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Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB Silver / Black - $919.20 C&C/+$8 Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


Not here to discuss which phone has better specs or is better bang for buck.

Silver Version

Newly released device (today) is available now from a local aussie bricks and mortar @ 20% off.

Original CTECHIE eBay 20% off deal post
1.35% cashback via Cashrewards


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  • +19 votes

    No edge?

  • Seems like a good deal at launch. The S5 was around $800~ a month or so after release too and I was under the impression this would be a lot more expensive than previous generations.


    keen on the edge aswell
    anyone know if you get the VR with it?

    • No. You had to have pre-ordered or go in-store and see if they have any stock left.

  • I'm keen for this but was planning on waiting on an end of financial year sale. Any thoughts on if I'll have any chance of getting it cheaper that this in a couple of months or should I take the plunge?

    • Samsung phones prices will drop fairly fast, but that is with their S6, not too sure with this S7 as I think it may drop slower due to the fairly packed feature it came with this time (microSD and bigger battery life)

      • the 6 was a dud so they kept the 5 price fairly high for a LONG time. I saw the 6 for still over 1000 as recent as about a month ago. But I think it's dropped 1-2 hundred recently. The 7 will only drop slightly, say 100 max by end of financial year. In fact, after this freak 20% sale you won't find it cheaper for a long while.

    • If you are willing to wait, you might get cheaper than this in few months. But again, If you buy now, you will have this few months in advance.

    • If your credit card has price protection, you should be able to claim the difference.

      • Explain this to me please mate?

        • Some credit card companies offer a price protection for period of time for any purchase in Australia sotres (like 28 degree, Coles MasterCard..etc) you need to pay small interest % for that but you can avoid it if you pay your balance before statement due date.

        • @msmhw: Yep, I bought my S7 Edge with price protection, and created a calender alert on the 9th of every month to pay off my entire 28 Degrees credit card bill before they generate an invoice on the 12th. This way I should never pay the small interest, and if Harvey Norman drops the price in the next 6 months, I am golden.

          Also if I drop the device and crack the screen or it get's stolen, I am also protected. I joined this buyer's protection scheme just for the S7 last week.

        • @zan5hin: I've made a few claims on 28degrees for price protection. The only problem with it is that it has to be the same retailer. Some other credit cards are more flexible.

      • But is that going to work? As you are not really paying the full price here. I haven't try this myself.

    • Buy now, pay with coles master card (with price protection)

    • +2 votes

      I don't think in a few months price the phone would have dropped 20%. If you're going overseas (which I will be) making it almost 30% off, you'll be price protected for at least half a year imo, making this deal very attractive…

      • +7 votes

        Damn it, just bought it…..

        looks at pockets

        gets lunch money for next half a year and throws it at Samsung


      • oh how do I claim TRS for this??? I am going NZ :D. Do I have to keep it unopened in the box for TRS?

        • +2 votes

          Just keep the receipt. Must say 'tax invoice' and as it's over $1000 you will need to have your name and address on the tax invoice. Otherwise it'll be rejected. Bring it as carry on, and bring it to the TRS counter 2 hours before your departure for 10% off. You can use it as much as you want, but has to be within 60 days of departure

          So in total:

          1149 - 20% - 10% from TRS makes it $804.30

        • @euk: Looking at the site it says what you paid so won't it be 10% of $920?. Dont need box https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/154172#comment-2586619

        • @28kb:

          The goodgirls receipt/invoice doesn't mention eBay discounts. It always states full price.

        • @ChronoTrigger: How do I get my name and address on the invoice??

        • @28kb:

          Add phone to cart
          Then go to cart
          Click Proceed to pay

          Then there's an option to add whatever name/ ABN/ company name etc. address, choose pickup/ delivery options
          So if using company name,, in one of the lines write Attn: name
          And include phone number where reqd

          Then apply coupon

          Then pay with PayPal using credit card

          Then you have visa/ MasterCard protection as well.

          Oh don't forget the cashrdwards

        • @ChronoTrigger: ah I already made payment.. hopefully they can add my name and address at the shop

        • @28kb: I don't think they would do that for you. I once made a mistake on making an order, the store refused to change the details on the order. Though, I guess your mileage may vary.

        • @ChronoTrigger:

          Are you sure you get price protection if you pay on credit card via PayPal?

          I called up about credit card travel insurance via PayPal and they said no (citibank)

        • @G Wok:

          I didn't say price protection.

          I just care about visa/ MasterCard protection.

          I've had post office say item delivered on many occasions, when in fact nothing was delivered.

          If item lost during delivery and PayPal rules against you.. You can ask credit card company to investigate and recoup monies. It's just a backup for peace of mind.
          Visa and MasterCard

        • @ChronoTrigger:

          Got ya. I wonder if price protection works too..

        • @ChronoTrigger:

          Last time I bought a Nexus 6 from TGG using Click and Collect, the delivery docket/invoice included my name/address on it by default without me having to explicitly ask for it…

        • @euk: download the app and get it all ready in advance to use the "express" queue and then roll your eyes 50 times as idiots without the app try to use your queue.

        • @Oliver:

          Hence the 2 hours before flight ;)

          I've seen people try claim $20,000 items like luxury bags that 'they will gift'. Sneakkkkyyyy

        • I went through TRS Sydney airport 2 weeks ago. No queue at 8am. Not sure if they've become efficient or I was just lucky.
          Still recommend the app though - saves you from having to fill in the form when you get there.

