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Samsung 55" UHD SMART LED 100hz TV $1198, Samsung 65" SUHD 3D Smart TV $2879 @ Bing Lee eBay


Some Good price drops on These TV'S :)
Samsung UA55JU6400W 55" UHD SMART LED 100hz TV $1198 (Was $1698)
Samsung UA55JS9000W $ 55" SUHD LED 3D SMART 200Hz TV $2239 (Was $3199)
Samsung UA65JS8000W 65" SUHD LED 3D SMART 200Hz TV $2879 (Was $3998)

6400 Specs

  • 100Hz Refresh Rate
  • Quadcore Processor
  • Mega Contrast
  • Samsung Smart TV - Multi Link Screen, Games, Web Browser, Apps
  • PurColour
  • Auto Motion Plus
  • Contrast Enhancer
  • UHD Dimming
  • Motion Control & Facial Recognition Ready
  • TV Sound Connect, Multiroom Link
  • TV-Mobile Mirroring, Mobile-TV Mirroring, Wireless TV On
  • Game Mode, PIP, Connect Share
  • HDMI Inputs (4)
  • USB Inputs (3)

Original CTECHIE eBay 20% off deal post

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  • The 65" is coming up as $3,599.00 ($2879 with discount).
    I got the UA65JU7000W from the TGG for $2,596.34.
    Not sure what would be the difference?

  • should add pick up only to title they've removed delivery option

  • Great price on the 65JS8000! To bad as someone else said, pickup only :(

  • damn… going to resist until 75inch is around this price or less.. hehe (trying to)

  • How did you get $1198?

    $1698 - 20% = $1358.40

    Which I got JB to match on the weekend.

    • The price showing on the page is $1498, not $1698..

    • Ganda beat me to it.. anyway, did you get JB to match TGG? or BingLee?
      I should have tried, thought they probably won't.

      • Arghh. The BingLee price is new. JB matched TGG for me. Oh well, still a great price for UHD 55"

        • yep, sorry to sidetrack, how you finding the tv?
          any lags in the software for the smart function?

        • @boonjin:

          I'm no expert, and haven't had a Samsung b4 to compare with, but so far I've used Netflix and Youtube apps.
          Haven't noticed any lags.
          Much better interface than my early gen. Pana 'smart' tv.
          Smart functions easily accessible via button on remote.

        • @ncarr:
          how is the picture quality compraed to the pana plasma?

        • @mlburnian:
          Nothing beats pana plasma

        • @mlburnian:

          Sorry. I really cant offer much technically, other than to say I think it looks better :-) (and I thought my Pana looked pretty good!)

          I really wasn't too fussed about UHD given the lack of content in that format, but the price was too good to bother with getting a FHD.

          I put on some David Attenborough film through netflix to try and showcase the screen and the picture is stunning!

  • Great price! Too bad these guys aren't in Melbourne 😠

  • I'll ask…. Super UHD??? :O

    • It's Samsung's top of the line LCD. Basically processing/display improvements to make their LCDs more OLED-looking. Same resolution though - so don't be fooled. Remember, Samsung's the company that tricked the average joe into thinking that "LED" TVs were a completely separate technology from LCD.


      SUHD appears to shrink the backlight LED size to reduce interference with other pixels and allow multiple back light colours to change slightly to allows even more variety of onscreen colours to be displayed.

      However current Bluray and other content only shows the standard colours range
      We wont notice a difference between SUHD, Prime UHD and normal UHD on current images.


  • heard that new model getting released in april by samsung. should wait or not

    • If you want to pay retail or close to it you should wait.

      • new model will also lower the price of the older model. am i right about that

        • won't be much stock left of older models by then. Also 20% deal won't exist. Trust me, if you want a TV now and it fits in your budget… buy it. Very few improvements from one gen to next gen.

        • @aurotaro: do you know what will be the change in the newer models

        • @kazimhshah: No idea mate, you'll have to go to the DTV forums or AV forums for that information and leaks.

          But really, the improvements are just design based and small picture qualities. You really wouldn't notice much change from one gen to the next gen from a basic consumer point of view.

          If these TV's are in your budget, size and you need one now…. go for it.

  • Looking at the 48" sony that was posted last week ($636) is it worth spending that much more for this TV?

    • Price of tv is like diamond ring.

      A 1 carat will cost more than 2x0.5 carats ones.

      Afterall, it really depends on your needs

      I already got the last era 64 Samsung plasma in living room and bought the 48 sony for my study and i like both.

