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Sony Box Damaged Sale No.2: Hi-Fi, Mobiles, Cameras, Headphones @ Sony Online (up to 70% off)


If you missed the last sale, here's your chance again. All stock is reduced by up to 70% and includes free shipping Australia wide.

  • Offer ends 11:59pm AEDT March 19 or while stocks last.
  • Some items may be box damaged.
  • Backorders may not be fulfilled, and will be notified during the checkout process.
  • As some items are end-of-line, Sony will not substitute in the event models are unavailable.
  • Not available in conjunction with any other offer. eCoupons & eVouchers cannot be used with this promotion.
  • Sony will not accept change of mind returns on orders purchased during this sale.
  • Due to expected high demand, there may be delays in shipping. Expect up to 5 days for orders to be processed.
  • Orders paid via BPAY may take additional time to process.

Don't forget a further 2.4% cashback via Cashrewards

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    • Even more so… Their billing is messed up, from page to page, re inc/exc GST.

      In the end, total payment says it's inclusive of GST, and states the amount… When it actually charges ex. GST price.

      ie: purchase $1100, says includes $100 gst.
      In the end, charges $1000.

      Let's see what happens.

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        And weirder-again… CashRewards registered the sale at full RRP. I'm getting 5%+ back.

        • +2

          Maybe it's just me but when I bought from the last Sony Box Damaged sale, on my CashRewards for about a month or so they registered that sale at full RRP but when I checked again last week it has been altered to the discounted price. Happy with the headphones though so not complaining!

        • +1

          @water: Same here, was a tad surprised too!

    • nice! thanks

    • +2

      Lol, did you just do OP's job =P

      • -1

        Cashback button is auto placed below deal button. Does it really need spelling-out, too?

        • +3

          LOL honestly no, but do I have to put that I was making a smart ass comment considering that TA reps CR?

        • @ProjectZero: Hard to read "jokes" in text, sometimes. TA's been copping hell, recently. So I saw an off topic jab, no vote, and misread the tone. Who'd have thought ;)

  • Z5 gold is $850

    • +6

      Not sure how normal Z5 is, but don't bother with Z5 Compact. I took that on a holiday and was really pi**ed! The unit is like a heat brick after speaking on Skype for 15mins and battery drains like there's no tommorrow.

      • +3

        I second that with my Z5. I have had the Z2 and my mate has got a Z3. The Z5 series is a disappointment with the heating and extremely bad battery life! I am hoping maybe the new Android update does something to improve this!

      • +4

        Z5P user here. The battery life is excellent especially after upgraded to Marshmallow. I don't have heat issue either.

        • http://www.techtimes.com/articles/91719/20151006/sony-xperia…

          It seems Z5P doesn't have this issue due to the extra heat pipes and thermal paste. Wished I waited for more reviews before buying the Z5 Compact. The Z5P seems to be the one I should of got.

          "The Xperia Z5 Compact is apparently overheating just like other smartphones that pack the Snapdragon 810 without other precautions to prevent it from running too hot. Owners of the latest compact flagship from Sony have started to complain that their phones are getting excessively hot, and this overheating could lead to other issues. New reports out of China claim that the Xperia Z5 Compact gets so hot at times that the screen actually becomes either sluggish or completely unresponsive, unable to register touch input." <- This happened to me several times.

        • +1

          Another Z5 Premium user here. No complaints. Delighted by Sony as always.

      • +1

        I've got a Xperia Z4, it's alright but annoying the side panel button assembly is held together by some crap glue which eventually wears out and all your buttons fall off… I can't adjust the sound on my phone now… on both sides it eventually just comes off and takes everything with it. Major design fault.

      • +6

        I think the S810 CPU destroyed many phones…

      • Yeah I've had a z1/2/3 and the other day, my z3's magnetic charging port came out after taking it out of the Sony magnetic charging dock. That was the last straw, after I get it back from warranty repair, I'm over Sony phones and the phone will be sold

        • +1

          Ive had my Z2 phone for over a year and have had 0 faults. Magnetic port works solid.

        • warranty process with sony is extremely shite.

      • How exactly was your holiday piqued?

        • anyone has wifi issue? wifi connected but no data transmitting sometimes.

  • +12

    Did they have a cyclone rip through a warehouse or something?

    • +28

      Actually - yes. In Huntingwood last April http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/west/anzac-day-ha…

      • +2

        Hahahaha…. nice

      • +7

        I feel someone, somewhere read that response and instantly had a Nelson Ha Ha moment.

        • Microsoft probably.

        • @unintended88: I meant people reading my original post heh

      • +2

        So they claim insurance and also make us buy their stuff?