        • @twister292: emailed TGG they confirmed what you said for me :)

        • @euk: My flight is around 11am how much time you recommend for Sydney Airport?

        • +1 vote


          That's high volume time. Seriously consider 2 hours before gates close

        • @euk: fark.. even with app?

        • +1 vote



          There are many people claiming high value items, especially around the high volume times. You also need to factor in the time people spend arguing with TRS

        • @twister292:

          Possibly because eBay and PayPal have your info already.

          I sometimes buy stuff with business name to claim and sometimes personal name. If under business name can get tax deductions.

        • @euk: Yeah its ridiculous. And it's always a certain type of people trying to scam the system and the TRS guys seem to be so polite and patient with them, but also fair and firm. Yet im standing there in queue exasperated at them all.

        • @28kb: Some careful photoshopping/photocopying should suffice.


    Damn you ozbargain I totally don't deserve this

  • No one has put the S7 edge up from what i could see where the discount applies, darn :(

    • The Galaxy S6 still retails for $888 at JB. Comparatively we're doing well for a day one purchase. (Either way I think the prices are too high)

  • hi guys - i am trying to make payment via my paypal account in ebay. I am getting payment error that says my payment is blocked.
    Called up paypall and they said the amount is too big and their secruity system is blocking it.
    Anyone faced the same issue too?


  • Nice price. I wonder if they will release the edge? If so I'm in!!

  • 919 dollarydoos!

  • Very good introductory price. Very tempted. Must resist…

  • wheres the edge? need the edge..

  • any ideas how price protection would work fir purchases on eBay?

    • Your invoice is from TGG, not ebay

      • Don't you have to pay with paypal for this ebay deal? will you still get price protection on the card paypal bills?

        • Yes, you have to pay with paypal. Yes still covered by price protection

        • @aldoduco: Price protection will NOT work. Coles Master card will be charged by Paypal, Paypal pays TGG for the goods in this case S7. Two different transactions. Please note that price protection is only work under the same business name. For example, TGG A store sells s7 for 1079 and TGG B store sells the same item for 999, you can claim the price difference. But if other business, for example HN store or JBHIHI sells for the less price you paid by your master card. you can NOT claim the price difference. Please read the PDS carefully.

        • @maxall:

          I have claimed several times price protection for items paid using ebay/paypal. Never had any problems.

          Correct, the reduced price has to be in the same retail you bought.

  • big MEH

  • just purchased, thanks OP! was going to wait a couple months for a price drop but figured 20% on launch day is too good to pass up.

    • Me too! Thanks OP

    • Maybe you should pos the deal ;)

    • Haha same. I was going to wait several months until it at least dropped below $1,000.

      I didn't really want to order from Kogan and I also didn't want to pre-order it either because I couldn't really see myself using the VR so I would probably have ended up trying to sell it for less than (I think they are currently selling for) $150.

      Good thing I waited. :D

  • damn it why no WHITE for Australia?

  • why no gold!?

    has anyone found a physical store that would price match this??? tried HN, said no dice

  • I dont need it…I don't need…scrub that, succumbed to the bargain

  • Is it worth the upgrade from s6? Can anyone comment on the battery life. Cause the s6 battery is just woeful. Thankfully has quick charge

    • The Ausdroid people were much happier with the S7 battery than the S6 - in fact they list battery life as one of its strengths. It appears that the new chipset is superior when it comes to efficiency, hence better heat management and battery life. The new S7 has: bigger battery, better battery management via software, and along with default marshmallow improvements to battery management all appear contribute to better battery life.

      Given that the s7 also brought back the micro SD slot and is back to waterproof, it should be a far superior phone as long as you don't need the IR blaster.


      • as long as you don't need the IR blaster.

        I would have though it would be a prerequisite for all OzB members, so that you can use all those Woolworths and other store discount barcodes posted here.

        • What does an IR blaster have to do with barcodes?

        • @nexus4: Rather than sticking to the tried and not-so-true approach of trying to display a barcode on a phone’s screen, Mobeam coaxes the device’s infrared proximity sensor to pulse a pattern at a barcode scanner. Essentially, it’s trying to trick the scanner into thinking that the light flashing at it is a “reflection” of a valid barcode — it sounds a little out there, but it definitely seems to work. The problem may sound trivial to some, but that’s certainly not the case for companies and advertisers that want a more direct way to interact with consumers.


          You use this app to store and display your barcodes (well obviously not s7 owners)

  • Yeah all last gen flagships battery life were woeful. That's why I got a G4. I wouldn't expect the s7 to be too much better.

  • Im wondering, if any of u actually bought it yet ?

  • Jonesing for an Edge…! (that's 20% off lol)

    They will surely sell it tgg eventually I guess it's whether they have stock now.

  • is this dual sim version?

  • dang, 3 hours later order still not ready for pickup :(

  • Or you can get two Nexus 5x + extra cash for the same price from jbhifi deal posted below…. Lol

  • Just a heads up the engadget review clocked the standard s7 as superior in almost every way to the edge. I pre-ordered the standard one. I did have a feel/play of both models today at a vodaphone shop near my work today and they both feel good. Much better in the hand than the 6 models.


    • It's funny, you read reviews on the s7, one website says awesome camera, great battery life.. One says poor camera, underwhelming battery life!!