather stick with what's built-in to Windows.

          Also, if you maximize one application like Word or a webpage, you'll get lots of empty space on the left and right. That might not bother heavier mouse users though, as they'd be used to resizing or positioning windows manually.

    • They're really not. I have this 34, a 27" 1440p and a 43, and the 34 is very good for spreadsheets and general office use (although I prefer the 43" now).

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    Is this sharper than victorinox

    • The victorinox is dishwasher safe. This isn't.

  • I have two of U3415w set up on my desk with a U2410f at the side. 34 inch widescreens are awesome. As @DrStinge said, at $850 range, it is pretty good for daily use.

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    I tried to order a u3415w and been on the online chat, they asked me for my name, number and address and then told me they needed to confirm with the inventory department. Since it is the weekend I wont get an answer till Monday, is this normal?

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      Unfortunately yes. They don't make it easy to buy their factory outlet stock!

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    I just wanted to share my recent experience with the dell factory outlet. In February 2016 I bought a P2314h for $186 and it was listed "as new". It arrived quickly and was physically in brand new condition and manufactured in November 2015. It wasn't till I turned it on that I noticed 8 bright pixels which stayed lit up blue on a dark background. I contacted their customer support and it took over a week of emails, photos being sent and phone calls before they agreed to ship a replacement. The replacement arrived this week and it was a P2314h with a manufacture date of Dec 2013 and cosmetically it was worn. I was disappointed with what they did and also the panel on this 2013 model was faulty. I am currently waiting for them to send another replacement but I fear it will be another used refurbished model rather than a "as new" item.

    • +1

      you need to call them back and ask for a better replacement.

  • The best part of dell is it's warranty.
    For example, if you bought a dell ultra sharp 2709 and extend the warranty to 5 years in 2011, and if it's broken now, then you will get a brand new dell 2713..

    So, I only suggest to purchase dell ultrasharp monitors and don't forget to add extra 2 years warranty.

  • I bought an XPS off the outlet and I used the onboard tool/dell support to report an annoying sound when low battery charging (some posts of this issue - goes away if you turn off bluetooth… but)

    Anyway, got a return call in a few days and a next day rep replacing 80% of components with new ones. So my experience is good, but it may be that the XPS retained its business level support

    I have 2913. Great screen for excel. I use it with a 24" in portrait mode. so a long one and a high one.

    The 2913 is probably a touch too wide for most people. I do sometimes miss the top pixels… for normal use, it is a great screen.

    Can't comment about gaming. I play a bit but I probably don't see what others see

  • Dell Chat currently unavailable…. ????

    ok go through… sold out on 34"

    DFO-3JFY8AU AS NEW Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34" Curved Monitor 1 Year Midnight Grey None 13 $ 849

    • Wait what, when I messaged them they told me that they couldn't check stock till monday…

      • yes, no idea… chat log:

        our session ID for this incident is 6767180.
        Time Details
        03/05/2016 11:49:46AM Session Started with Agent (Sudha_Rani_Aljapur)
        03/05/2016 11:49:52AM HideName: "Hi"
        03/05/2016 11:49:56AM HideName: "I am a usual customer."
        03/05/2016 11:49:56AM Agent (Sudha_Rani_Aljapur): ""Welcome to Dell Chat Sales-Home and Home Office Sales, This is ""Sudha Aljapur"", your Dell Sales Advisor. My email address is ""[email protected]"". There are a few instances where chats get disconnected, just in case this happens Can I ha"
        &nbsp ve your contact number to get back to you or alternatively please email me or come back on chat with my name or Call me directly on AUSTRALIA No:1800-261-699 Extension ""8610883"" and NEWZELAND No: 0800 775 771 Extension 8610883 "
        03/05/2016 11:50:00AM Agent (Sudha_Rani_Aljapur): "Hi HideName"
        03/05/2016 11:50:03AM HideName: "Can I please reserves :DFO-3JFY8AU"
        03/05/2016 11:50:05AM HideName: "byndle"
        03/05/2016 11:50:05AM Agent (Sudha_Rani_Aljapur): "How are you doing today?"
        03/05/2016 11:50:07AM HideName: "bundle"
        03/05/2016 11:50:15AM HideName: "very well thank you."
        03/05/2016 11:50:39AM Agent (Sudha_Rani_Aljapur): "We do not have DFO-3JFY8AU"
        03/05/2016 11:51:36AM HideName: "is it sold out?"
        03/05/2016 11:51:56AM Agent (Sudha_Rani_Aljapur): "Yes"
        03/05/2016 11:52:09AM HideName: "DFO-3JFY8AU AS NEW Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34" Curved Monitor 1 Year Midnight Grey None 13 $ 849"
        03/05/2016 11:52:12AM HideName: "ah bummer"
        03/05/2016 11:52:19AM HideName: "ok, thank you. You have a good day too"
        03/05/2016 11:52:34AM Agent (Sudha_Rani_Aljapur): "Thank you for contacting Dell Sales Chat and allowing me the opportunity to assist you. Have a Pleasant day ahead."
        03/05/2016 11:52:40AM Agent (Sudha_Rani_Aljapur): "Take care, bye!"
        If you require further assistance, please visit us at support.dell.com

