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Expedia - 10% off Hotels


So I've been tweeting HSBC all month to provide me with the updated code. They couldn't figure it out. Seems Expedia updated their form overnight and hence I've found the code despite HSBC still having the old one of their website. Tested and it worked for me.

Enjoy 10% off* select hotels on
HSBC and Expedia have teamed up to offer existing HSBC customers 10% off their hotel bookings on select hotels at All you need is any one of your HSBC cards.

Key points to remember when using your voucher code
Redemption Requirements
Discount: 10% off the price of a single eligible hotel booking when booking with the “Pay online now” option. Not valid for use with the “Pay at the hotel later” option
Restrictions: Minimum stay of 1 night applies
Booking Dates: Valid for use by 23:59 on 30 September 2016. Limit of one coupon per person, per booking
Travel Dates: Until 31 December 2016
How to use your voucher
You must be signed in to your user account or registering as a 'guest' and making your booking using the “Pay online now” option, to take advantage of our discount offer
Simply visit
Select the eligible Expedia Rate hotel you are interested in booking
During the booking process, on the payment page you will see the link "Enter a coupon or promotion code"
Select 'Enter a coupon code' and enter the voucher code in the relevant field
Click the "apply coupon" button. The applicable discount will be subtracted from the price of the travel reservation before the application of any taxes, applicable fees or additional costs.

Full T&C:

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  • Damn it, I just booked about 2 hours ago.

  • Good deal if expedia proves to be the cheapest after comparison. Great use by date

    • +1

      It's probably going to be more expensive compared to and Orbitz using the codes I just posted. However I had a heap of Expedia+ points to use which are worth double at Expedia VIP hotels. Also I've had success stacking with 5.5% cashrewards in the past. Always good having the option!

      • How long till you got the cashrewards back? I'm still waiting for one that I bought via Groupon from months ago.

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    Protip.. use a VPN to use the expedia US site, you'll often find it's cheaper even WITH the exchange rate. I just booked a hotel and it was $200 cheaper (after taxes, exchange rate) on the US site, than the Australian site

    • Great tip, what country did you set your VPN to? I'm assuming US

      • Yep US.. HOWEVER, be careful because what i discovered was that AUSTRALIAN Expedia had the total amount (including taxes) but US had a small note at the bottom that said something like "+1.3% state tax per night".

    • Do you need to use a VPN to access the US site? I go to the US site and click continue using instead of AU.

      • Been using the US site for years without a VPN but watch Google, they'll find the Oz site instead of the US site and you'll have to force the US site.. If you use a 28 Degrees Master Card it will almost obviate the exchange rate issue .. :-) .. !! I find that for airfares Expedia is taking an approximation of the usual card costs as an uplift between USA and Oz site .. about 5% .. I suppose they're trying to discourage punters bypassing the Oz site .. %$#Q^% .. :-( .. !!

  • Don't need to use a HSBC card? I have a trip to indonesia and thailand in November so the other 2 codes you shared don't work for that period but this one should!

    • no just use the code

  • I found it's cheaper to book with 10% off CheapTickets for the hotel I have my eye on to…

    • Got a code that works in November?

      • The code in this post works on stay dates until Dec 31 .. I just used it on a Whistler booking in December and it worked .. ??

        • I meant for cheaptickets in November :)

        • @Xizor: Not for the CheapTickets, no..

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    Thank you uder, saved me approx. $200 :-)

  • +2

    Thanks OP, you saved me over $85 on a stay in October. Whilst the CheapTickets deal would have been cheaper, it wasn't available for the dates I was travelling.

  • does that mean, one can use the coupon and get 10% discount and further 5.5% cashback using cashrewards? or is it only one of the two?

    • I've had success in the past but Cashrewards says that if you use a code you might not get cashback.

      • For some reason booking free cancellation prevents you from getting the promo code option, didn't use to be that way

        • Depends on the hotel.

  • Sorry but I just tried this coupon and it seems it isnt working anymore.

    Should have been smarter and booked up everything on the previous Japan basec expedia voucher lol.

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    thanks OP, code is still working, just booked hotel for November/December and got 10% off!

    • +1

      Cheers OP, still working.

  • +1

    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you

    Saved me 56$


  • thanks works dont need hsbc account

  • probably a bit rude but can anyone find me a deal for Peppers Salt at Kingscliffe, 4 people (2 bed) 15th Oct (one night if poss) - Please?
    I dont understand the deals much and Peppers themself says 2 night min $785.
    cheap ticket allows 1 night and is $294?
    So I am all confused and don't want to book wrongly.

  • Doesn't work for me, initially applied but then when I went to confirm booking it removed the code saying can't use it. When I try and re-add it says coupon already used.

    Sorry, there was a problem with your coupon, so we removed it.
    You may continue booking without a coupon; or
    Try your coupon again.

    • Have you used the code before? I got it to work 1 time, then after it refused to work. Seems you can only use the discount code once.

      One 'trick' you can do is, which is what I did.

      I bought the hotel with my expedia login. I then logged out, making me a Guest. Apply the code as a Guest and get the 10% discount and lodge the Expedia Price guarantee saying that you forgot to apply the code during check out. Difference gets refunded. Win.

  • Had a look and the prices are exactly 10% higher than Wotif for a hotel. nice.

    • Pricing on these sites should be identical, same company.

      • Nevermind, just gone up since I last looked. My bad.

  • Thanks Op. The code saved me $80.Very happy with that.

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