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Target Gaming Clearance - Complete List (Consoles Highlighted in Yellow) - Xbox One Consoles $329


Available in store and online.

Please do not harass in store staff/call head office looking for these items - these are old clearance lines and will be a case of 'first in best dressed' where stock is available. Once stock is gone, it is gone.

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • +7

    Wii U is still too expensive. Should be $199RRP now. Bring on the NX.

    • Lol, we dont know what the NX is yet. They just picked up some steam with sales last year, not sure if your gonna see drops soon unless their is a new model. At 279 still cheaper then the other current systems, plus its with Splatoon.

    • +2

      Wii U is still too expensive. Should be $199RRP now.

      Why? NX hasn't even been announced yet.

      • Why? NX hasn't even been announced yet.

        Because Nintendo has all but abandoned the product.

        • -1

          What's your source? This is just your personal opinion.

        • -8

          @justmiike: They have ceased producing the Wii U.

        • @Bargainz: No they haven't, it was a rumour and Nintendo made a statement saying it's false.

        • +1

          @PainToad: I don't know why PainToad got negged so badly, Nintendo's support for the product is dire.

          The GCN got way more first party games than the WiiU.

        • @PainToad: Don't know why you're getting downvoted but it's obvious the fanboys are strong in here.

          How anyone can justify the wii u as anything but a failure is simply in denial. Complete and utter failure on Nintendo's behalf to release games regularly, shit all third party support and just the same old rehashed games.

          Sounds like a winner /sarcasm

        • +2

          @Vlaka: This is a consumer website, not a nerd gaming politics site. You should probably keep the video game fanboy arguments / flame baiting to a minimum.

        • +3


          Generally Nintendo/systems run for 5-6 years as most systems have generally run (bar exceptions).

          Its been out for almost 4 years (later this year),

          they may have alot of stock already produced, but its just speculation stuff on peoples part. Id rather just play the games, until something official is released.

        • @coxymla: GC gets the nostalgia vote, but quality wise i'd go with the wiiu lineup. I think they had the same amount of n games. Wii arguably had alot more then the other two. System is still going with new releases bit premature to state i'd say currently.

        • -1


          I don't know why PainToad got negged so badly

          Because people don't like hearing their console, which they spent hundreds of dollars on, is doomed.

          I know, I acted the same with my Sega Saturn.

          On the plus side, Wii U's emulation is really taking off. Mario World 3D can now be played at full speed.

        • @Vlaka: And yet the company is making a profit. Has the best exclusive current-gen games and has more than enough third party support. If you don't know what you're talking about, then don't post.

        • @BNGames: From a consumer point of view, The Wii U is the best system to buy for exclusive current generation games. There's more than enough games to keep any family or anyone remotely interested in gaming long enough to warrant its purchase price.

        • +1

          @PainToad: Because people who actually own the console have enough quality games to choose from to be confused by your posts. Even if the console is dead or doomed, they have over 30 quality exclusive games to play that have received high praise.

        • +2


          And yet the company is making a profit.

          Yes, but less and less.

          This really sums it up, Sony has sold more Vitas than Nintendo has sold Wii Us: http://www.vgchartz.com/embeds/worldwide_totals.png?a=181

          Has the best exclusive current-gen games

          I agree. But to purchase a console at this high price, I want it to have a bright future not a good past. Those games will be waiting there for me when it hits $150-199.

        • @PainToad: Remember, Nintendo in 2015 was the first year Nintendo recorded a profit in four years.

          To be fair though, Vita started to lift after the price drop. I think the Vita is a great system anyway, but was pricey.

          You have a good point, you can wait for a price you like, the games will always be there.

        • Because Nintendo has all but abandoned the product.

          This is how wrong you are. Here's one of the first Google results when I search for "NX".

          Life after Nintendo NX? Here's what's planned for Wii U and 3DS. Nintendo won't stop making Wii U and 3DS games when the NX comes out.

