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Excelvan i5 Plus Smart Watch-Fitness, App Notifications US $14.93 (~ $19.77 AUD) @ AliExpress (App Only)


This smart bracelet with OLED screen clearly displays health parameters including steps, calories, distance and time. When you do exercise, it can record your sports data. When you sleep, it can monitor your sleep. It also can wake you up by vibrating gently. All these data can be synchronized and analyzed on your smartphone.

Main Features

  • Two control mode: Touch Screen control, Gesture control
  • Call Notifications: show caller ID when receive a call
  • SMS Notifications: show contacts and content of SMS of your smart phone
  • App Notifications: show content of Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Pedometer: steps, distance, calories calculation and display
  • Sleep Monitor: track the quality of your sleep, the light sleep and the deep sleep
  • Silent Alarm: wake you up by vibration without disturbing others
  • Sedentary Reminder: remind you the time to drink, the time to exercise, the time to sleep etc

How to obtain price

Go to Aliexpress app and make sure to click on seller $2US coupon which will be applied once you add to cart.

There is also Australian stock delivered for $26.39 arrives <1week.

Review of band


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  • any one have any experience with these ???

    • I have had it for one week and so far its great.

      The downside is that the battery life is about 5-7 days. Thats why I still love my Xiaomi as it lasts longer even though lack of features.

      Here is an in depth review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT-vMl_Piq0

      • would the strap fit a child's wrist?

        • How old is the child? The band does have a fair bit of holes, so I imagine it would.

        • +1

          it is too big for women and children's wrist. i've given mine for them to try on.

    • Have one as well. 1/5 the price of my son Garmin, besides it is thicker, everthing is better!

    • Have it from about 2 weeks and love it.
      Even took it to the wave at Wet n wild and it survived 3 hours if swimming.

      Baterry is about 6 days with bluetooth always on, not sure about without it. Charges in 30 minutes.

      My phones always on vibrate so it's a great way to get notfications

      • I have never taken my i5 plus watch into the shower or water. I am quite skeptical

  • +1

    So how do you choose which colour you want? I want to get a red and a blue one but couldnt see how to select a colour.

    • Only black colour it seems

  • How does this compare to iwown i5 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/236951

    • Have a feeling it's same but different name

      • +1

        Yep. Same with a different name.

  • The Australian supply is adding delivery so with discount is $31.98. If you can wait, it is $49.08 for 2 from China.

    • With delivery it's $26.39 from Australian warehouse

  • The app says $22.42aud.

    • You need to add $2US coupon from seller

      • Thanks. Didn't see that.

  • Edited: still works

  • Can't seem to get the $2US to work where is it? Only au2.65 off showing for $131.00 spend

    • +1

      Looks like the anniversary sale is over :(

  • Is there a version of android you need to have to work with this.

    • Yeah the app is called zeroner. It's available om iphone and Android phones

  • I don't get the coupon :(

  • Got it from Gearbest. Since I'm looking the Blue one
    $23 delivered

    Going to see whether its really IP67 water resistance

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