  • Sony KD65X9000C 65" 4K Ultra HD Ultra Slim LED-LCD TV listed in Bing Lee eBay for $2,999.20 delivered


  • Any one have any success with JB/Harvey Norman in Melbourne price match BingLee? OR even TGG price match BingLee? :-)

  • Is 3d active or passive in these models?

  • If anyone takes up this deal on the UA65JS8000, could they please send me a copy of the receipt? I wanna try my luck down here in Melbourne lol. Thanks!

  • +1 vote

    I have a 48inch 6400. I'm pretty happy. The downsides are

    • sound is a bit weak, but its hardly an outlier in this respect (just get a soundbar or whatever)
    • the TV guide is a bit slow in coming up, takes a few seconds - almost quicker to walk over and pick up the newspaper…but no big deal
    • you cant operate it without the remote. At all. Again, a common issue but annoying when you cant find the remote and just want to change the channel or something
    • the 'smart tv' (Netflix apps etc) is ok but not really user friendly. I sometimes get a bit lost when trying to find things ie if you know what you are doing then its fine, but when you try to do something different it takes a little bit of time

    I don't use the internet browser at all, but if you want you can plug in a computer via HDMI or screen mirroring and use it as a monitor

    We have watched a few 3D movies and it does a good job. But have watched far fewer than I thought we would watch - its a bit of a gimmick I guess.

    Good to excellent: picture quality (from my point of view, just a normal user not a pixel gazer - note that I did some googling and changed the settings from factory), lots of ports and connectivity, looks pretty good for a big black TV, worked well using my Wi-Fi (but I then connected it by cable to a powerpoint with internet over wire set up which works very well); turns on quickly

    Basically does everything you want from a normal TV well, does the streaming stuff well (Netflix etc). Whether it suits a high end user or someone who wants to hook up 16 streaming devices and have an all in one do everything system, I don't know. There are probably better choices for those guys including all the SUHD stuff.

    If you just want a normal smart TV, then its a good choice

    As to price, you will find that this time of year is the change over from old to new models. But the old models don't stick around for long, they are in sale/transition for a few weeks then its just the new models. So if you want one, don't wait around

  • Confused series 8 65' or series 9 55" which is better.
    series 9 65" got any discounts.
    any one Melbourne getting any price match in JB or TGG???

  • As a current owner of the 9000 series 65" I would add that the top Samsung SUHD models do upscaling very well. HD content from Netflix really looks like 4K as do Blu Ray discs. I think the only three choices now are budget entry-level UHD, top UHD and everyone waiting for OLED to hit the sweet spot in pricing :)

  • Just noticed that NEW LG - 55EG910T - 55 also has discount 2998.00

    OLED or LCD???

    • Full HD OLED

      • Yep… now is not the best time to buy a TV.

        OLED is just starting to come down to realistic levels, bumping the price of all the other crap (and it is CRAP compared to OLED).

        Give it 6 months folks. OLED is worth the wait for those who can afford to pay a little more, and for those that cant OLED will push the prices lower for everything else inferior, saving you even more money.

        It's just a shame the current OLED range is so limited in brand and features.

        What I'm waiting for is a large screen (65 or higher) OLED, but without having to also pay for ultra at the same time.
        They came out with a 55 OLED no ultra… so just waiting for the next logical step.
        I have no Ultra content, and certainly do not intend to upgrade all my movies to that level, so I have absolutely no need for it and refuse to pay for it.

        And dont tell me Ultra screens improve lower content. It doesnt (dont listen to sales man, research it).

        Australian free to air is so crap anyway. They have the bandwidth to pump out HD, but instead broadcasst in SD so they give me more crap 24h sales channels :(. No point in having 4 channels showing the same kaka. Give me one or two in HD instead, and I'll be happy!

        Ultra? Never gunna happen. They are only now starting to turn on HD for godsake!

        • There's always something better around the corner :)

        • how come samsung is not releasing OLED tv??

        • I think it's a bit silly to say "Ultra? Never gunna happen." Of course it's going to happen. When it's going to be the standard is the question. Australian free-to-air is not a yardstick anything should be measured against. Possible and standard resolutions will continue to increase until we start using a different medium to display visual data that doesn't rely on pixels.

        • @kazimhshah: They aren't going to, SUHD Is Samsung's OLED
          This years models will all be SUHD HDR TV'S

        • @TRENT86: thanks for great info. no discounts happening for Melbourne which really sucks

        • +1 vote


          Out of everything I said, THAT'S the bit you are concentrating on?
          I'll eat my hat if free to air broadcasts in Ultra within the life cycle of the TV.

