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Premium HDMI Cable V1.3b GOLD Plated & Sealed $4.90 [2 for $9.80 DELIVERED] HDMI - DVI $7.00


Best HDMI deal is back!
Premium HDMI Cable v1.3b 2m for $4.90 each [SOLD OUT]
Premium HDMI - DVI Cable $7.00 each (Delivered)

24-in-1 USB2.0 Card Reader (SHDC upto 32GB) $3.50 each

4-port KVM Switch $39.00 (Delivered)

Portable 2.5" USB 2.0 HDD enclosure $15.95 (delivered)

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Special THANK to all our OZBARGAINERS customers.

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JJBYPC Australia

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  • not a bad price, pretty much saving $6 on the shipping. I orderd 5 HDMI cables from them last month. $4.90 per cable and the shipping was $5.99. Not bad at all. I should order a few spares hmmmmm

  • -1

    Just tried adding 2xHDMI cables to cart and it appears that the shipping is $5.99.
    Should probably change the title, since "2 for $9.80 DELIVERED" is a little misleading if it in fact doesn"t include shipping costs…

    • +1

      @ Vonbon,

      Few people have successfully placed order for $9.80 for 2 cable.

      Please, go through thr checkout, and select FREE SHIPPING from the postage carriers.


      • Thanks for clarifying, good deal then!

      • Can you create special deal for 2 x HDMI TO HDMI CABLE and 1 x HDMI to DVI Cable?

        • +1

          @ POWERevolution
          The deal is already there.

          The CATCH is the $7.00 Minimum.

          You can have any combination you want, thats fine.

          hope it answered the question.


        • Just ordered 1 x HDMI TO HDMI CABLE and 1 x HDMI to DVI Cable. Total $11.90 delivered. Bargain.

  • Ordered from these guys before when they had a similar deal. Cables are good quality and very nice price.

  • looks like its out of stock.. Had it in my shopping cart and when i tried to proceed to checkout it comes up with an error saying that the item is no longer available.. :( Good things don't last long i guess..

    • Darn, I was in the process of creating account :(
      Hopefully JJBYPC put some more stocks for us.

      • hope so, though I doubt it

  • Sorry for off topic, just wondering where can I get cheap DVI ↔ VGA & HDMI ↔ VGA adapters?

  • Thanks for your patience guys.

    There will be more HDMI cables from 10am.

  • Ordered from these guys before. Good deal again.

  • Looks like hdmi cables are sold out!

  • Hey JJBYPC since you have paypal as an option why do we have to create and account with you ? there is a way to do it paying by paypal where there is no need to make an account, all the info needed is provided by paypal.

    I stopped buying because of this , i suspect others as well.

    Would be more than happy to order from you when this has been changed.

    • We are still working on express checkout…

      It is not finalise yet, once it's ready, it will be rolled out for everyone.


      • Thank you , thats gonna make me a good customer of yours :)

  • HDMI Cables are now limited to 1 per customer??

    When I click on Qty 2, it says "Product no longer available".

    If I click Qty 1 and try to add an extra one in the cart, I get the message: "There is 1 error : 1. you already have the maximum quantity available for this product"

  • Stock has now been updated.

    There's plenty for everyone.

    Thanks guys

  • Yep - 2 for $9.80 delivered. BRILLIANT! Thanks for the deal

  • What's the diff between this v1.3b & v1.3c

    • there is a comparison table at the bottom of the linked page, no difference that i can see

      • Would be useful if anyone happend to buy 2 of these 2 cables give us a review.

        • Dude, it's an HDMI cable, you plug it in and it works. It's a digital signal so they are all the same.

          Although it is only rated ar v1.3b, no doubt it will handle v1.3c and beyond.

          • @TheWiz: Can't agree with that. No offence to the Seller because everyone else does it but the word "Premium" being used for cheap moulded cables has always been a total misnomer.

            Sure, $5 a cable is OK for cheap moulded cable but when you can buy thick quality braided cable with zinc alloy plugs outputting to Full HD 1080p v1.3b for $23, not sure why anyone would skimp if they have a decent TV.

  • Just order 2. Thanks JJBYPC:-)
    The site is a bit slow but my order went through eventually.:-)

  • Keep adding a hdmi>dvi cable to my card, go to my cart and it says its empty. ;/

  • Hello, how soon before things get shipped out?
    seeing this great deal is an extra load on your business.

    • Not that much cheaper than previous deal! Only save extra 10c compare to last year and HDMI - DVI Cable is the same price. By the response from previous buyers the waiting game is not that long.

    • Order placed by 4pm today will sent out today.


  • thanks jjbypc, just ordered 2 and paid for but received an email advising out of stock..i guess i probably hv to wait for mine to arrive.

    • @ TCJM,

      It's fine, your order will be updated shortly and dispatch tomorrow.


  • Hi JJBYPC, do you have the hdmi cable with mini port used for connecting the DSLR?

    • +1

      Not sure if this is what you're after. I bought this approx 4 months ago for my Canon IXUS 120IS and it is excellent.

      • thanks, this is exactly what i am after.the price is good, just not sure whether the shipment to AU is free or not? it looks like an american site.

        • Yeah it's free worldwide. It's actually a Hong Kong site. Allow approx 3 weeks for shipping.

    • No,
      I'll check with the manufacturer.

      But it usually comes with demand, I'll check and see when it can be manufactured.


      • hopefuly its price could be about the same as a regular hdmi cable. thanx.

  • Thankyou - I placed my order :)

  • You sell wireless routers?? Doesnt look like u do on your website.

    • @ turbo_man,

      Yes, I sell wireless routers but not on the site.
      Most of the wireless routers are refurbished, so usually prefer to auction it.

      Are you interested in any?

  • Hi JJBYPC,
    I ordered the cable on 7/4 night but the order status is still in preparation. You mentioned earlier: "Order placed by 4pm today will sent out today." But probably not valid to mine.

    • Hi,

      orders placed before lastnight has all been posted.

      We will be updating the status tonight.


      • Thanks, JJBYPC. It's updated now.

  • HDMI Cables are now limited to 1 per customer??

    When I click on Qty 2, it says “Product no longer available”.

    If I click Qty 1 and try to add an extra one in the cart, I get the message: “There is 1 error : 1. you already have the maximum quantity available for this product”

    Getting the same error. Please assist?

  • Okay, looks like its all sold out now. Anyone know were else I can get cheap HDMI cable? 2 metres is enough

    • eBay, roughly the same price, choose from a score of vendors! ;)

    • Try from this seller and let us know the quality

    • hi Roja,

      There's only 1 HDMI cable left.
      you can buy it with the $3.50 Card Reader.


  • How about a free shipping discount code?

    • This deal is expired…

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