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Western Digital MY Book Essential 2TB External Hard Drive, $229 (free delivery)


no sure if anyone like this. i bought one about $240 last month.

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  • Pretty much exactly what I was looking for - Thanks! :)

  • +1

    Note that there is free delivery for this item.

    A reasonable price for Mamas and Papas who just need storage, and don't care for performance or anything tricky
    (also don't mind slightly patronising software.)

    Reviews are generally favourable, although there aren't many of them: see Amazon & New Egg

    Aside: I've been meaning to check out DSE ever since I heard that they (via Woolworths) own shares in James Hardie (the asbestos company) so, price matching with Bing Lee, Officeworks, Myer, HN/Domayne, DJs etc may be more ethical. (I know - I should check this for sure … does anyone know about this?)

    Officeworks 5% price guarantee: 1300 633 423. Product page (clearance)

  • Picked up the 1TB from Officeworks for $140 yesterday and have to say I really love it. Very quick, quiet and perfect for Time Machine.

  • great value !

  • Great Price! I'm getting it now

  • does this come with a regular wall plug with a remote transformer? or is the transformer in the wall plug?

    • mine has the transformer in the wall plug.

  • Just a minor warning. Some recent WD MyBook drives come with WD SmartWare hard-installed as a PERMANENT partition on the HDD. You can't get rid of this partition no matter what you do. It's really annoying. WD received enough complaints to change this on the most current versions.

    So, my advice is check this before you buy, because it means you can never, ever really fully erase the drive.

    Having said that, DSE have an excellent return policy so you should be fine.

    • My 1 TB does have it and it's still there after I fully reformatted everything after purchase. Not that it's an issue for me though.

  • Does anyone know if it has WD SmartWare installed ?

  • And another question. It does not look like i can pay with Wish Gift Cards for online orders. Correct ?

  • great price but ill knock some more off by grabbing it from the officeworks accross the road from my work
    fingers crossed they have some in stock…

    • On OW Web site it is marked as online only.
      Anyway let us know how you're going.

      • My local officeworks had them in stock and were happy to beat the price so I ended up getting it for $217.55 and I got the advantage of not having to wait for delivery too.

        Got it going already… formatted it straight away though to get the stuff off that was on there already and format worked no problem.

        Quiet, nice physical size and you can't really beat the price can you…

        So anyone who is interested and has an officeworks not to far outta their way it's a good idea to check em out before you buy from dse… my officeworks had 3 in stock so you could get lucky!

  • just called them
    - they do not accept Wish Gift Cards online.
    - the manual does not mention any WD SmartWare installed.

  • Office Works have the same one, listed as 'online only', but for $279.

    It is marked as 'clearance' - so presumable OW normally sell it for more than that price.

    Postage is free for in-store pickup (subject to availability), or free postage to suburbs near stores (ie I put in my postcode, and it estimated free postage).

    Basically, it does look as this offer from DSE is a pretty good price… $50 cheaper than OW (although they would probably price match if you called them!)

    The OW site lists more of the features, including the drive have a limited 3yr waranty - of which I found no mention on the DSE listing, but I presume (hope!) that the drive from DSE also offers the same 3years.

    Either way, I bought one from DSE.. looking forward to it arriving ! :-)

  • i was just reading some reviews,

    does anyone know anything about the issue of connecting more than one of these WD my books (past 2TB) requires a 64bit operating system.

    is this true?

    so if you connect a second WD my book that brings it to 3TB for example, the second HDD wont be recognised?

    does this apply to other external HDD brands? because i already have a 1TB external in a 3rd party case, with a (i think) WD HDD inside, will both of these not work at the same time?

  • i tried 3x1TB today on WindowsXP.
    no problems.
    so i would assume 1TB+2TB should not be a problem either.

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