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[REFURB] KOBO Glo 6" eReader Pink $69, Black $99 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Link to black

Decent alternative to a Kindle Paperwhite.
Delivery only ($9.95?), pick up not available.
I believe it's the cheapest currently available (vs brand new stock) by at least $50

Read whenever you like, even in the middle of the night. Kobo Glo’s revolutionary no-glare ComfortLight technology directs light at the page not your eyes, plus it’s fully adjustable so you can create the perfect light level. Say goodnight to eyestrain!

6" E Ink XGA Pearl screen; 1024x758 resolution
Built-in ComfortLight technology with micro-thin hard coating for durability and even light distribution
Responsive touchscreen for glare-free, fingerprint-resistant reading
Wi Fi
2GB storage (1 GB available to store over 1,000 eBooks), with option to expand up to 32 GB with a Micro SD card

What is "Refurbished Stock"?
“Refurbished Stock” refers to stock which has a cosmetic blemish or imperfection such as a scratch, dent or rub mark, has had a fault that has now been repaired by the manufacturer, or is an ex-display model. All Refurbished Stock is in perfect working order and comes with the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Hope this helps someone!

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    But this is the 2012 version? eBay's sold page shows they go for much less than this. Also you can get the 2015 HD version for $159 from Kogan new. I don't understand how this is saving $50, if anything it looks like you'd be overpaying.


      Most ebay one's are auctions where the bidding hasn't ended….. add shipping as well and the prices are at the very least comparable. Many are also second hand with no refurbishment….

      $50 more is still alot when any improvement to kobo line are relatively trivial to some(I mean they read books and that's mostly it right??)…

      And JB has local stores, In which I believe you can take it to after sorting a RMA out with the online department if a problem arises….

      Edit: Iam not trying to bash your argument, but I was looking for an additional device after my families two other kobo's…. they were both purchased for $20 and $50 respectively…. after that these are all pricey to me :P


    My wife's Sony just died. We had a kobo before that and it was awful- have they improved or should I switch to kindle?


      Depends what you disliked about the Kobo. The new ones are much quicker and smoother, but the UI is pretty similar.


        mainly that the first one took ages to do anything e.g. turn a page, load a book, the second was quicker but then died. Not a great experience. The sony was far superior.


          I've had a Kobo Touch and a Kobo Glo, and the Glo is much better in that regard. For $69 I would say it's worth it.

          I haven't used any other eReaders, so I can't compare.

    • +1 vote

      still awful. Works like a charm but eventually something will go wrong and from my research warranty claims are a pain. I switched the kindle last year and it's much better.

  • +1 vote

    Gotta say, my kobo glo is alright, the one annoying thing is most of the time when recharging it needs a hard reset with a pin to get it going again, other than that, works fine (bought for $120 from JB a few years ago)

    • +1 vote

      I feel your pain. Disappointment when the battery runs out, charge it, jump into bed ready to read, only to discover it's hung!

      Aside from that I really like it. Lucky enough to get one from OW a couple of years back for $98.

  • +2 votes

    not a deal
    this model is from 2012 and been at this price regularly when on sale for months now, since the introduction of the glo hd and KPW HD

  • -1 vote

    Had the kobo glo for 2ish years now. no complaints. can sometimes take a couple of taps to turn a page, but not often enough to annoy me. battery life is good. love being able to read with the lights off on a plane.


    FWIW my wife and I were Kindle Keyboard (v3) owners until I walked on her kindle - grabbed her a Kobo Glo to replace it. She's always found it a poor cousin to the K3 and I have to say I agree.

    I'd definitely stump up the extra $$$ to get the latest Kobo or go over to the Kindle camp instead. :-)


      i tend to agree, one thing i will mention though is that i noticed the battery life was alot better on the kobo touch and aura (Than my kpw hd) - not sure if that applies to all the kindle models?


        How long does the battery last on the Kobo Touch/Aura? I get about 6 weeks on my Kindle reading ~2 hours per day.


    I have a Kobo Glo and find that it does lock up at random times requiring a reset.

    The most useful application is Pocket which means I can save articles on my desktop / tablet for reading later.

    Although I'm not sure I would pay more than $50.


    Thanks. I got the $69 version.


    Brand new pink version is $69: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/ebook-readers/ko...

    My SO has one and it's actually not a bad pink - more like red, really.


    Thanks. Got the pink one for my mother so she can borrow ebooks from the local library.

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