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RME Babyface Blue USB Audio Interface $769 + Free Shipping - DJCity.com.au


It's been a while since I last viewed RME products, but I'm pretty sure the Babyface used to sit over $1000 here in Australia (See Soudcorp, RubberMonkey), I can see a a couple on Ebay for $797 shipped too. This model has been superseded by the new Babyface Pro, but nonetheless is still a neat audio interface.

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    • RME gear is excellent and well worth the money. This is professional equipment, you can't compare with a sound blaster.

  • I have a Babyface and I can honestly say that they are one of the best audio interfaces available. The preamps and AD/DA converters are second to none. Bought it for around $1000 a few years ago so it's a great price!

    • Obviously you haven't touched a Fireface. Babyface's noise floor is not that great.

      • I bought the Babyface for the ADAT compatibility but I've heard both the Babyface and the UCX have the same characteristic sound

        • Yep, ADAT and ASIO mixer are the main points to justify Babyface's ridiculous price. And FYI, Fireface's preamps and ADC/DAC are better than Babyface's.

  • Where do Mboxes actually sit in terms of audio interface ranking? I know mboxes are really popular, but how would they compare to these Babyface sound cards?

    • I am also interested in what the workable options are in a lower price range then this. I know latency and driver issues are abundant in cheap usb interfaces but is there anything in between?


    Not an amazing price. But possibly the cheapest by a few dollars at the moment. It is a well regarded unit. But RME have released some amazing new products lately. Including the Babyface Pro and even more: