expired FREE movie ticket with Hoyts Rewards (membership card to be picked up from the cinema for $10)


Get your Welcome Pack in cinema and then activate online for your free ticket.

Hoyts Rewards is the best way to get rewarded for going to the movies. As a Hoyts Rewards member, you will receive:
- A Welcome Pack, containing a membership card and key fob
- One free general admission ticket when you activate your membership online
- Points for every $1 spent on your ticket and at the candy bar. Redeem points for free tickets, popcorn, choc tops and post-mix soft drinks
- Tickets to a 'Movie of the Week' for only $10 each
- Member-only discounts, rewards and major competitions with fantastic prizes including tickets to premieres, CD soundtracks, T-shirts, autographed merchandise and more
- VIP invitations to special events
- Priority access to advanced tickets for selected blockbusters
- Exclusive web features: a 'Flicks List' that emails you when you can buy tickets to your must-see movies, a ‘Friends List’ to invite your mates along, and much more!

Some features will not be available at the launch of Hoyts Rewards


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    i lost my card number how can i activate it. do i need to contact hoyts


    A free ticket from Hoyts? This is too good to be true. Must be an April fools


      It's not free. You have to pay $10 for the membership card. Can anyone who has signed up tell us if there are any conditions with using the free ticket.


    no freebie.. u need to pay $10 to join, then u have a "free" ticket..


    I mostly only ever use Screen Saver voucher. I wonder if they are also eligible for collecting points with Hoyts reward scheme.

    It's a little odd that Hoyts is doing this when Village give away their membership card for free.


    title is very misleading. The deal is actually 'Pay $10 membership fee (or whatever it is called) then you get one movie ticket.
    Please delete the word 'Free' as it costs virtually $10 to get this deal, which is nothing bargain.

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      Unless the OP edited the title after your comment, I don't think its misleading at all. Its a free movie ticket, when you join the Hoyts Reward program for $10. The ticket is not the sole reason to join the program.

      its like getting free jellybeans from the doctor. You don't say "oh this jellybean cost me $50 consultation fee and a thermo up the bum".


    $10 for a movie ticket is still not bad !


    baahhhh. id rather wait for half price tuesdays.

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    Hey Guys,

    I thought maybe i'll add this as well from a previous posting.

    If you buy 10 tix at 100, it equates to 10 bucks each anyways.




      Thanks for the links Rained1.

      Shake fist at monitor Damn you Preferredseating.com.au, why do you have to charge shipping?


    How do you join the membership? Do you have to register for Hoyts Movie Club first?

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    I used to buy tickets from Spendless but it is cheaper through Entertainment Book. I still buy IMAX tickets from there.


    Thanks for the links Rained1 & Melbournian. The spendless site has an offpeak ticket for $9 (Mon-Thurs) Which is great because we often go on a Thursday, when a movie is first released. I also purchase them at the box office, and it's 125 for 10.

    how much is it on entertainment book? cbf making a new account.


    Event, Greater Union, Village and Birch Carroll & Coyle Cinema tickets for only $11.00 each, valid for any movie at any time. (Entertainment Book)

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    you need to pay $10 to get the package, it's not a deal…sorry


      what he said.


        If someone found a deal for "Hoyts movie ticket for $10" that would be a deal, right? What's the difference? It's even better because there is a $10 movie each week with with card (I saw Kick Ass for $10 last Thursday with it - awesome movie!) and if you pay for a movie in the future at least you are earning points (better than nothing). Did not deserve a negative imo.

        By the way when you pick up the membership card wait till they're distracted getting the little pack it comes in and then reach around the counter and grab a little bunch of the little multi-coloured voucher foldout they give you when you buy a ticket. They have $10 movie vouchers in there. Yes I know that's more stealing than a bargain but they saw us do it and didn't stop us so it's their fault :D


    Hi all. I bought my membership yesterday and confirmed you will get points with any voucher tickets you use (I used my bueno $5 tickets and got points.) Same goes for screensaver tickets etc.

    I have signed up today, and the free ticket is found in the bonus section of your membership page.


    love the movies

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