        • @justmiike: Very true, Pokken just released. Theres still a bunch of Wii U games confirmed for release, with Starfox and Starfox Guard releasing soon at the same time. Mario Amiibo Challenge, Lost Reavers, That Tokyo Fire Emblem game for rpg Japan fans, Paper Mario Color Splash, Sonic and Mario Rio Games, Zelda, Still alot of eshop games being produced, and some non Nintendo at retail like Terraria, Lego Star Wars, Mighty Number 9, Unwritten Tale 2, Minecraft.

          I get people want things cheap, but people are getting into the clickbait speculation a bit too much (or maybe trolling because bored maybe).

          Anyways, We don't know. If people can't afford things i get it, totally.

          People can choose to wait, or get it now. Until the company reveals anything, which might be a handheld, with that said, the system at $210 + Splatoon is probably the cheapest it will be for a while, unless another version happens, which might not.

          There are rumors about another PS4.5 and Xbox 1.5 but im not speculating until we get something concrete.

    • +4

      Nintendo probably severely restricted their ability to price competitively by adding the Gamepad. CNN estimates the component cost only (ie. excludes manufacturing costs) of the Gamepad alone to be US$79. Seems like a fair chunk of extra cost to tack on over the previous gen Wii console. I can't see AUD$200 RRP for the Wii U unless the AUD rises back to levels 2 years ago, or it's a clearance item.

      • -1

        It would be nice if they would sell a basic model with no GamePad. (And support the GCN adaptor in all their games.)

        • +5

          Sadly gamepad is required as you can't change stuff in the settings menu without one.

      • +1

        I can confirm that the Gamepad itself goes for around $120 AUD and I don't mean what people sell it for on eBay. If you look on the Internet you can find Wii Us without the gamepad new for about $120, but if you want to buy the game pad it's aroudn the same price - coming to the $250 rrp. I think Nintendo is already selling the Wii U at a loss (like MS and Sony during last gen) or at a very slight game of around $10-$30 like Sony was reported to have been doing with the PS4.

    • +2

      What killed it for me was no Gameport support. I can't upgrade my Wii because I need it for the Dance Dance Revolution dance pads. There's no Wii U alternative, and while you can get an adapter, repeated reports are that they don't work or don't work fully.

    • -1

      People still buy Nintendo consoles?

      • I think people do because they have difference kind of games.

    • +1

      I believe this is the cheapest it's been altho not by much (Aug last year splatoon bundle $287)

    • +36

      By going into the store and looking.

      • +57

        No, you're supposed to call every store and yell at the checkout chick for not stocking this game that has been out of stock for 10 years

        • +11

          Ask her out instead, its likely to be more fun.

        • +8

          their corporate number will check stock on a specific item and tell you them ost likely stores near you. I do it a lot with target, hopefully they will get sick of it and just make the information available online for estimated store stock levels

        • +5

          They need to update the entire system first to do that.
          Please avoid calling head office about the list as info takes 48 hours to update (thus why no online stock check)

        • @chyawala: And a better chance

    • +12

      Call head office and demand to speak to the CEO

    • +2

      call their corporate office, its what I do when I am after something specific, maybe when enough people do they will get an online system that lets customers see estimated stock levels at stores rather than having to call

  • -1

    Cant find much of this stock online. Must be mainly in store.

    • +5

      There won't be much in store either.

  • -1

    If the game I'm looking for is not online does that mean it's totally sold out? How should I find out where it is if there are any?

    • +2

      As mentioned above. You will need to either call up individual stores or just go to the actual store and look

  • +1

    Trent86 or someone did have a number to call

    • +18

      Please don't call head office. The system is outdated and takes 48 hours to update a sale so it'll show stock that has been sold hours or even days ago. It's a massive waste of time.
      Please just visit the store.
      If you have to call a store, please understand you're not the first person to do so by now and that they are probably sold out of big items. I've had enough people call and ask "I said Uncharted on PS4, do you even know what that is? Can you scan it? Check your system?". It's not on the shelf, why should I check the system?

      • +1

        If it makes you feel better at EB stock only updates every 24 hours, although I think our sales system is better since sale prices are only flagged to us, so we can actually plan for a sale… I feel for you guys…

  • +7

    Oh wow.