          The difference in Ultra from Bluray is negligible on all but the biggest of TV's. Good luck seeing ANY difference with a 4k pixel count on a 32" TV.

          DVD and Bluray are the mainstays (an will be for the entirety of the new TV's life cycle), and online streaming content still needs to be based on the crap internet speeds we have to be watchable.

          Ultra 'streaming' will be limited to those select few who are able to access NBN type speeds, and uptake on Ultra 'disc content' will be even more limited due to lack of content providers willing to gamble on this format.

          Bluray developed 'just in time' to superceed DVD and not have any real competition.
          In my opinion it will be the last "disc content" format that the market will take on wholesale. Look at the demise of video stores already happening… online content is where its at.

          Any new format to follow will be download content based, and therefore be tailored to that specific need. High quality, lower bandwidth.

          And Ultra is so data intensive for a download, that its just never going to take off like Bluray (hence my "never gunna happen" comment).

          The next big format will have to conquer Australia's internet issues, and that side of things won't substantially improve for at least 5 years. By then, a new format will be developed that will better cater to an online use and still be "ultra" in pixel/res count.

          OLED = future of high quality tv screen that is very unlikely to be superceeded anytime soon.
          Ultra = doesnt meet the needs of the average consumer (and will Betamax itself soon enough).

        • @UFO:
          Forgive me, mate - I was half reading another comment and yours at the same time, and wasn't really paying attention apparently. Contrary to my pretty stupid earlier comment, I actually agree with everything that you've said.

          I don't think free to air resolutions are even relevant anymore, as I'm pretty sure that traditional television broadcasting will be deprecated long before UHD even stood a chance of becoming the standard.

          I don't think UHD is completely useless though. For your average My Kitchen Rules watcher - absolutely. But for a power user with it hooked up to a meaty HTPC, there is value to be had.

          Sorry about being a derp!

        • @johnno07:

          Not a derp, just expressing an opinion :). No harm no foul… and certainly no offence taken, so please dont apologise!

          I've actually very interested in this particular topic (hence my long winded replies!), so enjoy having discussion on it.

          I actually have a HTPC setup on the big tv (thanks OzBargain… Hp Microserver deal from a few years ago actually!).
          In relation to having such a setup, where does the UHD content come from?

          I've backed up all my DVD's and Bluray's onto a lot of hard drives (lossless, so I do very much appreciate the best in quality), but honestly mate do you think 4k has got the legs to be the next format over Bluray?

          I know the TV manufacturers are pushing it big time… but to what end?

          Both 4k and OLED are expensive to make… the later more so.

          Great website reviewing the very best in TV's: http://www.rtings.com/

          It's my go to bible at the moment with all the new tech coming out for TV's.
          OLED is king… now just waiting for the price to come down to where normal people can afford it!

          But an OLED will make 1080p look better than it ever has, from all angles.

          A 4k screen doesnt improve 1080p viewing, and there's an arguement that because the 4k screen doesnt display 1080p natively, it actually makes it look worse than it should. A native 1080p utilising OLED architecture is the best you can get right now. Unless you desperately want 4k (and can source your content and store it locally!), it's a waste of money.

          This is all mute if the companies continue to force it on us (and make us pay for it!) when we cant really use it… yet ;).

  • Which courier would the use for these tvs? Just want to make sure I'll be able to collect from the courier depot.

    Edit: seems like the 6400 is collection only, it that correct?

  • So how can i take advantage of this deal sitting in melbourne???

  • Won't ship to Adelaide bit stupid that ebay stops them from shipping

  • I'm thinking very seriously about getting this Samsung UA55JU6400W

    Does it have Netflix and Hulu?

    Currently have a sony 47w800a but would like something bigger.

    Are there other Tv's i should look at in the same price range?

  • good guys and JB has removed led tv off their online store.

  • JB HI FI are not price matching the 20% discounted price in Perth city. They are saying that they can match Bing Lee but not the discount and I have to pay an extra $160-something in shipping. What?

    • Wouldn't worry I'm sure there will be lots of 4K TV Deals in the next 2 months at normal retailers as the 2016 models are soon to arrive

      • Ah, okay. Cool!

        I was just surprised by the rudeness of the manager, though. I've never had a bad experience at JB HI FI until yesterday. It was like I was trying to steal something from their store the way she told me and then walked off.

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