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Ultrasone PRO 900 Headphones $299 Shipped @ Addicted to Audio


Not a deal for everyone but this is a very premium headphone for bass enthusiasts.

Lowest price it's ever been on amazon is US$295 + shipping

favourably received on head-fi

At this price they must be clearing the stock

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Addicted To Audio
Addicted To Audio

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  • Lowest price it's ever been on amazon is US$295 + shipping

    incorrect. it was $199USD (delivered in the US, so plus shipping for aus) on a lightning deal once. and that was back when the dollar was at parity, so it still would have come out cheaper than this delivered.

    kicking myself for missing that deal!

    • ah okay I just used camel x3 as reference

      ticking the green box to show the amazon price history because 3rd party usually charge a lot for shipping or don't ship at all.
      I guess it doesn't include the lightning deals!
      But with shipping included this is probably a similar price if they were to do that lightning deal again given the AUD USD situation..

      • All good mate, might not have registered on ccc. And yeah, given the aud, we're unlikely see a deal as amazing as that anytime soon! :)

  • The Pro 900s have been $299 ever since this deal was posted back in January (50% off Most Ultrasone Headphones):


    The deal is marked as expired but all of the prices are still reduced.

  • I got this @ $330 a couple of years ago. Great sounding cans and easily driven by my iphone and mac!

  • Have had a set of these for a few years and they are by far the best headphones I've ever used (previously had Sennheiser). Probably a few thousand hours of use and no issues so far. Seriously tempted to buy another set…

    • Funny, when I demoed them, they were one of them worst headphones I've ever tried. I guess I would recommend potential buyers to try before they buy.

      • Sound is definitely subjective :-). I am interested to hear what you consider a good headphone!

        • I'm actually not too picky the only 2 headphones that I've seriously disliked are my Momentum IEMs and the PRO 900. My favourite headphone is actually my SE535 even though I own what some people consider to be much better headphones.