    XBOX ONE CONSOLE WITH KINECT $ 599.00 $ 329.00

    that is a bargain

    • +2

      Good luck finding one. I'm willing to bet no one will.

      • +2

        Let the amazing race…begin!

        • +14

          Im sorry to say -you've both been eliminated.

      • +1

        I got one at Knox.
        They had 8 left at 3pm

    • +3

      lol Just found one at my local. South Brisbane

      • +6

        Pic or it didn't happen!

        • +2

          3 left at forest lake brisbane
          Assassin creed kinect bundle 329

          Update 14:15pm: All gone.

        • +1

          @millzy: 1 left at Buranda, Qld

    • +1

      Just picked the last Assassin's Creed Kinect bundle for $329 at Hornsby. Crazy good deal at that price!

    • +1

      Managed to pick up the last of the other 500GB bundle with Assassin's Creed Unity at The Pines (VIC)

  • +2

    Thanks Borat great successssss

    Some of these prices r very niceeeee I like

  • Where did you get this list from?

    And also, are the prices of these items in score reflecting the ones in the sheet regardless of the tag?

    • +1

      Store employees. And yes regarding the price tags.

    • +1

      Staff at many stores won't bother labeling what's on clearance, but it does scan as clearance (list) price

      • OK thanks…are these prices valid from today? whats the expiry?

        • +1

          No expiry, we just want them gone. And yes, it's all valid today.

  • +2

    Excellent prices, hope I can get the Pokemon White 2

  • +6

    Just went to the Melb Bourke St store to check out PS4 games. There was nothing of interest and i did not get anything

    • Anything noteworthy? (as in other games, etc.)

      • I was hoping to get The Club and worried they'd be out of stock by the time I got there (little after midday). Not to worry, there's about 50 copies left on the shelf. Also wanted F1 2015 and Project CARS, no luck with those at all.

        As for other stuff, there's basically none for PS4, plenty for XBO. Few copies of Shovel Knight but that was literally it, no other sale stuff of note.

        • +1

          You can always find XBONE games…

        • @KenMasters: … Which makes me strongly consider the XBONE. Except… no Uncharted. :(

        • If you want Project CARS and are willing to drive into the West….Caroline Springs has a few left.

    • All I cared about was Shovel Knight PS4 and I got one :)

  • +3

    Went to Camberwell.

    Nothing decent there.

    • +12

      I have to disagree… The Rivoli is great…

      • +3

        But is it a bargain or just great?

        • +1

          It's not for sale as far as I can tell…

      • +1

        You must be old

  • -6

    Can anyone confirm Broadway shopping Centre in Sydney?

    Cheers :)

    • +66

      Yes, that shopping centre is in Sydney.

    • +4

      Yes, I can confirm that there is a shopping centre there.

      It seems a very silly question however.

    • I meant, any good items there ..silly me

      • +5

        any good items there


      • +5

        Many good items at the Thai place in the food court.

      • +11

        I can't win :(

        • +22

          I think people are basically saying
          "Go look yourself you #@$@#$"
          There, I said it.

        • Generally I think if people had found anything good, they'd have bought it themselves.

    • +1

      Don't bother, an Asian guy bought two trolley worth of clearance product.

      • Stereotypes exist for a reason. Sick of those greedy (profanity).

        • -2

          If you mean the stereotype of Asians are smart and entrepreneurial then sure.

          He went in and purchased items that the store was willing to sell. Labelling that 'greedy' is just slave morality trying to shackle the great to benefit those who are either too timid or too lazy to grab the bull by the horns.

        • -2


          Hah, you're obviously one of the selfish scumbags who can't find legitimate ways to make a dollar.

          Let me guess, you jump queues too? You don't have a moral code, just (profanity) over everyone to get what you want.

          Okay little piggy.

        • @millzy:

          I've never done what the person did because I don't have a need or desire to. I however also do not condemn that person though because I'm not a sad pathetic loser filled with ressentiment.