      • didn't the xperia Z5 range only come out last Nov/December 2015 aaaaafter those hailstorms?

    • +1

      They need warehouse with a roof.

      Seems like anytime it rains, they have a bucket load of damaged boxes…

  • +2

    Where are the PS4's??

  • +1

    Jeez - they gotta be more careful.
    Look at that list of all the boxes they've dropped since the last lot they dropped.

  • +1

    OH NO my wallet hasnt recover yet!

  • Gonna use that 25 dollar voucher from the survey a while ago :)

    • AMERICA!

    • +7

      Gonna use that 25 dollar voucher from the survey a while ago

      Please read the terms… eCoupons & eVouchers cannot be used with this promotion.

      • Bummer. Thanks for the heads up. I'll give it a go anyway.

        • There isn't anywhere on the checkout pages that the coupon code can be added to.

        • +3

          @grimace3: Correct, absolutely no eCoupon redemption available. Oh well. I'll buy that clock someday.

    • +5

      the voucher never arrived for me and i completely forgot about it till now

      • Ditto and ditto. Bastards!

    • Looks like i am the only one who didn't receive the voucher even after filling out the survey..

      • Hang on, neither did I. Totally forgot about it too until I read your comment.

      • Just checked my email inbox no survey voucher either.

        • +1

          Nor did I, just jumped on the online chat though and they gave me one :).

  • no sony mobile with 5.5" or bigger? z ultra 2?

    • +1

      Z5 premium is 5.5", but it's not on sale here. I think MSY was selling it for ~$900 last month.

    • C4 mentioned in post is 5.5

  • +4

    Experia z5 (BLACK) cheaper on ebays current 20% off deal $787.00

    also cheaper on Sonys ebay Seconds store $759

  • +12

    it's times like these I wish I knew a thing or 2 about stuff.

    • +3

      Some of the items listed in the sale, I googled reviews from B&H, Amazon. I only trust products with 4 or 4.5 stars out of 5 as I find the reviews to be 80% accurate. All the NFC headphones, alarm clock, projector camcorder I was keen on did not past the minimal 4 rating :( The speakers listed from RRP $3.6k down to $1.5k… There is not one SINGLE review of it online… Makes it real hard to decide paying $1.5k for hope!

  • impulse bought the shake77.. whoops..

    • haha did the same :D dont think youll be disappointed

    • Did too! Tell me how you go, was to much of a bargain to pass up.

      • I am still contemplating this. Any of you had yours arrive yet? Happy with it?

        • +1

          Don't know about "box damaged" but mines brand spankin new. Not a problem! The sound and bass is out of this world. Couldn't be any happier with the quality and unbelieveable price I paid.

        • @Boddles: Thanks for that. I ended up going to Shake X1D, about half as powerful (and price), but a few cool features I'll probably play with once and forget. Missed delivery, so I'll have to wait until next week :(

  • +1

    No STRDN850 for $400 :(

    Frankly there's nothing there that stands out as a great deal to me (although I'm simply uninterested in some of those kinds of items).

    • +1

      Decent price for STRDN1060 at $649.

      • Especially for someone who missed the 850 last time, and ended up giving JB $849 for the 1060,which at the time was a good price :(

      • +2

        Competition at $400 was limited to poorer quality receivers. The sony clearly outclassed all other options.

        At $650 it's a good deal, but the options start to open up. It's enough money to be a riskier purchase. It might even be a good unit (haven't read reviews), but that may not mean that you like how it sounds. In this scenario, spending more to get a unit that you know you will like can be a better idea than risking a lesser unit just because it was a bargain.

        At $400 I could recommend it to a friend who was looking. At $650, I can't.

        • Assuming the sound quality is fine, are there issues with buying this sort of electronic equipment on a damaged box sale, if this item is doa I assume they would refund?

        • @Hippy:

          You would think so.

  • +6

    People looking for budget home theatre speakers should consider the SS-CS3,5,8 range. Supposed to be reasonable because the design principles from the more expensive speakers have trickled down to the budget range:


    • Noob question, can I connect all 3 SS-CS3 & 5 & 8 together?

      CS3 is $300 here (damage box is cheaper)

      • +1

        Not sure what you mean, they are home theatre speakers with standard terminals for wires to go to a receiver.

        • Thanks. Is the subwoofer on sale?

        • +1


          Dunno, maybe look it up lol?

    • Bought a pair of the SSCS3 floors standers. Looks like the SSCS5 bookshelfs are out of stock.

      Would have been awesome to get the whole kit for $219! But sold out too https://www.sony.com.au/product/SS-CS310CR?cid=LP:ClearanceS…

      • Does this kit have the same speakers?