    • How are they sold out? Thought you couldn't buy till Monday? And it's still showing 13 units.

      • Maybe they noticed more than 13 orders have been submitted?

    • I just got an email from the sales person I was chatting with. She told me the items are in stock and requested my contact details - then a order will be processed.

  • +3

    I would prefer 4K/UHD resolution when the screen size is around 30-inch or bigger.

    • This. I always wanted a Dell but the equivalent Samsung with 4k would be far better at that size.

  • I bought the 29" model from dell a Couple of years ago or more brand new for cheaper than that. I got it for around 400ish

    • Exchange rate would've made a big difference as well as the time value of money.

  • +1

    "Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34" $849 /" def a deal for this, even if it's refurbished.

    The monitor is pure awesome for movies, office spreadsheets and multitasking.

    Gaming, however is limited, as only some newer games support the 21:9 ultrawide resolution.

  • I have this monitor and to be honest I feel that there are much better alternatives at the ~$1k price point.

    I have tried hard to love the Dell but to be blunt it is the only high end monitor I have purchased that I actually regret. It's not a bad monitor, it's just not good value for money.

  • I just replaced my U3415W. It might have been my monitor on the outlet store. The USB hub was faulty and wasn't switching when I switched the video input. Dell replaced with a refurb unit but it was a quick and easy process. The replacement monitor works just fine. I had to clean the screen as there were some streaks from when the last person wiped it. Other than that all is well. Great monitor.

  • It is a pity the 34" is not GSYNC enabled.

  • is this price just for monitor?

  • Need some expert opinion here guys

    Whats the difference between Ultrasharp and UltraHD?

    The Ultrasharp is not 4K yet more expensive?




  • I had the Dell 30", Dell 3415W" and the Philips 40" all for a while last year.

    Quite liked the 3415W, mine had no issues with the flicker being described above, all worked very well, display looked great. Pretty solid for work, dividing the screen in 3 works well, fun with games that support that aspect ratio.

    Was very tempted to keep it but opted to keep the Philips 40", still awesome price for the 3415W worth considering.

  • I assume that the refresh rate on these are much better than UHD TV?
    Or is there 30" UHD TV that has comparable specs?

  • Looks like the 34 is no longer in the outlet store

  • +2

    Dell UltraSharp U2913WM 29" was $419.00 delivered back in 17/06/2013's post, from Dell.


    • +1

      That's when I bought, I couldn't imagine paying this price now for refurb after that.

      • +1

        Welcome to the exchange rate being variable.

        • I don't know, I see stores always blaming the exchange rate to increase prices but hardly ever do I see the same when the prices should drop. Does the exchange rate really explain the whole price difference from brand new being at 400 to a refurb being more than a hundred more? Or is it only a partial explanation?

        • +1

          @lonewolf: probably partial. That said AUD has fell down by 20%-30% since its highest point and there is something called menu cost (cost associated with changing price). Few firms I do remember got burnt by exchange rate change, so I assume that they are using an exchange rate that's more harsh on AUD.

          In short, exchange rate did become worse but perceived risk probably is a factor that is causing a disproportionate change in price.

        • +1

          @lonewolf: It's pretty easy to do that maths, even if you don't take hedging, etc., into account. That gives a pretty good idea.

          And I've seen plenty of stuff come down in price when our dollar was at parity or better, because if they didn't people just did an end run around them and bought direct (Gerry Harvey take note).

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