          I also don't jump queues but go ahead and invent whatever sad fantasy you need so that you can delude yourself into thinking you are righteous and I am evil. It's not that you have a broken morality that rewards inaction and failure; it's that I'm some horrible person who spends my entire day hurting people, simply because I have no quarrel with someone purchasing items that someone wants to sell.

        • -2


          We both know deep down that you're exactly like that guy. This is why you're so hurt and feel so strongly to defend it.
          In some way or another you have done exactly what these slimy assholes do, we both know the truth man, you're an a$$hole.
          You're a shitty person, it's okay, don't feel bad, there are many like you.

          I'm sure you're okay with scumbags clearing out baby formula too, that's okay in your books. The local mum and dad can't buy a single tin of baby formula because some inconsiderate insignifiCUNT thinks he can make money off the system.
          Oh, what's that you say? The store should put in restrictions? Oh my greedy Sir, they have, Yet the syndicates still manage to buy a couple tins between 20 of them and return and do it all over again.

          There is a difference between being an opportunist and a shitty member of society.

          We don't need people like that in our society. That contribute nothing, as I'm sure you don't.

          Please don't breed.

          Oh, and how supremely obvious. You have never shared a deal. Cheers leech.

          Have a good one :) xox

        • @jacross: I find it interesting that a country that was built on socialism and communism embraced capitalism so eagerly.

          Do you mean having a monopoly on items for sale is grabbing the (enterprise) bull by the horns? I'm sure larger monopolies like Wesfarmers and Coles/Myer would agree with you.

        • +2

          @jacross: greed is greed, no matter what the colour of your skin.

        • -2

          @millzy: I am a local Dad who buys formula bro. I've faced the difficulty of not having any stock. I work around it by using my brain and have never had any problems.

          It's just like the plenty of times when a store has been out of stock of something I've wanted. It's mildly annoying but I either substitute or use my brain to find a source. Funnily enough there are a lot of people like me who are mature enough to actually cope as adults. Unfortunately there are a lot of people like you who want to blame others for their own weakness, laziness, and poor attitude.

          Keep throwing your baseless hyperbole bro. Keep living in your fantasy world. You want to pretend you are better than me? Give $1000 to www.againstmalaria.com and then you will have saved as many lives as I have so far THIS YEAR!

          I will give you one point. I still haven't figured out how to share a deal. I'm trying to work on that and I will pledge to do one because I am a good person, unlike you and your hate filled heart. Ooh 11 shitty deals over the space of four years. I've been a member here for a few months and actively looking for maybe 2 months. In the time I've been a member here you've posted a grand total of 1 deal. Wow you're really streaks ahead there bro…

          I wish you the best because it must suck being filled with so much ressentiment. The only person holding you down is your own shitty attitude.

        • -1

          @gizmomelb: You do know that there are more countries in Asia than just China right? There are in fact 48 countries in Asia. Note that the original comment was 'asian' and not 'chinese'. Man I thought Millzy was the racist…

          In any case I never defended China's authoritarian regime or crony capitalism in general. Note that the original comment was 'asian' and not 'chinese'.

          Technical point, Wesfarmers and Woolworths are oligopolies not monopolies. Some would probably argue the food industry is a monopsony but I don't presently have any data on hand to confirm or deny.

        • -1


          Just laughing at your stupidity at this point :D

          It's unfortunate that you did Breed, poor kid.. Hopefully your child will learn that Daddy's beliefs of (profanity) over the rest to sort yourself is not the right thing to do. Hopefully your husband has the opposite opinion to offset your ideas of Pro Greed.
          Sorry kid, Your Dads an Inconsiderate Greedy (profanity).

          Laters! :D

        • -2


          Wow a gay jibe to end it. Mate you are a shocker. You're just an endless abyss of crappy attitude.

          Like I said, donate $1000 to www.againstmalaria.org (my favourite charity as it is judged most effective by GiveWell…oh but what would I know about such things because I'm a terrible person durrrr), post your receipt email and I'll post mine, and then we can talk about who is 'profanity' over others.

          Some of us get things done. Some of us just complain about people buying TOO MANY VIDEO GAMES SHOCK HORROR!!!!!111!!!

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