        • +1

          As far as I can tell yes, specs are all the same, nothing confirming though

        • The main speakers in the SS-CS310CR kit are the same as the SS-CS3s, but the center and surround speakers are very much inferior to the SS-CS8 center and SS-CS5 bookshelf speakers.

      • I managed to get the kit. Hard when you don't know anything about hifi but fortunately I happened on TA's post when it was only 25 minutes old, and had the day off because it's a public holiday here! Did a quick google, found a few reviews not posted on a Sony site (!) and pulled the trigger. Glad I did!

        Looking forward to testing them out. Do you know a decent amp and/or sub that would go with it? Setting up my first home theatre :)

  • Thank you, not bad at all

  • +2

    Ah so I can't use my $25 survey code ontop of this ?

  • -4

    How do you redeem your survey coupon here? Is it under Gift Voucher as it asks for expiry date. There is nothing about this in the email?

    • +1

      Please read the terms in the post. Cannot be used with this promo.

  • Shame they dont have the bluetooth headphones again. I brought a pair but sadly lost them and was hoping to replace them.

    Oh wellz

    • +1

      they do have one this time.

      • Cheers. I was kinda hoping for overear ones

    • checkout bludio headphones, they get allot of bang for there buck. Allot of comparisons against beat by dre and how they are better yet cost like $50

      • Thanks heaps for the referal. Will be checking them out!!

    • +4

      I don't mean to make you feel bad but I'm really seeing a lot of people on OzBargain confusing "bought" and "brought" lately.

      Brought is the past tense of bring
      Bought is the past tense of buy

      Make us proud OzBrargain!

      • +1

        You're as cold as ice ;)

      • +1

        I have seen and heard that a lot! Annoying.

        Also thankyou instead of thank you.

  • No soundbar :(

    • +4

      Soundbars are the stupidiest piece of electronics out there. They are nothing but a fad to keep sales up. They sound terrible, cant be adjusted to suit a room (like normal speakers), and cost as much as an entry level surround system.

      Do yourself a favour and just bite the bullet and buy an amp and real speakers (I hear Sony is having a sale on at the moment ;). If you cant afford that, just pickup a pair of logitech speakers with a sub-woofer for <$100, they will still sound better then a freakin soundbar I garuntee it!

      • +9

        Just a thought, but some people might not want to run 5 speakers around a room and prefer to have sleek bar under their tv screen. My opinion is sound is very good for what it is. Of course it isn't as good as 7.1 surround sound but it is much better than tv speakers

        • +1

          but some people might not want to run 5 speakers around a room and prefer to have sleek bar under their tv screen

          Soundbars aren't 5 channel, they are STEREO. And you don't need a separate amplifier, since there is plenty of good quality small self-powered HiFi speakers.

          You'll get better sound from a small pair of powered speakers. and it can be more discrete because it's not an ugly big box directly in your line of sight. And you can even have bass, by adding a (hidden) subwoofer)!

          Of course it isn't as good as 7.1 surround sound but it is much better than tv speakers

          I'd say that the improvement from a sound bar to a standard set of (small) speakers is about the same level of improvement again.

        • -5


          Soundbar does not necessarily = "Stereo".

          For instance, I recall looking at a Yamaha soundbar a few years ago with 22 mini speakers to simulate Surround Sound.

        • +1

          "I'd say that the improvement from a sound bar to a standard set of (small) speakers is about the same level of improvement again."

          And a standard set of small speakers is about 1/4 the price of a soundbar, for better quality sound.

          It's really a no brainer, unless you enjoy parting with your cash, in which case what are you doing here?

        • +4


          You forgot the wife approval factor. Cables are a big negative, as are speakers themselves. As is knowing how to use things like receivers. I constantly have this battle with my mrs.

          I told her if she has no audio/visual requirements that she should be using a UHF/VHF TV. She didn't know what that was :/ Guess I should be happy she's younger :p

        • +4


          I recall looking at a Yamaha soundbar a few years ago with 22 mini speakers to simulate Surround Sound

          No matter how many twee little 1W full range drivers they shove in there, it will still sound inferior to a set of normal powered speakers of the same cost.

          Soundbar does not necessarily = "Stereo".

          Who cares? If you have your speakers separated properly, you don't need to "emulate" them being farther apart!

          In any case, the only thing that matters is how good it sounds… not the number of irrelevant and useless features are listed on the product leaflet.

          I learnt today that Yamaha sells sound bars with RRP up to $2000. Amazing.

        • +1

          This. I don't have the room.

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