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Sony Box Damaged Sale No.2: Hi-Fi, Mobiles, Cameras, Headphones @ Sony Online (up to 70% off)


If you missed the last sale, here's your chance again. All stock is reduced by up to 70% and includes free shipping Australia wide.

  • Offer ends 11:59pm AEDT March 19 or while stocks last.
  • Some items may be box damaged.
  • Backorders may not be fulfilled, and will be notified during the checkout process.
  • As some items are end-of-line, Sony will not substitute in the event models are unavailable.
  • Not available in conjunction with any other offer. eCoupons & eVouchers cannot be used with this promotion.
  • Sony will not accept change of mind returns on orders purchased during this sale.
  • Due to expected high demand, there may be delays in shipping. Expect up to 5 days for orders to be processed.
  • Orders paid via BPAY may take additional time to process.

Don't forget a further 2.4% cashback via Cashrewards

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    • Had a backorder come in today and was ordered on Jan-13. However this was after numerous phone calls and talks online which they said they would forward my claim through so just an estimate.

      • Did they charge your CC straight away?

        • Just thought to try my luck and ordered HAPS1 on backorder. My CC was charged right away.

        • Yeah was charged straight away. Tbh the only reason i think it was delivered was after my numerous complaints and expressing dissatisfaction

  • I'm looking for a new receiver and wondering about the strdn1060 biggest concern is buying a lemon for $650 in the damaged box sale does anyone have any thoughts about this?

    • My box from the last sale had a huge rip in the side of it, but the unit itself was fine as the packaging was good enough to protect it.

      • I'd expect the condition of the unit itself should be fine.

        It's just the standard of the receiver itself doesn't suit for what's meant to be the flagship unit.

    • I received my package already. Ordered Monday arvo, arrived Thurs morning.

      Two different headphone models.
      Packaging was 100% flawless on both!

      Stuffed if i know.

  • Buy one for esater gift,hah~

  • +1

    Do these come with warranty?

    • +1

      Serious question? They're brand new, boxed products, from a major Australian business (I'm aware Sony aren't Australian).

      Everything you buy, from anywhere in Australia comes with a warranty (of SOME sort). Even online auctions. You always have rights. Be sure to read them, and share with everyone you can.

  • Cash rewards + Sony + Mobile device = Terrible usability.

    Couldnt even browse the site i just gave up and went without it

  • Dammit! Missed out on the speakers for my Sony amp in the last damaged box sale… Ohh well, maybe next time. :)

  • Sorry, newbie here.

    Could anyone tell me how to navigate to the clearance sales page through cashrewards? I can't find a link anywhere from the main store page.

  • Great post.. most of the stock is out of stock but system is placing back order?? Has anyone came across or placed order like this and actually received it??

    • Please read the T&Cs in the post re backorders.

  • +2

    Anyone who bought the "Splash-proof Bluetooth® NFC™ In-Ear Headphones model "MDRAS600BTB"" last December have an opinion on these?

    Is it worth it? Last December was $51 and now it's $79 currently.

    I'm eyeing it but I have my seinheisser cx300ii. Portability sounds and splash resistance sounds nice. <- previous sale

    • +1

      thanks for pointing out………….
      people getting fooled by this sale…
      Bigw sells brand new for 129 (not damaged crap)

  • Cheers.. but doesn't seems to be guaranteed of getting the product. Do you have any clue about their policies if they don't have any stock? How long will it take to get money back in account?

  • No PS4's? 🐜

  • Anyone else having trouble buying the M4? When I click through on those (some are sold our and some are in stock) they are not reduced in price. I've gone all the way to the cc payment screen and it's still trying to charge me $399. Should I just go ahead with it and then call Sony in the morning?

    • Was also interested in this but couldn't find it for the advertised price. Spoke to their customer service and it seems they are all sold out

    • thanks op.bought a white M4 aqua today. black one is sold out. u can try it today. yesterday it was not working for black one.

  • Anyone know if the centre speaker
    SSCS8 is any good. 200 rrp but seems a bit light weight?

  • I also ordered the SS-CS310CR speaker package on backorder status. Received an order confirmation, let's just hope it gets fulfilled.

    • I've ordered when showing in stock and received order cancellation notice this morning :(

  • Anyone else having troubles with CC payment at Checkout? Tried 3 different credit cards, all returned an error. I'm sure one of them must be ok :)

  • Order cancelled this morning… no stock lol

    • +1

      Same here. Didn't need the purchase anyway so saved some money.

    • Got the same email. Order cancelled

    • +1

      What products?

      • The speaker package that was $219

        • +1

          I went into JB today and they offered me the CS310CR + CS9 Subwoofer for $390.81, which is 60% off Sony RRP ($369 for the subwoofer alone). On top of that, they price matched the STR-DN1060 Receiver @ $649.

          Definitely worth asking the question if you missed out!

          Now I've just got to explain to the missus why it's the perfect birthday gift for her….

        • @j4ice: Supplies of the STRDN1060 ran out yesterday. My local JB wouldn't budge $1 on the prices of their 860 and 1060, even though I think it likely they received bulk cheap Sony stock recently. I'll wait until the next damaged box sale - my 840 will have to last another year.

        • @j4ice: Any chance I can get a copy of the receipt please? I might try my hand at getting some of those speakers.

        • +1

          @daanish: I will upload it later today.

        • @j4ice: I actually went in to JB yesterday and had a chat. They offered me the same price without me even mentioning it. Thanks though.

  • Thanks OP, got a couple pairs of the MDREX150APW EX Monitor In-Ear Headphones for the kids - somehow they keep losing and breaking theirs! /sigh

  • Order for floorstanders got cancelled :(

  • Got the official invoice for the floorstander's this morning. Hopefully this means the order went through!

    • +2

      Me too :)

      • Just received my invoice and shipping confirmation

        Thanks tightarse

  • +1

    HAPS1B order was cancelled :(

  • Gutted to miss the action cam! :(

  • Have just received my HAPS1B today and is having a lot of fun with it. It also has digital internet radio local and the world. Transfering HD musical file via giganet connection is pretty fast too.

    • When did you order?

  • Purchased the STRDN1060.. Have not had any update since.

    Have anyone received theirs yet?

    • +1

      Shipped today.

      • aye mine was shipped today as well; got an email update

    • Mine was delivered to Metro Brisbane yesterday.

  • Can someone please give me an indication on what an "order confirmation" looks like?

    The only email I have is "Your Sony Store order has been received" with an order number.

    Looks like payment has cleared too but not sure if that means it is definitely confirmed or if I missed out.

    Thanks guys!

    • +1

      That was the first email I had and following the link gave me a guest order tracking page which is what you should have with order status
      Order status: Order placed successfully
      Payment status:Payment Approved

      Today I got a email Your Sony Store Invoice. This had a pdf of receipt and tracking link

      My guess is you would know if you missed out by now and they are just working through the orders

      • Awesome, I will wait for the store invoice , fingers crossed!

        Thanks Fatty99!

  • '(35101 clicks)' wowzers popular deal!

  • I am starting to think that these "box damaged sales" are really just a ruse to get us to buy more under "disguised" sales.

    • +1

      Pretty obvious it is since Sony Japan will be busy getting started on global consolidated financial statements with March 31st end date. The "damage boxes" will be an excuse to write-off inventory to reduce tax and also boost revenue to please investors at the last minute.

      But hey, these are genuine bargains if you're interested, everyone wins.

  • Just received my order earlier this afternoon. Only ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived with barely a scratch on the box.

  • Sony ought to better look after their boxes. Maybe some staff member is unleashing their fury upon them as that's an awful lot of range of product.

  • -1

    Sony stuff is ok, but they are hardly innovators anymore. Bravia TV with no inbuilt bluetooth for headphones and a long lag to access menu. Their obsession with micro usb which pale in comparison to Apple's magsafe. Just saying..,..

  • Sony parcel tracking by DHL doesn't seem to work in Chrome or Firefox, their contact number for delivery status information times out without an answer too, pretty average.

    • Email says it usually takes about 24 hours i think. Just wait till then

  • +1 Overnight Postage to 4818

  • 2 Questions guys,

    Is there a way to buy from the sony page without registering an existing product?
    Can someone explain what's involved in the cashrewards scheme?


    • +1
      1. Bought and paid without creating an account.
      2. Never used CR so can't help.
      • Oh right. I didn't spot the 'buy online from sony store' option.

  • -1

    I am trying to buy the Bluetooth headphones Model: MDRAS600BTB. It says $79 in the main page but then when I click on it it changes to the Suggested Retail Price
    $ 169.95 (Happens with all colours)

    • That's because the sale ended (when you go to the deal page look at the top, inside the red line). The items on the Sony link posted here still show the clearance price but since the sale ended if you click on an item it takes you to a new page with the current, regular price.

      • there was 6 hours or so lift until the end of the deal according to the counter at the top of the page. I guess it was not meant to be haha

        • +1

          "Black" was the only colour on special, and it was "while stocks last".
          As soon as sale stocks were depleted, prices went back up to normal RRP.
          (they didn't continually update the main link page with "Sold Out" notifications though)

  • Anybody recieved their items yet? Any damage?

    • +1

      Received my pair of SS-CS3 speakers last week. Boxes unmarked. Speakers pristine. Loving the sound!

    • +1

      My earphone were brand new and undamaged box and got mine last Friday.

    • Ended up getting my speakers delivered today (WA)! Boxes also unmarked! Very happy! :)

    • Received MHC-GT5D mini HiFi speaker system yesterday in pristine condition without box damage.

      Very happy with quality sound from these speakers and movies are amazing in soundbar mode.

  • For those that bought the bluetooth wireless earphones and think they're too quiet, just read this

    You have to increase the actual headset volume using the button.

  • Awesome. 8 days later and now only being told the item I bought is "Out of stock".

    • When you purchased, was it on backorder?

      • No, it was in stock.
        After emails, live chat and three phone calls, I finally got a response saying they have a black one left.
        I just expected to be told it was out of stock and offered a replacement/refund, rather than having to chase it up myself.

        In saying that, it did sell out after I bought mine. But like 2 days later.

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